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Home. Once again I was surprised that I accepted the fact so easily, it was just yesterday that I… appeared here and found myself terrified of the owner, yet a day later I’m fully accepting it, and everything I’ve seen. I’ve even got used to the homicidal habits of Yuka, slightly.

I snapped back to reality due to a sharp jab from a parasol, “Are you listening!” Yuka growled.

“Oh, yeah.”

“If you ever need anything, just bother one of those.” Yuka pointed her parasol at one of the fairies fluttering frantically around the mansion, “They’ll do what you ask, or they’ll have me to talk to.” I noticed at the end of that sentence, one fairy started to slowly work away from Yuka, “Ask for anything, it’s a dream world after all. ~”

Although creepy, I much prefer Yuka in this mood…

“Well then, shall we have dinner?”

“What is it?” Please don’t say human or anything like that.

“Anything you want. ~”

The thoughts of gigantic feasts filled my head before I was jabbed again, “Come on.”

I followed Yuka down the hallway, reaching the room I found in my previous exploration, the dining room, with the large table. As soon as Yuka sat at the table, the fairies immediately sprung into activity, setting the table and preparing the food, while one fairy flew up to me and just stared.

I guess it wants to know what I want. Thinking about it, I don’t know what to ask for; if I ask for something they don’t know, god knows what I might get. Stick to the basics I guess.

“Have you got any chicken, and vegetables?” There’s nothing wrong with an old fashioned Sunday dinner.

To my relief, the fairy simply nodded before flying off, within a few minutes a trio of fairies had already served Yuka’s dinner, which caused me to double take, she’d been served some kind of pie, and chips. “If there’s one good thing about you outsiders, it’s your food, much better then the gruel you find in that village.”

A few moments later, the same group of fairies arrived with an eye-catching meal; the eye-catching part was the chicken, uncooked and still covered in feathers. I stared at the chicken, which appeared to stare back before Yuka spoke, “If you weren’t expecting that, describe it better, they’re quite dumb.”

One of the fairies gave Yuka an evil look before turning to me again, “Let’s try again, can I have the chicken like humans have them, that’s without the feathers, and cooked. Just like before, the fairy nodded and carried the chicken away.

The wait was, unsurprisingly longer this time, just as the fairies appeared with my meal, Yuka stood up, finished. “I’m going to sleep, good night.” I watched as Yuka walked around the corner and let out a sigh. Finally, a little more freedom.

I looked down at my meal, which appeared a lot more edible this time, turning to the fairy I gave my thanks and the fairy bowed in return before flying off. Considering the fairies were “quite dumb” the meal tasted absolutely delicious, maybe it was just the hunger making it better, but it was certainly something.

Once I’d finished it I followed what Yuka did, presuming the fairies would clean up, also following what Yuka did, I decided I would go bed, or least back to my room, where I could do some reading.

At the top of the stairs, the door right ahead looked much more expensive and decorated then the others, so I could only guess that, that was Yuka’s room. I continued to walk to my room thinking how the colour scheme actually worked in this house, somehow.

Finally. I was back in my room, flopping onto the overly soft bed and almost being swallowed by I gave a complementary stretch and yawn. Another fairy flew in a placed something on a chair before bowing and flying out again. Upon examination it turned out to be a set of green pyjamas complete with a night cap, not caring what I’d look like I got changed, though giving the night cap a miss.

At last, I slid into bed and put out the candle, leaving the room in complete darkness. Yet for some reason, I couldn’t sleep, despite the weariness I was feeling. I tolerated it for a few minutes before sitting up. “Maybe reading that book will help me get to sleep.”

Fumbling in the dark I tried to find a way to get some light in the room when, as my eyes scanned by I saw some red lights in the window. “Oh, great. I didn’t close the curtains.” Since I could imagine the room now, knowing where the window was I slowly got out of bed and plodded over to the window. This is Yuka’s dream world, why would there be lights in the distance?

I stood still for a moment, not taking my eyes of the lights until my fears were confirmed, the ‘lights’ blinked.

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