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It’s been a day since I was reborn in Gensokyo, actually, it’s the second time, but that depends on how you viewed my short stay as a human, which was always destined as a temporary thing.

Either way, I’ve already put my death as a human in the past and am looking forward to my new life, as a Youkai.

Waking up, I was greeted by the ceiling, of a green colour with a square pattern, which always reminds me of a tea towel back in the human world. I remained still for a moment, enjoying the comfort of the bed before I forced myself to get out and wobbled over to the window and enjoyed the view outside.

Rather then the usual bustling city, filled with cars, noise and horrible bland colours primarily grey, I was instead greeted by the sight of a giant field of flowers, spanning as far as you could see, it was quite probable that in that field there was a flower of every colour, but I wasn’t going to check.

I grinned to myself at my lack of regrets of having thrown myself off a building the previous day before turning around quickly got changed, even though my life expectancy has been extended by probably more then five times, I didn’t want to waste any of it right now. Seeing people’s reactions at my resurrection was something not to be missed, especially after the reaction of Yuka when she first saw me yesterday.

Wondering outside my room, I walked down the small corridor until I found myself in the main hallway, as from before, the double doors of Yuka’s room were shut, giving no sign to whether she was conscious or not. As I descended the stairway closest to me I wondered if I could actually survive an instance where I annoyed Yuka to the point of violence, but deciding not to scare myself too early into my new life I quickly put the thought away.

I walked under the archway as though by old habits and found myself in the dining room, where as usual one of the fairies fluttered nearby, waiting to be instructed on what I wanted to which I just said, “Anything’ll do.”

I sat down at the table and waited, using the time to think about where to do, and what to do, with the restrictions as a human removed, Gensokyo just became a whole lot better.

I think I’ll head to the village first, Keine will be amusing, and Akyu will probably have already started to write about that party, and me dying, so she’d probably appreciate the update.

Soon enough the same fairy from before arrived, laying down a plate on the table, which contained what looked like fried eggs, and without a second thought I dug into the meal, dying made you surprisingly hungry.

A few minutes into the meal, an all too familiar voice spoke out behind me, “Enjoying yourself?”

Already knowing the owner of the voice, I spoke out, “Yes, I am. It’s better then the junk they gave me in the hospital.”

“I see. But you mean to say you were in there for more then a day? Weakling.” Yuka sneered.

“Hey, they were the ones keeping me in, apparently you get hit by a car and they want to keep you in for a week.” I replied.

“A car?” Yuka sounded puzzled for a second.

I looked at Yuka for a second, and saw her expression was true. “Yeah, don’t you know what they are?”

“I never would have asked if I didn’t.” She sharply said.

But she didn’t even directly ask?!

“I guess they are a little too modern for you.” I knew Yuka was considered an old youkai, so I guessed it was a few hundred years at least and that she wouldn’t care in reading about human technology. “Well, it’s a big metal thing you sit in, and move to places that are far away in, since they can’t fly or anything you tend to get hit by others sometimes… It hurts too, that’s how I got here the first time. I’ll show you one sometime, somehow.”

Yuka sneered again, “Typical, useless humans end up killing each other just moving around.”

Staying silent to admit that point, I spoke after a few seconds. “So, what are you doing today?”

“I should ask you the same.” Yuka replied.

“Well, I was planning on going to the human village for a bit.” I answered.

Yuka grinned, “You’re a youkai now, not a human.”

“Yes, but I’m a good youkai. I don’t try and kill people for fun. Plus I have some friends there who’d probably appreciate knowing I’m back.”

The flower youkai sat silent for a moment, “Suit yourself…” I stood up from the chair I sat at, ready to walk away. “…But I’m going to come along too.”

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