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Another loud yawn escaped my mouth as I continued to hang above a sea of trees, flying at reasonably slow pace. No matter how interesting seeing all the odd things in this land was, it couldn’t stop me from becoming tired, even if I hadn’t done that much, I guess the constant fear of being destroyed in one way or another takes it’s toll.

Since Yuka was holding one of my arms, I couldn’t even have a look through the book. Everyone’s backgrounds just seems be interesting to read, plus it’s never a bad thing to know about your enemies, or friends, or whatever position Yuka puts herself in.

Yuka didn’t seem to be paying much attention to anything, except flying forwards and humming a melody, which was quite catchy. Out of boredom, I took out Yuka’s Pocket Watch, expecting the time to be late afternoon, I was quite surprised to see it was already 6 o’clock, and the sky hadn’t even started to lose it’s brightness yet.

At long last the dark mass below us disappeared, instead there was the slope leading to the hill of flowers, and most likely the way back home. Do I really call it my home? I’ve only been here a day, but I guess in a way - My thoughts stopped when I noticed Yuka had gone silent and we were slowly descending.

Looking ahead I saw the outline of someone in the flower fields, presumably whom Yuka was about to confront. The figure looked a little large for Cirno, plus there was a lack of wings. The figure then moved, stopped a moment before lifting off the ground and heading towards us. Here we go…

As usual, the person in front was female, she had light blue eyes and long shoulder length red hair with a braid either side of her face. Her clothing followed the usual pattern of Gensokyo, being unique, which in this case was a green robe resembling something from martial arts, and a matching coloured beret on her head. Dominated by the large golden star on the front of it.

The girl approached and looked at Yuka, before looking at me. “Oh, it’s just you.” Suddenly the girl lost all interest, and flew away.

“Looking for someone?” I looked up at Yuka who just spoke, who was wearing a large smile on her face.

The girl froze in the air, “N-no, why would I be looking for someone?”

“Because you’re not working.”

The girl began playing with her braided hair, “No… I’m just on my break.”

Yuka’s expression remained the same, “So who did you mistake me for?”

“Oh, S-Sakuya. I was looking for Sakuya.” The girl answered, obviously getting more stressed.

“And what would the maid be doing at this time, not working?”

“Well, we were going on a picnic.” By now, it was completely obvious she was lying just by her body language and voice.

“At a time like this?” How persistent does she want to be? “Well, that would explain why I saw that vampire girl with the weird wings then.”

“Flandre! You’ve seen her? Where!” The girl shouted with excitement.

“Not really. ~” Yuka suddenly teased.

The girl started to look worried again, “Whaaaaat! That’s not fair...” The girl drooped down and flew away before looking back, “I bet she’s been found now, there’s… no need for you to do anything, thank you.” Yuka wouldn’t be the first I’d ask for help, not even to get an animal out a tree. Blocking the images of small animals being blown up along with the tree, I noticed that Yuka had already arrived at the hill of flowers, where the portal to her mansion was.

“Well then, shall we?” Yuka smiled before disappearing from sight. So it IS back to the mansion after all.

Before walking in, I took a quick look around; there wasn’t anyone else around, even Cirno, so unless Daiyousei carried her away, she must have recovered. For some reason, I held my breath before jumping into the transparent yet bright portal.

Soon after, my vision began to restore itself, as I was thrown out the portal, the last thing I was expecting to see in front of me was that familiar red pattern. “Watch o-!” It was too late before I slammed into the back of Yuka sending both of us to the ground. Uh oh. Not good, not good, not good.

I quickly jumped to my feet and stood beside Yuka who lay still. “I-I’m sorry.” My nerves started to behave frantically until Yuka suddenly rolled her head and started looking at me, with an expression that certainly wasn’t happy.

Pick your words carefully. “Oh, you’re alright... I guessed you would be… Considering you’re the strongest youkai, I didn’t think a pathetic fall like that would hurt you.” Yuka continued her piercing stare before her eyes suddenly warmed up and she smiled somewhat. Good work, saved yourself from a gruesome death.

I offered my hand out to Yuka, which to my surprise, she actually took, it wasn’t long before she had regained her composure and we were walking along the road back to the mansion, which strangely looked a lot shorter then before.

“So, what happened today, you do that all the time?” I asked out of the blue.

“Yes, I do.” Yuka grinned.

“Don’t you ever get bored of standing in a field all day?”

Yuka looked at me, “Humans understand so little… Well, if you find something that you like then you should do it, and until you become bored of it you should make the most of it.”

Weird philosophy. Still, the mood she was in at the moment was actually quite pleasant.

Seeing the river of blood at the side of me, reminded me back to the previous encounter, I asked, “This vampire girl, would it by any chance be Flandre?”

“I believe that’s what she’s called. I don’t take much interest.”

Opening the book, I spoke at the same time, “I read she’s quite powerful, have you… beat her before?”

“No, I’ve never seen her, the Miko said she’s always locked away in the mansion, which makes it difficult for a duel.” Yuka explained, with a hint of sadness in her voice.

So that’s why that girl was hiding the facts, she knew Yuka might be interested.

As we walked past the gatekeeper’s house I noticed Elly laid outside the house, fast asleep. That’s… efficient working.

“So, what exactly is this place?” I questioned, for the sake of starting another conversation.

Yuka looked at me puzzled slightly, “Which place?”

“This, here. Since we entered that portal, it seems different from Gensokyo.” I motioned around the two of us.

“Oh, right. This is a dream world, to be exact, my dream world. Because it’s my dream world, it gives me some control over it. The mansion, fairies, they’re all part of this world, and I can control everything.

I have no idea how that works, but fair enough.

Before I knew it, the mansion was already in front of us. Wow, that was quick.

“I made the house closer, if that’s what you’re thinking. ~” Yuka bragged as she opened the door and entered.

How on earth did I not notice, I was looking at it for most of the time!

Slightly confused, I merely followed Yuka into the mansion; I’ve suffered too much confusion today.

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