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I had somewhat predicted the scene outside, as I thought Yuka was standing in the centre of the village, and near where we entered the village was scorched earth, obviously where the Tengu journalist was shot at.

Yuka noticed me out of the corner of her eye and turned to me, “Oh, it’s you. I wondered if you’d turn up.” Like I have a choice. As usual, after acknowledging my presence Yuka turned around and begun walking, as always she knew where she was going.

Catching up to Yuka I begun to walk beside her who was strolling under her parasol as always. I took a final look over my shoulder I saw a worried looking Keine watching from Akyu’s doorway, I nodded my head slightly and paid attention to the things ahead.

As I walked beside Yuka I started wondering back to what I was told, Yuka was a vicious youkai who killed for fun, killed people who went into her field. Yet here I am, found by her in her own dream world, taken in and still very much alive.

I decided it might be best not to ask her directly, since the thoughts of her going, ’Oh, good point.’ Followed by her blasting me away haunted my thoughts. So I decided to use a different subject, “So, where are we going now?”

“Well, I thought about going to the flower field for another hour.” Please, no. “But I changed my mind, so we’re going to visit Reimu ~”

Reimu… Reimu… The name seemed fairly familiar I must have heard it from Akyu or Keine. Then it struck me, the book. I nearly hit myself having forgotten about the book already, taking the book that was tucked under my arm I opened it.

Reading a hefty book while walking wasn’t the easiest thing to do, but something told me Yuka wouldn’t slow down or stop even if I asked, eventually I got to the page marked Reimu Hakurei and begun scanning through the article.

From the looks of it, she’s also extremely powerful, and also a figure of importance in Gensokyo, and though she exterminates youkai for a living, there’s always youkai at her shrine since she’s mostly too lazy to do anything.

“So what’s that?” To my surprise, Yuka had started speaking and was looking at the book.

Unsure what to say, I replied, “This? Akyu, I mean Miss Hieda gave it me, it’s got lots of information of Gensokyo so it’s helping me a lot.”

“Do I appear in it?”


“Does it say I’m the most powerful youkai in Gensokyo?” Yuka grinned.

“I think so.”

“Well, that’s alright then, it’s a good book.”

Bemused by what was said, I continued reading until I noticed Yuka stopped, I looked up from the book to find myself faced by the large, dark forest I saw earlier.

I looked at Yuka and back at the forest, which continued to look pitch black and full of danger. “We have to walk through this?!” I said, louder then I wanted.

“No.” A huge feeling of relief fell upon me, “We fly.” Wha-what?

I turned to Yuka again, but only saw her shoes; she’d always started to float up in the air. I’m not walking through that!

“W-wait!” I shouted, Yuka stopped moving for a moment before turning in the air and looked at me inquisitively.

“Unlike some people, I-I can’t fly.” Yuka gave me a piercing stare such as earlier, which made me wonder if the small sarcasm I used was too much. I saw Yuka’s arm move causing me to flinch, the next thing I knew, Yuka had snatched my hand by the wrist and dragged me into the air where Yuka soon picked up speed across the sea of trees, leaving me hanging by my wrist.

Normally, I’d be panicking about the amount of danger I was in, but it didn’t matter, I was flying and the feeling of flying through the air was unreal. I looked up at Yuka, who still had her senseless smile on her face, obviously not being effected by my weight at all.

I wish I could fly like this… I closed my eyes and let the air blast into my face. I wonder if you can do the ‘real world’? I don’t feel you can, this just feels too magic. Opening my eyes I looked around, admiring the view, the flower field was only just in sight now, while we were heading uphill and a small building was in sight, about the same distance as the field, that must be the shrine.

The forest itself remains as black as ever but I caught sight of a cloud of mist floated over the forest, much like Yuka and myself. The mist suddenly changed direction and started flying at us. “Hey, Yuka.”

Yuka ignored me and continued flying, while the mist got closer; I tried shouting again, “Yuka!” Whatever that mist was, it wasn’t stopping. I shouted as loud as I could, “Yuka!”

Yuka turned and snapped at me, “What!” With my free hand I pointed at the approaching mist and noticed that devilish grin appeared on her face again. Yuka swung her parasol and just like earlier, an oversized laser blasted by my head hitting the cloud.

I heard a childish voice echo from nowhere “Ow ~”

The mist moved erratically until it started to build up in one spot until to my surprise a child with horns appeared.

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