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As Reimu turned the corner with a new cup of tea, the latest newcomer dived at her causing the latest lot of tea to spill on the floor a few metres away while they fell on the floor. “Did you miss me?” The girl in blue said.

“Get. Off. Me. Now.” Reimu growled with her teeth gritted.

“Is that any way to talk to your-“

“You had best not say what I think you’re about to.” Reimu spoke threateningly, eyes narrowed.

“God!” The woman teased.

A piece of paper appeared in Reimu’s hand and was slapped onto the other’s face who started laughing. The piece of paper started to glow a bright red when suddenly it cut off and the paper fluttered to the floor. “Enough proof?” The woman teased before getting up and leaning back against the shrine. “I thought you’d be as pleased as this.”

“Ecstatic.” The bitter voice of the Miko said.

“I guess that makes me a Hakurei now.” The woman grinned at Reimu, “Mima Hakurei. Sounds quite good.”

Reimu’s bitter expression changed back to the lazy one from earlier as she walked back into the shrine. To get tea, no doubt. Mima, however walked over to Yuka and I and sat down next to her. “Long time no see.”

“Yes, last time was in Makai, I believe.” Yuka chatted.

“That’s right, when we beat up Shinki. It’s thanks to back then for what I am now.”

Yuka tilted her head, “Oh?”

Mima continued explaining, “Shinki, we became friends and eventually helped me achieve godhood, and what better place to be god is there, then here? Where everyone you know visits.”

Yuka drunk more of her tea, “I see.”

Reimu plodded out of the shrine carrying two more cups of tea before sitting down next to Mima and passing her one. Easily forgiven, I guess.

Mima stretched, “Oh, it does feel good to be back. Makai is a little too dark for my liking.”

Reimu objected, “But aren’t you an evil spirit? You should like it.”

Mima laughed, “Oh, Reimu. It’s not good to stereotype, one cannot do as much in the dark.” Mima stretched in the sunlight, “It’s also colder there.” Mima turned to Reimu and winked, “Also, I’m more then a soul now.”

Just as it seemed things were going to go quiet, Mima began speaking again, “So, how’s my little apprentice?”

Reimu sighed, “She’s still alive, somehow. She hangs around the shrine a lot, when she’s not stealing or blowing things up that is.”

I barely heard Yuka murmur something, “Another to kill.” What?!

At that moment Mima turned and looked at me, “So, who are you? I don’t believe we’ve met.”

Not knowing my name is really getting annoying now.

“I’m, I’m just a human, with no memory, or powers, Y-Yuka is kinda looking after me.”

“Oh?” Mima raised an eyebrow, “That’s rather unusual, I’m surprised you haven’t ripped him to pieces yet.”

Yuka laughed, “Everyone wants a change every now and then.”

Mima looked up at the sky, “Well, I guess that would make you my first human worshipper!”

“Oh…” I looked around a little, “That’s… good.”

“Indeed!” Mima exclaimed, “I’ll be a much better god then the last one!”

Last one?

I asked quietly, “There was another god? What happened?”

Mima giggled, “She disappeared because Miss Lazy Miko didn’t get any worshippers, and since she had no power of her own, she just disappeared!” Mima lowered her voice, “And since the slot was free, I took it!”

Being a god works like that?

“So, what are you a god of?” I questioned.

“Nothing in particular. I have extremely strong magical powers in general.” Mima bragged, “Especially in darkness magic.” A god of darkness at the shrine that is supposedly good? How weird.

Silence fell upon the shrine once again, until also like before Mima broke it, “You know what this shrine needs? A party to celebrate my wonderful self becoming the shrine’s deity.”

Reimu replied quietly, “There’s already a ‘party’ coming up, the annual shrine festival.”

Mima smirked, “Well then, that shall be my party then.”

Before Reimu could object the swarm of miniature girls appeared again, “Heyyyyyy. ~” One of them stretched out the word, “You can’t just change the party, I’m planning this one.” “Well then Oni, you change it then.”

“Nooooo, that’s not what I meant!” The small girls formed into one, “What I say goes!”

Mima’s smile turned slightly evil, “Well then, I’ll have to make you say it then.” Standing up, Mima summoned a silver coloured staff with the head being a crescent moon. As Mima and the Oni faced each other I felt a tug on my shirt, and upon looking saw Yuka stood up and looking ready to leave.

Half-reluctantly I pulled myself up and turned to Mima who was now making the Oni dance by summoning vines of darkness from the ground trying to catch her.

“Er, bye.” I said aimlessly before leaving the two to their fun.

“Oh, leaving? Bye! Be sure to come to the party, human! You too, Yuka!” Mima was interrupted by the Oni and before long the fighting was out of earshot.

I wonder if all gods are weird like that? For an ‘evil being’ she didn’t seem all that evil.

Remembering about the book I quickly opened it, and scanned through it.

The only Oni here is Suika Ibuki, so that must be here. Nothing about Mima though, or that Shinki that was mentioned, something worth asking Akyu about I guess… If I ever get there again.

As I hung suspended above the forest I thought about the events that just occurred, I had met the most powerful human in Gensokyo, saw an Oni which were meant to have disappeared according to the book and became ‘friends’ with the new God of the shrine, who has no records in the book. I let out a big yawn and said to myself, “Talk about an eventful day…”

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