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Breakfast passed as normal, well, as normal as breakfast can be, when fairies are the ones cooking the food. Sometimes I wondered how, or why the fairies stayed here, they obviously showed some fear towards Yuka, and so unless they were part of Yuka’s dream as well, I don’t really know why they don’t just take off and run away. Regardless, they do stay, and on the bright side, that means less work for me.

Sitting at the table, not planning on doing anything, I noticed something move in the window. Watching closely, I eventually noticed a crow sit in the window for a few seconds, before squawking and flying out.

“Aya…” I said to myself quietly, “Oh yeah, I said I’d explain my story.”

Standing up and wondering over to the window, I looked out, but for some reason there was no sign of Aya, or that crow.

“Guess she moved to avoid attracting Yuka’s attention.” I spoke quietly. Following my theory, I headed over to the main lobby, before opening the front door and leaving the mansion.

A gust of wind met me as I opened the door, causing the flowers in the field to sway lightly. Quickly, I looked around for Aya, but there was no sign of her, so the next step was walking outside and shutting the door. Walking to the left, into part of the flowers, I found myself standing in the exact same spot I stood a few days ago, watching the bloodbath that was Yuka fighting off Flandre Scarlet.

“Hello there!” A voice called from above me. Looking up, Aya was stood on the roof of the mansion, before quickly jumping off, and effortlessly landing.

“Sorry for bringing you outside, I’m sure you understand why you did it.” Aya quickly spoke.

“To prevent Yuka from tearing you to pieces?” I grinned.

“Something like that.” She said, rolling her eyes. “So, anyway! Your story!” She spoke eagerly, producing her notebook from her pocket again.

I waited for a moment, “So, what exactly do you want to know?”

“Anything, something worthy of an article, tell me what happened in the real world.” Aya spoke quickly.

“Not that much really. I kinda lay in bed at a hospital for a few days; the news I heard and saw, along with the people I met made me lose faith in mankind, so I leapt off the top of the building for the chance to come back here.” I explained, too familiar with the story.

“Guess you must like this place then.” Aya grinned again.

“Of course, I did kill myself to get here after all.” I replied sarcastically.

“Okay.” Aya grinned menacingly as she quickly wrote everything in her pad. “So, what about your life now? Any plans? I see you’ve changed slightly, got any powers yet?”

I quickly went over the questions in my head, “Plans? Nothing at all. Changes, yeah, I’m sure can tell my hair and eyes changed, and no, I don’t have any powers yet, sadly.” I replied at a speed similar to what the tengu asked me.

“I see… Well, I bet I can write an article out of this.” Aya chirped.

With not that many lies I hope.

“Oh yes, one more thing.” Aya spoke out before reaching into a small bag which hung off her shoulder, and producing a newspaper. “Here’s a… free sample, see what you think, and you can subscribe if you want.” She said pushily.

Slowly, I reached for the newspaper, while thinking of a point that Aya made me think of. I, myself, didn’t have any money. Yuka didn’t seem to have any trouble, with a huge mansion full of various items, but I’d never seen any cash used around Gensokyo. Suddenly, images of Yuka threatening, and beating up random youkai and stealing their money and items with a large sadistic grin entered my head.

Quickly, I just flicked through the pages of the newspapers, catching note of the headlines.

‘Miko seen doing work’

‘Forest damaged by laser experiment’

‘Ice Fairy vs. Frog God, the rematch’

In other words, the news wasn’t all that important, it was mostly gossip. But by chance, I caught sight of the back cover, which for some odd reason was in colour, rather then the standard monochrome. “Huh, why’s this in colour?”

“What’s what in colour?” Aya spoke confused, as her head snapped around to look.

“This back cover.” I answered, as I looked at it, and saw a picture of a weird red bow-like thing, with red eyes.

Where have I seen that before.

“Let me see that!” Aya shouted as she snatched the paper out of my hands. “Who did this?!”

I stood beside Aya, and read what was on the page.

‘Greetings citizens of Gensokyo!

Presenting, a competition of fantastic proportions!

Need to prove a point over a rival? Ashamed of having plans foiled by others? Fed up of being pushed around? Want to prove yourself as the most powerful in Gensokyo?

Take part in the biggest game Gensokyo has ever seen, where the winners get a mystery prize, and of course, bragging rights!

To take part, be at the Hakurei Shrine at 4 o’clock this afternoon!

Yakumo Inc.

P.S. Thank you to our sponsors Bunbunmaru news for printing and distributing this message!

“Yukari, again… How dare her! Using Bunbunmaru for her games, she could have at least told me!” Aya shouted. “I swear, if I catch her, I’ll teach her a lesson, boundaries or not!”

I doubt you could beat someone like Yukari, despite your anger.

Aya groaned, “I’m sorry, but I’ve got to get to the bottom of this. I’ll see you another time about your subscription!” The tengu called as she leapt into the sky.

As she flew away, I laughed quietly at her anger, before turning around to go back in the mansion, when I jumped back in shock to see Yuka standing there, who was also grinning.

Taking amusement in other people’s distress as usual. I thought, despite me doing the same just before.

“So, did you enjoy your ‘secret meeting’?” She said mockingly.

“Oh yes, lots of fun.” I replied sarcastically.

Yuka tried to look at the paper I was holding, “So, what’s this I heard about Yukari?”

“Oh, just some prank of hers or something, she said she’s holding a competition.” I replied, handing her the paper, who took it and began reading it.

A few seconds later, Yuka spoke, “I see… Well, we should head there later then.”

“What?! Really? Why would you want to do that.” I asked, surprised at her reaction to the article.

Yuka grinned devilishly, “Of course, a chance to best Yukari isn’t something to be missed.”

By the tone of her voice, it sounded like she wanted to go to beat up Yukari, rather then actually take part in what was happening.

“But 4 o’clock is quite a while away, surely we’re not going now?” I asked. “Maybe I could try and get my powers, or fly, or something.” I quietly added.

“Alright, that’s it.” Yuka said sharply.

Oh crap.

Yuka began to march into the flower field, “Come on. If you’re gonna bother me so much about it, then we’ll try and get your powers, with my methods.”

As Yuka marched off, I hit myself in my mind for opening my mouth, and tried to shake off the looming feeling that her methods involved pain, and unfairness, and more pain.

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