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Irritatingly, time passed, and the crowd got more rowdy and impatient waiting for the Gap Youkai’s arrival.

From what I’ve heard about her, I bet she’s doing this on purpose to wind everyone up.

Out of curiosity, I aimed a question at both the Flower Youkai and Spirit-turned-Deity that were next to me. “So, out of interest, how did a violent youkai and a goddess become friends in the first place?”

Mima turned to look at me, “Oh? It was a few years ago now, five or six I think. Demons started roaming around Gensokyo or something like that.”

Something like that?

“Whatever it was, I slept through it, and when I did get to the shrine, Reimu told me to get the person sleeping on the shrine and help Marisa and her find the source, of course, that person turned out to be Miss Kazami here, who was visiting after being beaten by Reimu the year before.” Mima smirked at Yuka.

Yuka argued, “Well, I think if someone attacked you while you were asleep, you’d lose too!”

Mima chuckled to herself, “Whatever, either way, we ventured into a realm called Makai, and that’s where we fought the goddess alongside Reimu and Marisa.”

“Shinki, right?” I interrupted.

Mima nodded, “Ah yes, you met her a few days ago. Well, now you know the link.”

“I see, but, so you were away in Makai from then on, when did you get such a hatred of Yukari? I thought she only started being a nuisance from a few years ago, or so I read anyway.” I questioned.

“She’s been around a long time, longer then I have, probably, and we’ve… crossed paths in the past. Not pleasant occasions.” Mima looked away slightly, obviously not wanting to say too much.

I nodded to her, “I see, well, I won-“

Interrupting me, a voice laughed behind me, “Did someone say my name?” The voice said, before continuing more bone-chilling laughing.

Turning around, I was unsurprised to see Yukari Yakumo there, or rather half of her, protruding from a gap, which I noticed this close up seemed to have red eyes staring from it.

Yukari instantly found herself facing Mima’s staff, which she’d seemingly summoned in an instant. “Explain what the hell you’re up to, now.”

Yukari merely chuckled for a moment, not caring about Mima’s aggression, “I’m sure everyone here would like to know the answer to that, after all, that’s why you’re all here, to find out, what is Yukari Yakumo’s big competition?”

Mima just growled, “Enough, get it over with, and then leave.”

“Why are you being so cold, Mima?” Yukari chuckled again, “You should be pleased I chose your shrine.”

“Get it done with, now.” Mima insisted sharply.

The gap Yukari was riding rose into the air, above the crowd, “Greeting everyone, I’m sure you’re all eager with anticipation for today’s little… game, are you?”

The crowd didn’t do much in the way of replying, except look at each other confused.

“Well, today’s game is very simple. Soon, you’ll have to decide on teams, there’s no limit per se, but the more there are in a team, the worse your prize will be if you win, and of course, you’ll have to share it with everyone else.” The youkai announced, followed by more ominous giggling.

“Each team will be given a riddle, or clue, the answer, or solution will eventually take them to a location where they will find another clue, eventually, they will lead you to where I am, and the first team who arrives, wins the prize!

The crowd talked amongst itself for a while, until Yukari spoke out again, “So, it’s time to choose your team, you have 2 minutes.”

Immediately, the crowd sprung to life, with human and youkai alike flying and running to others. As I watched them, I heard another voice shout behind me, from where Mima and Yuka stood, “Yo, Lady Mima, you’re coming with me!” Obviously, by the ‘Yo’ it could be told that it was Marisa Kirisame.

“I’m sorry Marisa, but I won’t take part, not if it’s her in charge.” Mima replied coldly.

“Oh, come on Lady Mima! It’s only a bit of fun! We’ll win for sure!” Marisa shouted as she dragged Mima away, who did nothing but sigh.

Eventually the crowd because to form into small clusters of pairs, with the exception of the odd trio. Also, strangely enough, there was no sign of Reimu yet.

“Looks like no one’s going to be your partner, Yuka.” I spoke, turning to look at her.

“Don’t be stupid, you will.” She snapped back.

“I will?” I said surprised.

Yuka stared at me, “Yes, you will, you better not have any ideas of teaming with anyone else.”

I quickly shook my head, “No, it’s not that, I just thought I was a little too… weak, to be your teammate.”

Yuka grinned, “Simple, I’m more then capable of making up for your weakness, plus there’s less of a struggle over the prize.”

Taking advantage of my weakness, that’s below the belt.

I replied with the only answer I could without the risk of getting hurt, “…Okay.”

As I finished that sentence, I noticed a small gap appear between Yuka and I, and from it a piece of paper dropped out and slowly fell to the floor, which I quickly picked up.

“What’s it say?” Yuka asked instantly.

Confused, I flipped the paper around, and held it to the sky, “Nothing, its blank…”

“Give me that!” Yuka snapped at me as she snatched it from my hand.

As she looked at it, I looked around at the other teams to see if they’d got blank sheets too, and from the looks of it, they did. One thing that caught my eye was Alice, standing alone, until a red-clad figure snuck up behind her after a minute or so.

“Alice!~” The woman shouted.

Alice physically jumped in fright before turning around to see who it was, as she turned, I saw it was Shinki, the goddess of Makai mentioned earlier.

“Oh, mother, it’s you. What are you doing here?” Alice spoke, slightly breathless.

“I heard there was a contest, so I left Yumeko to her work and came to see what was going on! So, who are you going with?”

Alice turned away, looking rejected, “No one, Marisa went with Mima.”

“Don’t worry! I’ll go with you!” Shinki shouted cheerfully.

Alice looked shocked, and turned away again, “It’s okay, mother, I don’t care about it.”

“Is it… because I embarrass you?” Shinki sounded rejected, just like Alice did previously.

“N-no! Not at all mother!” Alice quickly replied, turning around.

“Well then, we’ll be a team then! Team Makai! How’s that sound?” Shinki quickly returned to her cheerful self.

Defeated by the rejected parent trick, nasty.

Yukari’s voice boomed through the area again, interrupting everything that was going on, “Time’s up! Now, I’m sure you have your paper now, you’ll get your clues when the contest starts, which will be in ten seconds!” Yukari paused for a moment, “I advise you leave quickly.”

Everyone looked at each other, confused by the last comment, which even Yuka looked clueless to.





Everyone got ready to leap into the sky, or to run away.



As Yukari started the race, she ducked into one of her gaps, and opened another gap, from which Reimu dropped and landed in the middle of the crowd.

“I swear, I am going to kill you Yukari… And you lot, what are you doing at here! Get lost, now!” Reimu screamed, and she reached into her clothing and presented a range of spell cards.

The laughter quickly turned to fear as everyone began to scatter from the shrine, being chased by homing seals and bouncing ying-yang orbs, feeling my arm being grabbed by Yuka I found myself being dragged into the air, away from the shrine.

Looks like this competition has Yuka’s interest more then a fight with Reimu, that’s surprising. I thought as I was dragged away.

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