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I looked at the witch before replying, “Hi.” Why do I know this is just more trouble?

“You the librarian here or something?” The witch questioned.

I shook my head, “N-no. I’m just an ordinary human, to be honest I’ve never been in here before.”

“Really, an ordinary human? Living with Miss Flower Power isn’t really ordinary, I know.” I couldn’t help but laugh somewhat at the nickname for Yuka. “Marisa’s the name, who’re you?”

“Well, I don’t exactly have one.” I mumbled, getting bored of having to use that answer.

“I see, seems librarians don’t get names.” Marisa spoke under her breath.

“I told you! I’m not a librarian!” I objected.

“Yeah, so where’s the spells kept?” It would seem the witch was only hearing what she wanted to hear.

I shrugged my shoulders, “I have no idea, one of those fairies are more likely to know then me.”

“I’ll pass, they’re only good for blowing away.” Almost sounded as homicidal as Yuka.

The witch turned back to raiding through the bookshelves when an idea entered my head, “I think I know where the spell is.”

Throwing the book she was holding to the side, the witch turned excitedly, “Really! Where?”

“Yuka will have it with her, she used it in a fight with a vampire last night.”

“Dammit!” The witch shouted and tapped herself on the head, “I should have thought of that.”

There was another moment of silence while the witch stood deep in thought, “I gather you’re here to… steal a spell?” I interrupted.

“Steal?” Marisa started to laugh, “Nah, I’m just borrowing it.”

“Without her permission.”

“Yep.” The witch chirped, obviously having done this before. “So, where is Flower Power then?”

“Having a bath or something, she said she was going to get the blood from the fight off her.”

The witch sighed, “Guess I’ll have to wait for a while then.” The witch reached around the corner, producing a bag, and started to place books into it. And just like that, she starts to steal books, right in front of me. Still, it’s not like I can do anything… except stall her maybe?

“So… Do you go to the shrine much…?” I quietly started.

The witch looked up from the bag, “Huh? Reimu’s place? Of course, we’re best pals!” Straight away she went back to her work. It’s not working! She’s still stealing!


“Say, have you met the new Hakurei Deity yet?” I questioned.

Marisa looked up from her work slightly annoyed before looking curious, “Hmm? There’s a new god? Since when?”

“Yesterday, she arrived when I was there.” I grinned, I really hope I’m right. Thieving, magic, sound about right. “Her name is Mima.”

“M-Mima! Lady Mima’s back!?” Marisa suddenly screamed. Bingo. “What, is she at the shrine now!”

“Well, yes. Like I said, she’s the goddess, so I’d expect so.”

Reaching behind the same corner as last time, this time she picked up a broom before running to leave the room. “Wait, you’re not playing a trick are you?”

If you think that, then why are you asking me! I shook my head, “No, she’s there.”

Marisa grinned at me before turning around to leave the room. “Oof!”

Picking herself up off the floor, Marisa looked up to see Yuka watching over her, having bumped into her as she walked into the room. Here we go again.

“Hey there! I was just leaving!” Marisa cockily spoke to Yuka, who replied with a stare. They’re obviously not friends.

“So, I was just leaving.” Marisa jumped into the air and at the same time swinging her broomstick around, landing on it. Laughing, she started to move away, “I’m in a bit of a rush, so I’ll come back some other time!”

As the witch flew out of site, it was easy to predict Yuka’s next move. With her usual grin she raised her parasol. She managed to fix that too?! In a few seconds, an all too familiar noise echoed around the library with the complementary flash of light. A second or two later I heard Marisa cry in alarm, “Watch it! Stop using my spell on me!”

Instead of listening, Yuka began to chase after Marisa, “What do you mean your spell! You stole it from me you…” Yuka shouted before their voices faded into the distance.

With a sigh I turned around and looked at the mess left by the witch, not wanting to follow the others and risk getting blown up, I decided it would be best to just stall around and have a look in a minute or two. Wondering if people days existed here, I picked up some of the discarded books and replaced them on the shelves.

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