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Yuka happily paced away, humming a song to herself, to be expected really, since she has already has her dose of violence for the day, and unfortunately for me, she probably realized that now I’m a youkai, I’m as good a target as anyone else.

As we wondered along the path towards the portal, I tried shaking my arm a little, but it did little but cause a few twinges of pain.

Using the lesson I learnt earlier, I decided not to open my mouth again in case Yuka decided to use it as a reason to inflict pain on me.

Instead of talking, I spend the trip from the portal to towards the shrine thinking of the events ahead. Aya won’t have done an article and passed it around in the few hours that had progressed since our meeting, and something told me that Yuka wasn’t the only one interested in that competition, especially since the article seemed to be written to stab at the majority of residents in Gensokyo. Images of the shrine during the party entered my mind as the amount of people that would be there. Hopefully, Aya would be there, and I could make her do a live report, or something along those lines, since I really didn’t want to have to explain my story yet again.

Soon enough, I noticed the scenery ahead looked darker, and after focusing my eyes, I realized we had reached the forest blocking the shrine from the field.

Oh yes, this place again, well, I haven’t got a choice but to ask Yuka for a lift again.

“Yuka, before you take off like you do, remember, I’m gonna need a lift.”

Yuka just looked around at me, and snatched my arm and took off immediately without a word.

Least that went alright.

As we flew over the forest, I recognised the site where Yuka and Suika battled each other, mainly due to the patch of forest missing trees, it didn’t feel like it was less then a week ago, but it was.

As my mind ran the events of the fight in my mind, Yuka spoke with a strange tone again, “Attempt number two.”


I thought for a moment.

Oh damn!

Less then a second later, Yuka released my hand, allowing gravity to do its work. “What the hell are you doing?!” I futilely shouted as I fell to the ground.

I knew she’d use me as stress relief, not that she has anything to be stressed about.

Now, come on! Prove her wrong! Fly!

Unfortunately, to the repeat of earlier, any abilities that may have lay dormant in me, was still insistent on not waking up, and a few seconds later, much to, I guess, Yuka’s amusement, I hit the ground, ironically, on the same arm that suffered the impact the previous time, and this time, I didn’t even have the joy of blacking out.

Shouting in pain for a moment, I rolled over onto my good arm to try and relieve the pain a little but to little effect; after all, I’d just been dropped 20 metres to the ground.

As expected, I heard Yuka drop down behind me, giggling to herself, “Oh dear, looks like it didn’t work again.”

I coughed, as a result of getting winded from the drop, “O-obviously.”

Yuka hummed airily, “Better luck next time.” She spoke quickly, before grabbing my arm and dragging me into the air.

At that point, I noticed she was holding my bad arm, causing more pain to flare through my arm. “G-grab my other arm instead, damn it.” I hissed through gritted teeth.

She merely looked at me and gave me a bemused look, before, as I somewhat predicted, dropped me.

I shouted in frustration, “Oh, what the h-“ I was cut short by Yuka actually catching me by my other, non-injured arm.

“You were saying?” Yuka spoke sarcastically.

Rather then answer that question, I left it as a rhetorical one and decided to keep quiet, rather then risk a free-fall trip to the ground again.

“Can we… just head to the shrine now.” I spoke, after a pause.

“What do you think we’re doing?” Yuka replied.

Well, letting me fall to the ground actually.

Deciding to remain silent again and just let myself recover, I let Yuka fly wherever she was heading, which luckily, did appear to be the shrine.

I really can’t wait to fly, especially if everyday without it turns out as painful as this.

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