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“Well, I must admit, you’re not very fun at all, are you?” Yukari’s voice echoed out, “I expected to get a lot more fun out of you before you found this place.”

With that said, Yukari hopped out of the gap, and sat down on another as she’s known to.

“Such an amazing bit of luck for you though, to find those two.” She whimsically chatted as the gap flew over to the pair of scientists, leaving the larger gap suspended ominously in the air. “It’s been a long time since I saw you two! How are you doing?”

“What are you talking about, we’ve never met.” Yumemi spoke, facing up to Yukari.

“Of course, I never said that, did I? I said I’d seen you, for reasons of my own!” Yukari continued to not give anything away in the conversation.

Yukari covered most of her face with her fan, “Tell me, why you could never get back to Gensokyo?”

“Because my, our work, was taken away.” Yumemi replied.

“No, no. Before that, like straight away, as soon as you got back.” Yukari continued to probe.

“The equipment was damaged.” Yumemi continued to stare down Yukari.

“My, my, now, I wonder what could have done that, first you appear back in this world without doing anything with your machine, and then it breaks by itself, such a mystery” Yukari’s voice started to shift to that of something tormenting.

Yumemi stood up to the youkai, “You don’t wonder, you know. Tell me!”

Yukari closed her fan, “Okay, I will, but it might hurt a bit.” Yukari then put her face literally an inch or two away from Yumemi’s, “Your machine never worked in the first place. I did everything.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Your logic! It was flawed, your technology, undeveloped. So I took the liberty of hooking your machine up to some Lunarian technology in your ‘working experiment’ and then I simply whisked you away to Gensokyo, you knew no better!” Yukari spun 180 degrees, “I was a bit careless on the return trip, I dropped you slightly and damaged things, awfully sorry.”

“You... you... YOU RUINED MY LIFE, CHIYURI’S LIFE!” Yumemi sprung up, but was immediately restrained by Chiyuri.

Yukari sneered, continuing to look away, and began to fly back over to the two of us. “You try and do a good deed for someone, and they end up hating your guts, that’s not very nice, maybe I should be a villain.”

Surprising to me, Yuka had, and was still remaining silent, despite the fact I could sense the pure rage emitting from her.

“So yes, let’s play the villain. Whoooooops!” The gap youkai shouted comically as she spun around, and to my horror, she somehow moved the orb containing our powers at least 5 or so metres away from the building, “Oh no! How did that happen? So clumsy of me!” Yukari looked over to the orb, “Ooo, looks like you’re gonna have to jump for that one, let’s make things even more interesting, shall we?”

At that instance, a terrifying grin appeared on her face, and almost faster than the eye could register, she reached into her clothes and pulled out a spell card.

“Now, here’s the next game, my beloved playthings! Dodge my nasty, painful spell card and jump far enough to get your powers back to win! Isn’t this fun!” Yukari laughed, almost insanely.

That familiar noise of the lift pinged, signifying its arrival, “Oh great, they’re here too now, more problems.”

“Now, we can’t have anyone interrupting! Go away!” Yukari shouted playfully and waved her fan slightly causing the lift to drop at an abnormal speed.

“You, just killed them?” I spoke quietly.

“Maybe, what do you care, now come on, let’s play!” Yukari shouted, as though she'd lost control of her emotions.

Eerily, everything went silent, like the calm before the storm, but as to be expected, Yukari broke that silence.

“Well, let’s get right to the interesting bits! Let’s skip all of these and get to the fun ones!” She became apparent she was referring to her spell cards, since she grabbed a handful and threw them into the wind. “This will start nicely, Border of Life and Death!”

That was enough to break Yuka’s silence, “What the hell is up with you, you pathetic coward?! Too afraid to just fight me normally?”

“Aren’t you just adorable? Still, who cares!?” Yukari switched the tone of her voice, as she suddenly launched a barrage of bullets at the two of us.

“Haru, look for the gaps, weave through them.” Yuka tried to give me some last minute advice.

The bullets weren’t very bad at first, even a complete notice to fights such as I had no problem dodging, but then Yukari began to throw more and more bullets, laughing becoming more and more unstable.

Not only was the torrent of bullets physically exhausting, but also mentally, the sheer range of colours now appearing was beginning to get fairly disorientating.

“Yuka, having a bit of trouble now...” I mumbled.

