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I lay the book down on the table and checked the pocket watch, luckily there was still 5 minutes left until Yuka was moving on. Without any delay I placed the watch back in my pocket and picked up the book and began reading again.

It was hard to believe that this book was factual; some of the articles were so unbelievable that had I not seen some of Gensokyo already, I’d never have believed it.

But it was true, and it hadn’t quite sunk in how weird things were. Further reading of Yuka’s didn’t calm my thoughts any more. Everything pointed to her attacking everyone who entered her field, let alone her little world in that portal. There seemed to be some even scarier to imagine though, one Flandre Scarlet, a vampire who lived in that mansion I saw, according to the book, she can destroy anything, so believe it or not, I guess things could be worse.

The recent history proved interesting, magical incidents occurring often and it’s usually left to a shrine maiden to sort things out. Events have ranged from Gensokyo being covered in mist from an outbreak of flowers, it’s said someone even stole the moon. One thing I must admit, this place sure isn’t boring.

The next page explained a youkai called Yukari Yakumo who can control borders, which apparently make up everything. I slowly started to feel small and overwhelmed, I’d been reading this book learning about various powers and fights, yet I’m stuck to do nothing, except run.

I sighed to myself and lay back in the chair. Oh well, at least it means you’re less likely to get hurt.

I was enjoying the book though; it was quite fascinating knowing what the youkai can do, and what to do in case you encounter them. Again I reached into my pocket and pulled out the watch, 3 minutes left. I can read another article in that time.

Quickly I flicked the page and began to read ‘Te-‘


I jumped out of my seat at the sudden voice, which sounded familiar for some reason.

The door to the building opened and another new face walked in, this black haired girl was wearing a slightly formal looking plain black skirt and white blouse decorated with hints of black in the forms of buttons and ribbons, over that she wore a small brown vest with leaf patterns scattered over it. Once again I noticed another unusual headwear, it looked like a small red pointed box on the top of her head, though it was nothing compared to that of Keine’s, the straps which dangled along the sides of her head had some balls of fluff attached.

The girl walked over to Keine and Akyu, “Hello Miss Kamashirasawa, Miss Hieda and…” It was obvious she’d seen me, “Oh! You’re that human Miss Kazami had stole?”

Puzzled, I replied, “Um… yeah I am, have we met?”

“No, no, I just investigated the matter. My name’s Aya Shameimeru, the fastest reporter in Gensokyo.”

I bet that means she was that crow with the camera I saw that Yuka attacked.

“So, can I ask you a few questions?” Aya looked at me enthusiastically.

“I guess so.”

“Great! So how’d you get kidnapped by Yuka?”

“I don’t know the details, I just woke up in her mansion since she’d found me somewhere.” Aya began jotting things down in her notebook.

“Okay, and where did you come from before that?”

“Again, I don’t know. No memory, you see.” Aya continued writing.

“Interesting, an outsider. So how did you escape from Miss Kazami?”

“I… didn’t, she’s somewhere else in the village, I’m meant to be meeting her soon.”

”Oh, so you’re still stuck with her, well, I’d like to ask more but these extras don’t deliver themselves! See you around!” Running around the room Aya shouted goodbye to Keine and Akyu and disappeared.

I shrugged to myself and noticed Aya’s name was on the page I was about to read. Crow Tengu, huh? I decided to quickly read the article before I left, since I’d just encountered her. I was hardly a few lines in before I heard Aya again outside, “Hello Miss Kazami, would you care to answer some questions on-“ The rest of the sentence was drowned out by the sound of Yuka’s laser from earlier which caused Keine to jump from her seat and run outside.

I continued to read over the sound of Keine shouting; by the sounds of it Aya had left the scene since I couldn’t hear her recognisable voice.

As I finished the page I closed the book, deciding it would be best to meet Yuka now, before I got absorbed any more into the book. Walking over to the bookshelf I hear Akyu speak, “You can take that if you wish.”

“What, this?” I waved the book

“Yes, if you look at how many editions there are it wouldn’t matter if a middle one went missing, especially since I could always rewrite it if the worst did happen.”

I felt honoured, “Are you sure?”

“It’s helping a human isn’t it? That’s one of the purposes of it, to inform.”

“Oh, well, thank you. I’ll try to get it back to you soon.”

“Don’t worry about it, but feel free to come back whenever you want. Goodbye.”

“Bye.” I walked over to the door and passed Keine, looking flustered once again.

“Good luck.” She whispered, “Come back here if she troubles you.”

I nodded and took a last look around before going through the doorway and saw the headline of the Extra that Aya delivered ‘Ice Fairy beaten after trying to freeze Frog God.’

Laughing at Cirno in my head I left to meet Yuka.

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