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As I got through the portal, I noticed the walk to the mansion looked quite short this time, probably Yuka’s way of being helpful, regardless, she’d done her usual trick of disappearing ahead, and was already at the door of the mansion, entering it.

My walk was a lot slower though I was quite amused to see that Elly had got to her guard post; however that hadn’t stopped her setting up a sun chair and falling asleep on that.

Walking to the mansion, my mind began to drift back to the human world, and what it was like there, mostly regarding my death and what would have happened as a result. No doubt there’d have been a futile effort to bring me back to life, followed by the media, and then the emergency services, eventually it’d just be another death amongst hundreds of others. Maybe the hospital might have got better security as a result; it really was easy to sneak up on the roof after all.

I looked up to the large mansion in front of me, my new home, it didn’t matter if the other habitant was a renowned violent youkai who enjoyed genocide, it was better then the other world where society forced you to be the same and follow the same rules.

The thoughts I had just pondered didn’t really help with my effort to stay conscious so I quickly entered through the door, where Yuka was at the top of one of the stairways. “You took your time.” She spoke with a grin, “It’s nearly time for dinner, be ready.”

I yawned once more, “You know, I’m gonna pass on it tonight, I’m just gonna head to bed now.”

Yuka sneered, “Suit yourself. Weakling.”

“Oh, come on, I’ve been alive for a day yet, cut me some slack.” I groaned.

“My beginning was much tougher then yours, I didn’t get a free place to stay thrown at me.” Yuka continued to grin creepily.

“What did you have to do then?”

“I thought I already told you that I’d tell you another time.” She mocked.

“Oh forget get.” I moaned, as I walked up the opposite stairway, and took the corner to get to my room.

Walking into my room, it didn’t take me long to just collapse on my bed face first, and not really care, since a few seconds later, I was asleep.

When I opened my eyes, I was surprised by the sight I saw, or rather, the lack of anything.

Just white, everywhere, or maybe just a bright light? I couldn’t tell, but there was nothing, not even the bed I remembered falling on.

Slowly, I got up, and walked in a random direction, until for some reason, a mirror stood in front of me, facing at an odd angle. Walking over to it, I stood in front of it to see myself when the ground shook, and the next thing I knew, I was back in the mansion.

“What the hell was all that about?” I mumbled to myself

Just like in the ‘dream’ before, I slowly climbed out of bed, and got opened the wardrobe, to my surprise I saw many more of the same clothes I was wearing.

“Is that why it seems like everyone wears the same thing? They just have hundreds of the same costume?” I mumbled to myself, before changing.

Dozily, I wondered over the mirror, being cautious in case any stray earthquakes may occur at coincidently the same time.

When I looked in the mirror, I shook, but it wasn’t due to any tectonic movements, it was myself, jumping in surprise. My once brown eyes had turned a much more typically youkai red, while my brownish-black hair has brightened to a more blonde-ish colour.

“This is a result of being a youkai?” I asked myself, confused. “Why blonde? How random… Still, least it’s not pink or anything.” Quickly thinking, blonde was actually quite a regular colour in Gensokyo, so I wasn’t too unique there, nor with the eye colour.

After I’d finally managed to get over the change, I hastily moved outside the room to surprise Yuka.

Walking down the stairs, I look for a sign of Yuka. A quick look in the lobby found nothing, nor did she seem to be in the dining area, but by luck, I heard her humming to herself, the noise coming from the library area.

Walking down there, I noticed Yuka was reading a book, which figured, since she was in a room full of books.

“Hey Yuka, look, my hair’s changed colour! Eyes too!” I shouted, catching her attention.

“So it would seem.” She spoke before returning to her book.

“That it?” I asked.

Yuka raised an eyebrow, “Yes, what were you expecting?”

“Well, some surprise really.” I muttered.

“Nope, having your appearance change is nothing big.” Yuka spoke.

“Oh, alright.” I spoke, “Well, I’m just gonna go and get some breakfast.”

“Suit yourself.” The flower youkai spoke.

I began to walk away, before finally adding, “Oh, do you think I have some pow-“

“I have no idea, stop asking me.” Yuka interrupted.

With that, I just continued walking on, with the intent of getting some food.

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