Yuka shouted back, “Just hold on, damn it!”

Suddenly, the bullets were gone, every single one, everything remained still, until you could even see Yukari’s eye twitch slightly, obviously, she wasn’t expecting that either.

The situation was explained, when a glance to the scientists showed the two of them, holding what looked like strange ray guns or something, aimed at Yukari, obviously, they’d somehow managed to catch her off-guard and cancel the spell.

“More pests, my word, there’s just so many of them!” Yukari cried in feign-shock, before holding her arm in the direction of the scientists, and instantly, an odd green bubble appeared around them, a small amount of laser fire later; it was apparently they couldn’t escape from it.

“Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, looks like I only have one card left, how stupid of me to throw them all away.” Yukari’s voice rose, like she was presenting something to a crowd, “It’s Danmaku Bounded Field time! Wooooo!”

I’ve never seen Yukari like this, it’s seriously like she has lost every grain of sanity, I’ve never even heard of her being this bad.

I suddenly felt something hit my side, and looked to see Yuka huddled up next to me.

“W-what’s wrong, Yuka?” I asked, unnerved.

“We’re done for.” Yuka answered, simply.

I grinned, like it was a joke, “You’re kidding, right?”

“No, this spell’s always the same, you need to fly through certain gaps in her pattern, we can’t fly, we can’t dodge it, we get hit, it’s over.”

Suddenly, there were hundreds upon hundreds of crashes, as bullets began to be spewed out of multiple gaps, circling us. Seconds passed by, and the bullets didn’t stop appearing, just forming a layer of pink death around us.

“See what I mean, Haru. We needed to get through there.” Yuka pointed at a small gap, located at least 8 metres off the ground.

The crashing noise eventually stopped, and starting ever so slowly at first, the projectiles began to move forward, towards us.

Is this it? Is this the end? There’s no options left.

Yukari appeared again, ironically in the gap where the bullets began to pass by her, the gap we needed to have been in to survive. In her hand was the spell card that she was twirling around with her fingers, just done in a fashion that made her even more unlikeable.

Science has no options left, there’s no magic left for us, the only thing left is... what, an act of god.

I laughed to myself, causing Yuka to stare at me oddly, by now, the bullets were only a few metres away.

Without warning, there was a flash, the tone in Yukari’s voice gave me some hope, and at the instance I looked at her, I saw an impossible sight, a blast of energy, different to the scientists pierced right through the card, and struck by Yukari, visibly marking her chin.

All the bullets around us froze in place, before exploding while disintegrating at the same time suddenly allowing the twilight sky to look down on us once more, and at the same time, we were able to see the cause of this upset.

Floating next to the gap that Yukari never closed, was the deity herself, Mima. “It looks like you could do with a hand!” She laughed.

“You could have helped earlier!” Yuka shouted back, trying to shout annoyed, but you could tell she was, as you’d expect, thankful.

“Game’s over, Yukari. You can leave now.” Mima spoke, deadly serious, staff pointed at Yukari.

Yukari looked down at the floor, despite wearing a large grin on her face, “I see, well, I guess I’ll just- Go Ran!” Yukari shouted as she reached into a gap and threw her Kitsune at us, flying right past Mima and landing next to us.

The fox looked at us, looking truly sorry and apologetic, and said, “Sorry, I don’t want to do this, but, I have to obey my master, don’t struggle or anything.”

Ran, in no hurry at all, reached into a pocket and pulled out some spell cards, and flicked through a few, “This should suffice, I guess.” She mumbled.

As she opened her mouth to speak, the only noise I could hear was “Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-“

What the heck is th-

At that very split-second, my mind captured the image of a broom handle flying straight into Ran’s left temple. “-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.” From the force, Ran was sent flying across the roof of the building, and as you’d expect, she didn’t get back up afterwards.

Circling around, Marisa circled back around and stopped in front of us, “You do what you gotta to do! Lady Mima and I have got these two!” She spoke joyfully, before zooming off and filling the sky with lasers,

Yuka looked at me, “Come on, let’s go.” With a simple nod, we both ran to the edge of the building.

“Ran, stop them, quick!” Yukari screeched, firing bullets of her own at us, and the distance meant that Marisa and Mima were too far away to shield us.

Either we both die or just one of us. It’s obvious which is the better choice.

