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Watching sorrowfully as my twice-broken arm dangled below me I was relieved by finally seeing the sight of the Hakurei Shrine behind a row of trees.

“Déjà vu.” I spoke out loud, noticing the events going on.

“What are you talking about now?” Yuka complained.

“All these people flying towards the shrine, and all the people here already… it’s just like it was a few days ago.” I explained quickly.

Yuka began to slowly swing me, enough to make me start fearing for my safety again, “Stupid, there are always gatherings at the shrine; it’s not just a yearly thing you know.”

I replied quietly again, “Oh, I see.”

Please stop swinging me around now.

Fortunately, Yuka soon stopped, and promptly headed over to the shrine where she dropped me safely to the ground, from where we just walked over to the shrine.

“So, what kind of competition do you think it will be, Yuka?” I asked out the blue.

“Beats me, there’s no telling what things might be when she’s doing things.” She replied, with a tone that suggested experience with events like this.

The swarm of people at the shrine wondered around each other, causing a quite hypnotic swirl of colours. It was impossible to listen in on a single conversation due to the sheer numbers of visitors, and their confusion, until one voice became comprehensible, coming from behind us.

“Good afternoon, Yuka Kazami.” The voice sung.

Turning around, I found myself faced by the Deity of the Hakurei Shrine herself, Mima, who looks slightly confused herself.

“Hello.” Yuka replied, simply.

Mima remained still for a moment, as though she was expecting Yuka to say something else, “So, can you explain why all these people are hanging around my shrine?” She asked with an irritated tone.

“Yukari Yakumo, she said she had set up a competition and that everyone should come here.” I answered for Yuka.

Mima growled to herself quietly, “I should have known.” Turning her back to us, she hovered quietly, “I wonder what she’s up to this time.”

There was another awkward silence, until the goddess spoke out again, “Just to point out I’m not slow or anything, I have noticed you’re back.”

Here we go again.

“I can guess that you must have done something unbelievably stupid to yourself to come back here, I don’t want the details, but welcome back.” Mima spoke mournfully.

The blue-clad deity spun around, smiling, “Sad to think that my first human worshipper died, and during my party! It was quite the mood killer, and it wasn’t until I got that Oni to bring out the heavy stuff that moods got lifted again. I bet they never saw this coming though, especially Miss Kazami here.”

“I was a little surprised, so what?” Yuka added, trying to sound like she was uninterested.

“Well, we should go and see if the Yakumos have decided to show their little event.” Mima said, changing the topic as she began to move.

With Mima floating beside us, the three of us began the final short walk to the main part of the shrine.

“That arm of yours, is that Yuka’s doing?” Mima suddenly questioned.

I paused a moment before I quietly replied, “Oh, this? Yes, it was.”

I’d completely forgotten I had a broken arm.

“Now, now, Yuka, you shouldn’t be so harsh on him just yet, you’ll scare him off.” Mima scolded mockingly.

Yuka sneered, “He’s too scared to.”

“Of what? The dangers of Gensokyo, or your wrath?” Mima replied, laughing.

“The latter, of course.” Yuka answered, laughing as well.

While the two next to me laughed, I just feigned awkward laughter.

Why does it always feel like I might die in the next instance?

That’s what you get for choosing to live with a youkai who kills people for fun, moron.

Standing outside the shrine, I realized that amongst the colours of everyone, I hadn’t seen Reimu, which suggested she didn’t know that this was going on, much like Mima.

Looks like there’ll be more fireworks later. I thought to myself, as I, like everyone else present, waited for Yukari.

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