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That can’t be Yuka, can it? She went to bed, surely? The eyes simply did nothing, as if they were expecting me to panic and flee. Surely, if I ran that’d just make things worse? Perhaps if I just move slowly and normally, it’ll lose interest.

I gulped somewhat before attempted to walk to the window calmly and fumbled for the curtain, finally I found it and swung it in front of the window. I took a step back, before taking another and waited. Nothing, it would’ve done something by now, it’s got to just be some weak youkai that found it’s way here.

Trying to reassure myself, I began to start the seemingly long walk back to my bed. It can’t be that Flandre, she wouldn’t have been so quiet, with the power to destroy anything, stealth isn’t really an issue. Finally, I reached the bed and slide back in, this time burying myself slightly more under the quilt.

Plus, surely Yuka would know if Flandre was here, it’s her world, she can do as she pleases.

Slightly happier and warm under the quilt I turned onto my side.

Oh dear god.

The other window, beside my bed, was inhabited by two red objects. It’s got to be. I’ve got to find Yuka.

I waited a moment and pretended I had calmed down, before falling out the side of my bed and making a run for the door. As I reached the door there was a huge crashing noise, as the ceiling above the doorway collapsed, practically trapping me in the room.

I started to run for the other window, before tripping over a table and was hit by a falling lamp. A lamp! I felt around the lamp frantically until I finally found a way to turn it on, the room suddenly filled with light and allowed me to have a slightly better glimpse of what was in the window. A young looking girl with blonde shoulder-length hair and a pigtail, and a frilly white hat decorated with a ribbon. Another striking feature was the demonic grin on her face.

At that moment I swore I heard her laugh, as the wall next to the window began to glow red around a certain point. The light got brighter and brighter until the wall suddenly exploded sending debris and dust flying through the room.

Coughing from the dust, I looked up to see the girl was now standing at the room, watching me with the same smile. “I win.” The girl shouted in a childish voice you’d expect from a child like her, slightly insane.

“Y-You win? Won-“ I coughed again, “W-Won what?”

“My game! I’ve caught a human!”

“Why, would you want to catch a human?” I questioned back, trying to stall time.

The girl looked at me slightly disappointed, “Are you really that dumb? To eat! I’ve never had a fresh human before.” The girl stepped forward, “And now’s my chance.”

At that point I noticed what was behind the girl, attached to her. Instead of the typical bat wings you would expect from a vampire, there were, just like in the encyclopedia, wings that appeared to be made from metal and crystals, which appeared almost, like a rainbow in their range of colours.

I started to back away but my attacker got closer every moment until my heart sunk, my back had reached the wall. “You lose!” The girl opened her mouth, revealing her pointed fangs.

With no other idea left I was left with my last, seemingly useless resort, “YUKA!” I shouted at the top of my lungs.

Immediately the girl started laughing, “She can’t help you, I never lose against anyone!”

At that very moment my ears picked up on a new noise, a strange humming sound, which I’d heard before from somewhere. Laser. Immediately I dived to the floor and rolled away from Flandre and into a corner causing the attacker to start laughing again, “Stop resisting! You’re going to die no matter-“ The humming noise stopped before there was another crashing noise, “What?”

The blocked doorway was suddenly blasted away by an all too familiar laser before it struck into Flandre and then the wall after that, sending her straight through, causing another shower of rubble and dust.

Even with the dust, it was easy to make out the figure of Yuka, parasol in hand, walk through the doorway, with a satisfied grin. Yuka turned to look at me she spoke in a cheerful tone, “Wait here.” Before walking over to the latest hole in the wall. Yuka stood in the doorway, parasol in hand looking around for the first clue of Flandre.

Without warning the walls of the room began to crumble and shatter, causing Yuka to jump back several metres grabbing me by the hand and leaping out of the hole in the wall onto a bed of flowers. Looking behind, the roof of the room had already collapsed completely, if I hadn’t have got dragged out, I’d have been a goner for sure.

Childish laughter filled the air causing Yuka to grab me by the arm again and throw me to the down, “Don’t move.” You said something like that last time, and it didn’t help. Flandre descended into sight, unharmed by Yuka’s attack minus a small trickle of blood which ran down the side of her face.

“So, you want to play too, do you?” Flandre giggled, licking the blood as it ran down her face, causing her to look even more evil.

“I’d love to. ~” Yuka replied, equally insane before jumping up to meet Flandre, who started laughing.

Flandre started to laugh even more, “You think you can win! I won’t lose to someone like you!” As she held out her arm, a metallic object resembling her wings, without the crystals, materialised in her hand. The object then glowed a bright scarlet colour and grew to about 2 metres long, “Let’s go!”

Flandre lunged at Yuka who promptly dived out of the way before firing another giant beam after Flandre, who merely turned around and cleaved the beam in two.

Yuka giggled, “Not bad, you might be a worthy fight.”

“That laser won’t work on me! Marisa’s already used it too much!”

“That witch…” Yuka hissed, before preparing for another attack from Flandre.

On cue, Flandre swooped down, but away from Yuka. She’s aiming for me! Recognising the situation I did the only thing I could, run. Looking behind me I saw the vampire was catching up much faster then I could sprint, checking where I was running I heard the maniacal laughing behind me. Flandre screamed, “Got you!” Then there was a shattering cracking noise behind me, causing me to trip over and roll on the floor. Looking behind I saw Yuka standing in front of Flandre, holding her parasol, which was now in two halves. Flandre’s weapon had also lost its glow and size and returned to normal.