I grabbed Yuka by her arm, “You’re not thinking...” Yuka spoke, “We’ll never make i-“ She was cut short, as I ran the final few steps and jumped clear off the building, towards the shining sun that was our powers, our life.

As the force of the jump began to weaken, and gravity began to take its toll, I swung my arms to the side, towards the orb and releasing Yuka, hopefully giving her the extra distance that I seemed to have not got, signified by the rapidly increasing speed of which the floor was approached, just like a few days ago. Unfortunately, my head was pointed towards the ground, so I couldn’t see any of the dramatics going on above, not to mention the boost I had given to Yuka had caused me to spiral towards the earth, making this trip towards death extra horrible.

In a familiar fashion though, as I was a few metres away from the ground though, everything began to slow down before freezing completely.

Oh, this horrible tormenting wait before my painful death.

Something was odd, I could still hear things, such as the barrages of bullets and lasers going on above, that means that I stopped falling someh-

“Are you going to thank me, or what?” A voice spoke, causing me to smile immensely.

I felt myself lift in the air, caused by a, now apparently, grip on my leg. Once lifted, I found myself face to face with the green haired, red eyed youkai named Yuka Kazami.

“Don’t you ever do anything like that ever again, you nearly died!” She shouted at me, “Anyway...” Yuka lowered me slightly, before suddenly launching me into the sky, aim perfect, towards the orb, which was now duller, obviously since Yuka had already retrieved her powers.

As I touched the orb, I suddenly felt myself fill with energy and immediately I stopped in the air, now able to control my aerial movements, I was now, just like Yuka, a youkai again.

Yuka flew up beside me, and it wasn’t long before Yukari let out a scream of frustration, “Ran, you blew it, look at them!” The Kitsune was suddenly scooped away by a gap leaving just 5 of us, the two trapped in the bubble.

“I’ve had enough of this, nothing’s gone to plan!” Yukari screamed, completely unstable and causing bullets to appear in all directions through a multitude of gaps.

“Haru, stay back, it’s time for us to finish this.” Yuka ordered, as she flew forward to support Mima and Marisa.

As lasers and bullets were traded by either side, in a fight I could barely keep track of, suddenly Yukari waved her arm completely, and a larger gap appeared, and from it, Ran began to be catapulting from gap to gap, now one more projectile to dodge for the trio.

“We’re not done yet!” Yukari shouted, as she spun in a circle, fan held in her arm, that pattern seemed to rearrange the gaps, causing them to surround the three opponents, launching bullets from all sides, were I stuck in there also, I’d have probably been struck by every other bullet, but those in the situation seemed to have no problem, and even returned fire at Yukari once in a while.

A minute of constant dodging later, Yukari was, once again, caught by the edge of a laser.

“Fine! Fine!” She screamed.

Yukari held her arms out to the sides, causing hundreds upon hundreds of gaps to appear alongside her. “Time for more fun!” She shouted, maniacally, and then even more bullets erupted from the mass of portals, this had truly become a battle of endurance as millions upon millions of bullets of varying colours lit up the sky.

It was only then, that I noticed that in the sheer confusion of it all, Yukari had seemingly placed a gap behind the centre fighter, Yuka, and my concerns were confirmed when bullets rocketed from that gap, and Yuka hadn’t noticed either.

“Yuka, watch out!” I shouted, arm held out towards her.

Suddenly, a blast of light appeared behind Yuka, for a moment, blocking any clear visual I had of her. When I could see her clearly again, she was looking behind her, in a position to dodge the bullets that I thought were going to hit it, but looking thoroughly confused at what happened.

“Manipulation of light...” Yukari spoke, “Truly interesting.”

The crazed youkai clicked her fingers and all of the bullets suddenly stopped and faded away, “Ran, we’re going!” She shouted, as she grabbed the still projectile-like Ran by the tail as she passed and threw her into a gap. “Bye bye.” She said sinisterly, before crawling in a gap herself.

With this new-found peace, everything that happened began to sink in, and I moved over onto the roof of the building to join the others who had already landed.

“Is it over now?” I asked, as I landed.

“Looks like it!” Marisa shouted. “Good job on the powers! Dunno if I should be jealous!”

“Powers?” I mumbled, “You mean... flying and all that? I did that before.”

