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The car screeched slightly as it came to quite an abrupt stop, having pulled into the hospital’s car park not a few seconds ago, Chiyuri spotted an empty parking space and someone heading for it causing her to endanger our lives while she catapulted the car into the space before the other car could.

Ending with a jolt, Yuka groaned slightly, “Why do human inventions always seem to be death-traps?” She muttered under her breath.

“Well, we’re here.” Yumemi announced, “The sensor is picking something up, so it couldn’t have been a mistake.” Yumemi then looked back at the small device in her hand, poking the touch screen for whatever purposes she was doing.

“Hey, Haru, there it is.” Yuka said, tugging on my sleeve while pointing out of the car window, before opening the car door and practically pulling me out. “Up there, see it?”

With little idea what she meant at first, I looked up at where she was pointing, the top of the hospital, and after a moment I saw it, there was a small growing orb, almost like a miniature sun floating stationary.

“That’s our powers that Yukari took off us, right?” I checked.

Yuka nodded, “We just need to get up there now.”

“What are you talking about?” Yumemi asked, stood behind the two of us.

“That floating orb, up there.” I replied, slightly motioning to the roof where it sat in the air.

“I don’t see anything.” The scientist frowned.

“Me neither!” Chiyuri spoke over her boss.

“I guess it makes sense, it could be natural so only we can see our own powers, or maybe Yukari just made it so only we can see it to stop hundreds of humans crowding around and trying to get to this magical orb of light.”

“Long as it ain’t some weird group hallucination!” Chiyuri chirped, getting an evil look from Yumemi.

“Chiyuri, please get the equipment, we’ll head straight there, there’s no point is messing around.”

“Roger, boss.” The assistant said, as she collected the couple of bags from the boot, before closing it, and making the car emit a clicking noise, followed by a beep to signify that it was locked.

“Hey, wait, don’t lock it yet, you’ve forgotten something!” Yumemi quickly called out.

Chiyuri sighed, and unlocked the car, “Go ahead.”

Yumemi hastily moved over to the boot of the car and opened it, seemingly moved a few things around and finally stood straight again, holding what looked like a cloth or something in her hands. Almost rehearsed, she shook the cloth-like object causing it to unfold and drop to the ground, allowing me to finally realize what it was, a cape.

Without a care, she swung the cape around her, catching it on either shoulder before tying the cape before securing it under her collar, with that, she finally looked satisfied and ordered Chiyuri to head to the hospital.

“Any reason you’re wearing a cape?” I asked, slightly confused.

“Why not?” Yumemi answered simply.

“Call it her version of a comfort blanket.” Chiyuri whispered.

Even more confused, I answered with a simple “What?”.

“She’s always worn a cape, for some reason, even at school, during exams. Anything serious, she’d wear it, much to the amusement of others.”

Yumemi interrupted, “But they didn’t get 100% in every exam and become one of the most renowned scientists in the world, did they? Despite the fact they were what, 5 years older than us?”

“Whatever you say, boss.” Chiyuri said, without a care.

Slowly, we began the rather short walk to the hospital, on the way, Yumemi began talking, “Listen, we go straight in, and straight to the elevator and then to the top floor. We can’t risk you being spotted by anyone, so don’t do anything to grab any attention”

Says the one wearing a cape.

“Well, let’s go, the end is near!” Chiyuri cheerfully spoke, as she walked through the automatic door.

And so, here I was, inside the lobby of the hospital of which I had jumped from, and died just a few days ago.

Thankfully, everyone seemed too occupied with their own work to take any notice of every individual person that came into the hospital, especially since it was so busy.

“Over there, we can use that lift to go straight to the top.” Yumemi quickly ordered.

With the scientists leading, I tried to blend in as I followed them, not trying to look suspicious, despite how easy it was to do so while also making sure Yuka was holding my hand and trying to look the part.

What felt like an hour later, we finally crossed the lobby to the lift, Yumemi pressed the button and slowly, the lift started to descend, to pick us up.

“Nearly there now, near there.” I spoke quietly.

There was a small pinging noise to signify the lift had arrived, and slowly the doors began to open, but then the worst case scenario happened. Inside the lift was none other than the nurse who took care of me in my final few days, and she immediately noticed, and recognised me.

“A-ah! You-You’re...” She spoke, highly shocked.

Quickly, I looked at Yumemi and motioned to the lift discreetly, she nodded and dragged Chiyuri in and soon enough the doors closed and they began to ascend to the destination.

Think fast, we need an excuse. Everything depends on this.

My mind struggled, in the raging storm it was fighting to try and find some logic, until finally I came out with, “Excuse me, you wouldn’t happen to be a nurse would you?”

The girl physically seemed to calm down a bit, and gradually replied, “Y-yes, can I help you?”

“Oh, great, now I was informed that my... my brother was admitted into here a few days ago, hit his head pretty bad or something. So my daughter and I rushed here as fast as we could.” I began lying so much, Tewi Inaba would be proud.

“Your... Your brother?” The nurse asked shyly.

“Yeah, you seem to recognise me so I presume you know him, we’re identical after all.” I laughed.

You’re skating on really thin ice, you know?

“Well, listen, I think you should follow me, we have some news to tell you then.” The nurse slowly began to speak, unsure on what to believe.

She’s gonna tell you that you’re dead, isn’t that strange?

The nurse turned, and recalled the lift which soon reappeared, empty of any red or white scientists and she waved her arm to signal us to enter and pressed a button to activate the lift, but not high enough for the destination Yuka and I needed, sadly.

