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“What was that for!?” The girl childishly complained at Yuka.

The girl was wearing a torn pink blouse, mainly where you’d expect sleeves and a long dress which started purple at the top and became paler as you went down until it was white, which was decorated by a purple ribbon which weaved in and out the dress. Around her neck she wore a red ribbon tied as a bow and a purple one around one of her horns, she also had brown eyes and long orange hair which looked like it came down to her knees in a ponytail behind her. There were four strange objects with her, three were shapes attached by chains and the forth was a purple container of some sort.

“I only came her to see if you wanted to see Reimu… She’s at the shrine so-“ The girl was interrupted by another laser from Yuka. Oh look, another fight started by Yuka for no apparent reason.

“Fine! If you want to be like that.” The girl took the purple container and opened it, and began drinking from it. Oh, it’s a flask or something, I expected more. Once the girl stopped drinking she turned into mist again and began spreading out before enveloping us.

Yuka laughed, “Hiding? Coward.”

“No!” I heard the voice behind me and as Yuka swung in the air I saw the girl, behind a row of large purple orbs, which were heading straight for us.

Yuka merely laughed and flew towards the wall, “Waaaaaait!” I shouted as Yuka flew straight into the wall, not wanting to close my eyes I watched in amazement as Yuka flew straight with a gap along with me without contact with the orbs.

“One.” Yuka laughed again.

One, what?

The attacker took another drink before dropping to the ground. “Take this!” She shouted in a high-pitched voice. The girl began to effortlessly pull trees out of the ground and began launching them at us, Yuka however continued to weave between the trees keeping her and myself from harm, as we passed the final tree I noticed the girl was flying straight for us, with a tree in each hand.

How strong is she?!

Yuka stopped advancing towards the tree wielding child, Oh, she does have some sense in combat. though as the girl swung the trees, instead of dodging as I expected, Yuka held out her arms and blocked the trees, causing one to land dangerously near myself, as the power struggle waged Yuka giggled in her opponent, “You’re still underestimating me. ~” How can she possibly still be enjoying this?

Yuka’s voice turned menacing again, “Two.” Soon after, the power struggle was so immense the trees simply snapped.

Taking a mist form again, the attacker picked up speed and began circling the two of us at an incredible speed, firing a large amount of pink and blue bolts at us.

Once again, Yuka stayed in the middle of the barrage, elegantly spinning between the bullets while I swung around in a much less graceful manner. Yuka began dodging faster and faster to match the barrage as I began to feel disorientated from the spinning. Suddenly Yuka changed direction and then back again as I saw a bullet pass where my head would have been.

“Three.” Suddenly the bullets stopped firing and the human shape reappeared from the mist.

Yuka flew straight at the girl and swung her parasol firing a barrage of lasers. “Whaaaa! ~” The girl cried as she dodged between then. “If you want to go and see Reimu, then just go!” Yuka fired another volley of round bullets before they seemingly hit an invisible wall and dispersed. Yuka looked to the side and my head followed and saw a woman wearing red and white on the hill who had obviously just caused that wall.

That must be Reimu.

“Oh look, it’s Reimu. ~” Yuka seemed to lose all her menacing personality and returned to her slightly air-headed personality. As though the fight never happened Yuka flew away from her opponent towards Reimu.

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