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A couple of hours passed, at Akyu’s house, when the sound of the door slamming interrupted the silence.

Bet I know who this is.

A few seconds later, the recognisable red and green of Yuka walked around the corner, causing Keine to suddenly tense.

“Oh, good afternoon Miss Kazami!” Akyu spoke cheerfully, without a hint of fear in her voice.

“Hello, there.” Yuka spoke, equally cheerfully, before walking in uninvited and sitting down near me.

“You’re a bit later then I thought you’d be, didn’t you just go to look in some shops?” I asked her.

Yuka sneered, “That I did, however then, there were some youkai who needed teaching a lesson, seems they’ve got overconfident in the week or so I hadn’t beat them.”

Keine gave a cold stare at Yuka, who was too busy laughing at herself to notice, or care.

While Yuka sat amused, I gave out a long yawn. “Oh… sorry, not saying your boring or anything Akyu, I just suddenly felt tired.” I laughed awkwardly.

“It’s no surprise really.” Akyu plainly stated.

“Really?” I quietly asked.

“Of course, you should remember that were only ‘born’ today, you haven’t completely adapted to a youkai yet, and that’s going to take its toll on your body.”

I groaned slightly, “What? I was planning on seeing loads of other people by the end of the day.”

“At least you’ll have something to look forward to tomorrow.” Keine added.

“You mean you want to go to bed already?” Yuka spoke out, cynically.

I replied with another yawn, “I guess so, yeah.”

Rolling her eyes, and with a sigh she stood up, “Come on then, let’s go.” Before she marched out the door, mumbling a goodbye to the two others in the room.

Jumping up, I quickly apologized for my abrupt exit and then bid farewell to Akyu and Keine who replied much the same before quickly walking out to find Yuka, who was stood outside and started walking away when she saw me coming.

Walking at a pace where I eventually caught up to her, I asked her, “So, what powers do you think I’ll get?”

Raising an eyebrow she looked at me, “How the hell am I meant to know? I might be able to do a lot, but I can’t see into the future.”

“Well, you like flowers, and you got your powers to manipulate them, so there must be a pattern or something?” I kept pressing the matter.

Yuka shook her head, “Coincidence.”

“Oh, really?” I asked quietly, not entirely believing her.

“Yes. So you’re just going to have to wait and find out.” Yuka spoke, to end that topic.

Yuka and I continued to walk out of the village, and down the slight slope to reach the flower field, busy in my thoughts wondering about powers and flying, I was rudely interrupted by a slightly high-pitched voice I knew I’d heard before.

“What the heck? What are you doing here!?” The person cried, before there was a flash, blinding me for a moment, and as I began to see again, someone was standing in front of me. “Are you for real?!” The girl cried again, before looking down at her camera.

“Hello, Aya.” I spoke with a slightly irritated tone, mainly due to the point-blank camera flash I just received.

“So, you’re real? Or did Yuka here magically make a clone out of loneliness?” Aya devilishly grinned, before clumsily falling backwards to dodge a lunge by Yuka.

Aya looked at me again, “So you must be the real deal.” Aya quickly reached into her pocket and pulled out a pen and paper. “So, wanna tell me how you did it?”

Another yawn escaped me, followed by my reply, “I’d like to, but, I’m honestly too tired to do anything, and I’ve told the story too many times today, I think.”

Aya looked a little disappointed, “Is that it? I see.”

“But, if you come around tomorrow, I’ll tell you about it then.” I quickly added.

Aya’s look of disappointment switched to the opposite, “Alright then! I’ll come around after my deliveries! See you tomorrow!” And without another word she took into the sky at an unreal speed, and flew out of sight in a matter of seconds.

Looking down from the sky, I noticed Yuka was gone again, and to no surprise, she was once again walking ahead. As usual, I ran down after her, “Do you always have to leave me behind?” I asked behind her.

“It’s your fault for being too slow, you should pay more attention.” She replied smugly before she continued her silent march through the flower field and into the portal.

Pausing before I followed her, I looked towards the eye-catching Scarlet Mansion on the lake, and noticed Cirno and Daiyousei playing by the side of the lake. I thought about whether to go and say hello to them or not, but my mind was made by another yawn and a feeling of drowsiness. “Maybe, tomorrow.” I said to myself as I quietly entered the portal.

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