The nurse remained silent, as the lift rose and arrived at its destination, and afterwards beckoned us to follow her until we finally got to what looked like an office type room.

Following another signal from her arm, I sat down on a chair, and made sure Yuka also did so and finally the nurse spoke, “Your brother, he was admitted with nothing major, somehow the crash he was in barely scratched him, apart from a hit to the head, which sent him unconscious for a few days.”

“Yes, I was informed of that, but I heard he also woke up.” I stated, covering my mouth as though in thought, but actually covering my smile.

“When he woke up, there was nothing wrong, or so we thought, but something, unusual... happened.” The nurse began to explain, “I don’t suppose your... daughter... would leave the room for a moment?”

And let Yuka roam the hospital without me watching her? I think not, she’d probably unplug someone’s life support for fun.

“She will stay, you might not think so, but she’s probably older than me mentally.” I tried to sound serious.

“I see...” The nurse went quiet for a moment, “I don’t know how to say this, but, your brother killed himself...”

“He... what?!” I shouted, trying to sound surprised.

Everyone thought he was doing fine, and to be honest he was getting close to a full recovery, and then one day, he snuck outside and just... leapt off the building, I’m surprised you didn’t hear about it, it’s been... quite well publicized”.

“I didn’t hear of anything like this, I live... outside of this country, last I heard, he was still recovering, and he just killed himself?”

“Yes. There were no messages or reasons or anything.” The nurse apologetically spoke, close to crying. “I-I should go and get a doctor to explain things to you further.”

Can’t let that happen, come on think, there’s gotta be an easy way out.

I closed my eyes, trying to look like someone mourning and in thought, when I asked, “Are his belongings here? I’d like to see if he left any messages.”

“We do, the police have already checked, and dismissed them, they couldn’t find anything of the sort.” The nurse explained once more, looking slightly odd at my proposal.

“They don’t know how we hid messages. If it’s anything important, we’d always hide the message in the cover of a book, they could easily have missed it.” I lied once more, using Yumemi’s trick with the data CD for my own excuse.

The nurse nodded, “I see. Please wait here; I shall only be a moment.” The nurse nodded her head and she hastily left the room.

The room was silent for a few seconds before I spoke again, “Come on Yuka, we’re going.”

“Huh, don’t you want to get your stuff?”

I shook my head, “No, there’s nothing important, and plus, I already have my stuff remember. I don’t know if Yukari’s magic just cloned it, or stole it, but we shouldn’t risk it. If she finds there’s nothing wherever she’s gone, she’ll know it’s actually me.”

Yuka nodded in understanding and stood up, which I soon followed. “Come on, straight to the elevator.

As we began the rather short journey back, I whispered, “Quickly, try to walk as fast as you can without looking suspicious.” Another shake of the head gave her confirmation, “Oh, right, hand.” The former-youkai sighed and let me grab her hand as we raced through the hospital.

“There it is, there’s the lift!” I cheered quietly, without another thought, I had pressed the button and the lift had started to descend to our floor.

“Hey! Where are you going?” A voice called.

“Oh no, not her again.” I cursed under my breathe.

Racing around the corner was the nurse, I was unsure if she’d just noticed us gone, or the items gone, but I think she’d finally given in to her paranormal suspicions. “Someone! Stop them!”

A dinging noise snapped me out of my panic, as the doors opened behind me, without another second passing, I jumped back, pulling Yuka with me and hit the button for the roof repeatedly. At the same time, what appeared to be a security guard was running at the lift.

“Close! Close! Close!” I started muttering, as I hit the button more and more, even though I knew it wouldn’t speed the doors up any more.

The doors however, did their job, and they shut and the lift began to ascend without any unwanted passengers, just Yuka and I. I slumped down against the wall and sighed loudly, “That was too close, way too close.”

A few seconds of peace later, the lift made its usual noise and the doors opened, “Hey, you actually made it! Nice one!” The voice of the younger scientist greeted us. “Yumemi was beginning to start saying you wouldn’t make it up here!”

“I did not!” Yumemi shouted, and she hit the other scientist on the back of the head. “Anyway... the time you spent... having fun, has given us time to set everything up, so go right ahead, get back your powers, I believe they’re over there.” Yumemi pointed to one of the edges of the building, where I could just see some of the glow from the powers. “I still can’t see them, but with these sensors, I can and I can also read every bit of data regarding your powers... It’s fascinating... The sheer values and raw energy, it’s almost impossible to comprehend.” It was obvious by her voice that she was highly excited, and vividly interested in her work at the same time.

“Yeah! Go for it!” Chiyuri shouted, joyfully.

“Well then, shall we?” I spoke as I turned to Yuka, who had already begun walking over. “You could at least wait for me!” I complained as I ran slightly to catch up.

She’s already returning to normal.

“Whoa, Yumemi, look at this.” Chiyuri said, sounding quite surprised.

“What is it?”

I turned to see Chiyuri typing rapidly on the computer, “Some readings are going absolutely off the scale.”

“What readings?” Yumemi demanded, as she moved to look at the screen,

“D-Dimensional stability. This makes no sense. We haven’t had any readings like this since... that time.” Chiyuri went quiet for a moment, “The readings are getting stronger!”

“At this rate, surely, there’d be a hole in the fabric of reality itself?” Yumemi thought out loud.

Somehow, I knew what it was, and by the looks of it, so did Yuka, and just to confirm our thoughts, between us and our powers, a purplish-red gap began to open.[

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