Yuka looked at a piece of her parasol in disbelief before throwing them to the floor, “Leave the human out of this, you can do what you want with him after you’re done with me.” Yuka spoke in a more serious tone then before.

“Worried?” Flandre mocked before lunging again at Yuka, swiping with her hands which looked more like claws now, Yuka jumped to the side and delivered a kick to the side of Flandre sending her to the ground who lay face down in the dirt. In this time I snuck over the mansion and sat behind a piece of debris, which offered slightly more protection then standing next to them.

“That’s what you get for fighting with the strongest youkai there is. ~” Yuka gloated over Flandre. Grabbing her by the leg, Yuka threw Flandre into the air like a doll before charging at it ready to strike again when Flandre suddenly corrected herself and grabbed Yuka by her right shoulder.

“Game over!” Flandre shouted as Yuka struggled to break free from the vice-like grip. “Too late!” Red energies started to gather and focus around one spot on Yuka’s shoulder; it became apparent that Flandre was going to use her powers to simply destroy Yuka.

“Yuka, get out of there!” I shouted, despite knowing how obvious the advice was. Despite the situation, Yuka calmed looked over at me and nodded, before looking back at Flandre and smiled. Yuka swung around and kicked Flandre and at that moment there was an explosion and a shower of blood, followed by screaming.

Reluctantly, I looked up at the scene, Yuka was alive, albeit missing her right arm which she was clutching with her other arm, while the screeching came from Flandre, whose arm was hanging limp at the elbow, Yuka’s kick must have shattered it disrupting her power enough to only destroy her arm.

Both of the fighters backed up slightly and lowered to the ground, though constantly facing each other. Yuka reached down and ripped the head off a sunflower and held it to her wound, causing the sunflower to grow and cover the bleeding. That’s one way of using her powers, I guess. Though I’m surprised she hasn’t changed much from the injury. Flandre became silent once again, with only the look of anger on her face, eyes burning brighter then ever before.

“DIE!” Flandre screamed as she jumped at the wounded Yuka, who once again spun out of the way, but wasn’t expecting the next attack by Flandre, who spun on the spot and lunged with her working arm again clawing her face, followed by her wings which impaled through Yuka’s stomach.

Immediately, Flandre started laughing hysterically, and louder then before. Unsurprisingly Yuka looked a lot more weary now, That’s it, she’s finished now. Toying with Yuka, Flandre shook her wings around with Yuka still hanging from them, “I win! You lose!” Flandre sung, as if her arm wasn’t damaged at all. Pulling her wings in closer, Flandre licked some of the blood off Yuka, “How horrible, Youkai are useless even if-“ Flandre paused, “What are you smiling at!” Yuka glowed yellow for a moment causing Flandre pushed her wings away slightly, revealing that Yuka was, indeed, smiling, both of them.

A second Yuka had appeared, impaled on Flandre’s other wing, “Get off me!” Flandre frantically cried before both Yuka’s placed a foot on Flandre and grabbed the wing they were on with their remaining arm. “No!” Flandre shouted before screaming in pain.

Oh… my god…”

The pair of Yuka’s were pulling Flandre’s wings off her, causing the screams of pain to get louder and louder to the point I covered by ears and almost looking away. The screaming continued for what seemed like an eternity with the blood-soaked Yuka’s still pulling, until there was a screech that almost pierced my eardrums. I looked over at the trio, and there stood the two Yuka’s holding a wing each.

Both of them threw the wings to the ground causing them to immediately disintegrate before one of the Yuka’s disappeared in a yellow spark. The other Yuka fell to one knee and everything went scarily quiet for a moment.

“How dare you.” A weakened but hateful voice shouted

No way.

“How dare you!” The voice shouted again, before an all too familiar figure climbed from the ground, “I will kill you! I will kill you! I will kill you!”

“You’ve already lost.” Yuka laughed, obviously in pain. “This is my world, which gives me the advantage.”

“I’ll kill you now!” Flandre lurched forward, but failed to move.

The sky suddenly lit up with sunlight, causing me to cover my eyes for a moment, only hearing what was said.

“Sunlight!” Flandre laughed, “That was your trick? It doesn’t work on me!” Flandre shouted, trying to sound stronger then she was.

“No, but now you can see your defeat.” Yuka grinned at Flandre with her trademark menacing grin.

Surrounding Flandre was an entire field of flowers, which started to grow and swarm around her to the point where she was completely blocked from sight. Many more flowers started to join the swarm, though these ones remained much more mobile and looked more like razors circling Flandre, though luckily the sheer mass of flowers hid the actually scene from me.

After a minute of continuous barraging, the flowered froze a moment, before the swarm exploded into the air sending a mix of flowers and petals scattering across the sky.

I couldn’t see Flandre any more, she was simply covered by flowers, but it was obvious that spell finished her off. I realised that Yuka was missing also, looking around I jumped to see a pale, drenched in blood Yuka, “You’re… alright, that’s… good.” Yuka proceeded to lie on the ground, “I’m going… to sleep, get… Elly to throw that girl out… before she wakes up.”

Flowers immediately started to cover Yuka and within a few seconds had formed something resembling a cocoon around her. I could only hope she was really sleeping and not dead, though I wouldn’t be surprised with all the blood she lost from her arm and stomach wounds. After waiting a few, uneventful moments, I followed Yuka’s order and went to fetch Elly, it was the only thing I could think to do.

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