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Upon reaching it, I started to hit Elly’s door as much as I could, to little prevail, continuing for a few more seconds I heard quietly, “Okay… okay… I can hear you…”

I heard a series of bumps and crashes until finally the door opened revealing a half-asleep Elly still dressed in her white nightclothes, though still holding her trademark scythe.

“What is it..? Oh! It’s you! Yuka’s human! Hello!” Elly suddenly proclaimed. Thanks, like I didn’t know that. “What’s the matter?” She questioned before yawning.

She really slept through it all? How?! “Over there!” I pointed towards the mansion, “I was just attacked by a vampire! This vampire also then nearly killed Yuka before getting beaten. Yuka then told me to get you before surrounding herself with flowers!” I nearly shouted at Elly, half hysterically.

“Really?” Elly replied, tilting her head to the side slightly.

“Yes, really! Why would I lie about something like this!?” I shouted.

“Well… Yuka could have put you up to it.”

I continued to shout, “Well, she didn’t! Now come on!”

“Fine…” Elly sighed before leaving the house, and began walking to where I pointed. It seemed that she was in no hurry at all about Yuka, which means I’m possibly overreacting. “So… was it a good fight?” Elly asked out the blue.

“Good? Well, it was rather violent if that’s what you mean. Yuka’s arm was blown off and then she got impaled, so, yes, it was violent.”

“Ah, it’s a shame I didn’t see it.” Elly said, genuinely disappointed. Is she really a guard?

It wasn’t long before we were stood before the body of the vampire, already some of the cuts had started to heal and two metallic looking lumps were already forcing their way out of her back. “Vampires are quite known for their regeneration, it’s difficult to slay them since they recover so fast.” Elly explained without me asking.

Picking up the body, Elly slung the regenerating body over her shoulder, “Well, I had best throw this out. Someone’ll collect it eventually.”

“What about Yuka? She looked pretty bad.”

Elly laughed, “Don’t worry, leave her be and she’ll be back soon enough, this isn’t the first time, you know. She always gets into situations like this.” Elly looked at me, “You should go to sleep as well, you look almost as bad as her.” Elly poked the unconscious Flandre. “Anyway, I’ll see you around!” Elly spun around and walked in the direction of the portal, Flandre in one arm and her scythe in the other.

I guess I should head back to the mansion, just in case there’s anything else around.

I started the short walk back to the mansion, noticing that the fairies had already started work rebuilding the damaged room. So they don’t even need orders from Yuka, not bad.

Entering the mansion again I just wanted a place to sit down, despite not taking part in the fight, it seemed to have taken a lot out of me. Now the adrenaline had run out, I could feel my mind blurring slightly. Walking down the passage on the other side to the dining room I felt slightly heartened by the sight of a large comfy looking chair. Wobbling over to it I sat down and laid back, finally letting the events soak into my mind.

Someone had tried to kill me; Yuka then proceeded to save me and fought the vampire, both sustaining injuries that should have killed them, yet somehow, they’re both alive. What a world this is.

By my feelings I took a guess that my world was nothing like this, since everyone felt so exciting and unusual I can only think that the world I come from has nothing like this. Soon after, I could sense my mind dulling and my thoughts slowing down until finally everything started going blank.

There was a small thudding noise and I realised I was conscious again, followed by another quiet, but noticeable thud. I guess I should see what it is. My mind thought, as lazy as the rest of my body, eventually I lazily opened my eyes.

What I wasn’t expecting to see was a blood covered Yuka smiling at me; it certainly woke me up, in the form of me almost jumping out of my skin. “Good morning! ~” She chirped.

“M-morning” I mumbled. Looking at Yuka, it proved what Elly said, she was already back to normal. “I see… you got your arm back.” I asked, wondering on how weird that question sounded.

”Hmm… Oh, yes. I’ve had worse.” Why am I not surprised at her not caring about losing a limb. Yuka spoke airily, “Well, I’m going to wash, I don’t like vampire blood much. ~” Peeling some dried blood off her face, she turned and left the room.

Wow, she regenerated quickly. I scanned the room for a clock to check. I’d say it took about 8 hours for her to get an arm back, that’s unreal. Deciding it would be best to do something rather then nothing, I got up from the chair and started to explore around the half of the mansion I was in now.

The exploration turned out quite uneventful, there weren’t anything special, just more normal looking rooms, though I wasn’t really sure what I was expecting. The only room worth noticing was a study, full of books and similar things. Looking for more information in general, I began to scan through the titles of the books looking for anything interesting. As I moved around the room concentrating on the book I bumped into something, “Hey, watch it.” Or someone.

I looked up to see a young witch standing in front of me, it was quite obvious since her clothes matched them completely, and the only unusual part was the apron she wore also, which felt out of place. The witch had shoulder length blonde hair with her hair braided on one side of her face, which matched the colour of her eyes.

She looked at me for a moment before wearing a mischievous grin on her face and spoke, “Yo.”

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