“Nah! I mean that big block of light you made appear out of nowhere, didn’t you hear what Yukari said, manipulation of light?” Marisa replied.

“That light, was me?” I asked, shocked at the outcome.

“Yes, it was.” Mima spoke out. “Manipulation of light and manipulation of flowers, doesn’t sound like too bad a team to me.” The spirit laughed.

“If you got a completely useless power, I was going to disown you.” Yuka grinned.

I was going to say something, when I noticed some movement over on the other side of the roof, and suddenly remembered. “Oh yeah, Mima, Marisa, there’s someone you should meet over there.” I spoke while pointing in the appropriate direction and it didn’t take long before, after almost 10 years, magic was facing science once again.

“It’s been a long time, Mima and Marisa.” Yumemi spoke.

“How’s things!?” Chiyuri shouted.

Marisa gave Chiyuri a high-five while Yumemi began to talk, “I must thank you all, despite being trapped in that thing, we managed to get all the data we could ever dream of, especially due to those... delightful fireworks at the end.”

“We should be thanking you too, Yuka and I would have been doomed had you not helped us, on more than one occasional.” I spoke out.

“Call it even then!” Chiyuri shouted.

The pleasant atmosphere was shattered by a strange groaning noise, “Now what?” Yuka hissed.

“The gap.” Mima replied, “It would appear Yukari has abandoned it, and it’s beginning to close on its own, we don’t have much time left.”

“It would appear that this is goodbye then.” Yumemi spoke, sounding rather down.

I paused for a moment, “There’s one other option, you come to Gensokyo with us, you said you’d like to go back, and this is a one way ticket there!”

Yumemi looked at the gap, the sky and then finally Chiyuri, who simply nodded once.

“I am going to have to decline your offer.” Yumemi spoke.

“You are? Why?” I was quick to ask.

“We’ve spent 10 years trying to get to Gensokyo, I was 18 when I first got there, and I’m, like everything does, aging. I’m not magically gifted and before I know it, I won’t be in my prime any more; Gensokyo wouldn’t live up to what I expect from it. I hope you understand what I’m getting at.” Yumemi weakly smiled. “However, that’s not to say we’ve given up on the place, no. I’m going to test what you told me earlier today, you entered Gensokyo by keeping it in your mind when you died. We will do the same, when it’s our time to... kick the bucket so to speak, we’ve keep Gensokyo in our hearts, and if we’re lucky, then Gensokyo will have some scientific youkai!” She laughed afterwards.

“You’ll have the kappa to compete against then.” Marisa commented.

Chiyuri spoke up, “In the mean time, with this data, I think we can finally have some fun, maybe even prove some theories wrong, and maybe, just maybe, prove to those who betrayed us that we were right all along!”

Just like before, the mood was killed by the gap closing, “We need to leave, now.” Mima stated. “Sorry to be leaving so abruptly.”

“We understand, take care of yourselves.” Yumemi waved, as we walked away to the gap.

“See ya when we die!” Chiyuri shouted afterwards.

We bid our final farewells before jumping into the final gap in earth, placing us right in front of the Hakurei Shrine, right where we had first entered the outside world.

“You’re back, huh?” The lazy Reimu Hakurei spoke as she drunk some tea.

“Thanks for helping, oh faithful shrine maiden.” Mima snapped, as she walked by.

“No problem.”

Mima turned around, “And you need to do something about that Yakumo, she’s becoming a major problem.”

“Whatever.” Reimu replied.

Uncontrollably, I yawned, and now being back in my usual outfit, I was able to check the watch Yuka gave me, which showed it was already tomorrow morning here.

“I don’t about you, but I’m ready to go bed.” I mumbled.

Yuka looked at me, “You become a youkai, and the first thing you want to do is sleep. That’s... actually quite youkai-like actually...” She drifted off, as she realised her little insult wasn’t to work.

“Well then, come on Haru, let’s go.” Yuka ordered, as she turned away from the shrine.

As I walked beside her, I felt something grab my hand, and looked down to see Yuka was holding it, Yuka looked at me and then down at the hands, “Hmm, force of habit I guess.” She said simply, before returning to her uncaring state, not letting me go though.

It dawned on me then, that youkai can live for over a thousand years, Yuka being an example, and if something like this happens in the first week of becoming a youkai, I almost dread what has yet to come.

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