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For some reason, I wasn’t all that confused why Yuka stopped the fight, maybe I’m just getting used to the unexpected. Reimu was a little further away then I thought she was at first; it must have been a skilled shot to get the spell between the two fighters.

“Hi. ~” A voice spoke to my left, I shook with surprise a moment before noticing it was the girl who Yuka was just fighting.

“Hi.” I replied unenthusiastically.

“What are you doing?” The girl asked.

“Ask her, she’s the one… leading me.” I motioned at Yuka with my free hand.

“And why are you with her?”

I paused for a few seconds, “It’s a long story, and I have a feeling Miss Hakurei will be wanting an explanation, so wait until then.”

“Miss Hakurei…” The girl stopped, “Oh, Reimu!” The girl then proceeded to drink a lot more out of her flask, “So, you coming to the party?”

“Not that I know of, what party?”

“The best party ever! I finally got Reimu to let me organise some of the party, so it’s going to be the best one ever!” The girl was clearly looking forward to it due to the volume and cheerfulness in her speech.

“What are you doing here!?” A serious sounding voice interrupted the conversation, as I suspected, when I looked forward Reimu Hakurei was stood in front of the approaching Yuka, not too happy about the situation. Reimu had shoulder length dark brown hair and wore a long red dress with a white collar decorated with a blue ribbon; she wore another ribbon in her hair, though this one was red. She also wore some weird detached sleeves, which I decided to not question further.

“I’ve come to visit!” Yuka cheerfully claimed.

Reimu sighed and stared at Yuka, before her eyes moved to scan myself, and then the other girl, before Reimu double-took and came back to me. Reimu began to shout, “What in Mima’s name are you doing with a human!”

Yuka waved her parasol, brushing the question away, “Relax… the human’s mine, I didn’t steal him, I found him.” What kind of excuse is that?!

“That’s not how things work!” Reimu objected, but it was too late, Yuka had already walked past her, dragging me along. Considering she’s a youkai exterminator she’s not doing much.

It wasn’t long before I was stood in front of the shrine. Considering the Hakurei shrine is home to one of the most important beings in Gensokyo, the shrine wasn’t really all that spectacular, it just looked like a typical, slightly run down building. Yuka continued marching to the shrine before sitting down at the front, I followed suit and sat down near her.

A few moments later the Miko approached the shrine with a tired expression, “What do you want today.”

“Just visiting. ~” Yuka said perkily, “Now get some tea, Reimu.” Reimu stood still and stared at Yuka, before walking off into the shrine. Why is a Youkai Exterminator now taking orders from a youkai?

Soon enough, Reimu emerged with tea for everyone, not long after that, the three of us were slowly drinking tea, I explained the all too familiar story to Reimu about myself, and noticed Yuka looked as though she already knew everything, such as that I’m an ‘outsider’. Maybe she knew all along?

Another period of silence struck, since there was nothing to lose, I began talking, “So, I hear that you’re having to resolve incidents around her.”

“There’s always someone up to trouble, it’s my job to sort it out.” Reimu yawned before drinking more tea. I thought it was also your job to stop youkai, so why are there several here?

Staring out in front of the shrine I noticed a small purple thing in the corner of my eye, however it had disappeared by the time I looked. I watched as Reimu reached for her tea to find it missing and under her breath mumbled, “I’ll kill her.” I could only guess that someone had just pulled a prank or something along those lines.

Reimu left again, presumably to get more tea and out of the blue she cried, “Get out!” Followed by a swarm of small beings resembling the mist girl from before stampeding out of the shrine door giggling and laughing while running behind the shrine.

Once again, things started to slow down when it was interrupted again, “Reimu!” A voice shouted from behind me, turning my head around I saw a woman with green hair reaching down to her hips and wearing highly decorated blue robes, with a yellow trim along the edges and a symbol resembling a sun on her pointed wizard hat.

“Oh, look who’s finally decided to turn up!” Reimu growled.

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