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“That’s your car?” I asked, looking at the sleek red sports car in front of me.

“Yes, what’s wrong with it?” Yumemi asked curiously.

I shrugged, “Nothing, nothing at all, I just expected you to have a larger car, I did get the bit about it being red right though.”

Thinking about it, with her positions it’s not illogical for her to be quite rich.

“We just need to wait for Chiyuri now.” Yumemi said as she stood beside the car.

“Oh, I thought this was your car.” I asked quietly.

“It is.” She replied. “Chiyuri has the keys, she drives it after all.”

Is Chiyuri an assistant or a personal slave or something? I’m beginning to think it’s the latter.

Just a minute or so later, Chiyuri appeared, holding about 3 bags at the same time but seemed to be coping quite well. As she approached the car, she carelessly dropped some of the bags onto the floor to reach into one of her pockets and produced a key ring, and a few seconds later, the car clicked, as it was unlocked. “Hop in!” She said cheerfully afterwards.

I wasn’t sure if she’d noticed, but the size of the car, though it had enough room to fit the equipment in the boot, wasn’t so generous when it came to passengers in the back of the car.

Easier for Yuka then myself, I managed to squeeze into the back of the car, albeit uncomfortably and simply waited for whatever was going to happen, until I noticed Yuka poking me on the arm.

“What the hell’s that?” She said, and I noticed she was poking the seatbelt I’d naturally put on.

“It’s called a seatbelt, you wear it, and if Chiyuri messes up and hits something, it’ll make you a little less likely to die.” I explained with a grin.

“Thanks for the confidence.” Chiyuri shouted, forcing various equipment into the boot of the car.

Yuka turned and grabbed the seatbelt, and yanked it towards her, causing it to lock, “What the hell, it’s stuck…” She complained, causing her to apply even more force, to little success, “Damn thing… broken…”

“Try letting go.” I said, trying to keep myself from laughing.

She did so, causing the belt to reel back, and she grabbed it again, “Try not being so forceful.” She looked at me as if I was stupid, but tried anyway, and seemed a tad surprised when the belt did, actually give way.

A few seconds of fumbling and looking at my seatbelt later, she had managed to plug the seatbelt in, and made some weird yelping noise, “This is meant to save you!? It’s about choking me! Stupid humans.”

“You don’t like humans, do you?” Yumemi spoke normally, now seated.

“Of course I don’t. You even said it earlier, they stole your work, humans only look out for their own good, corrupted, wastes of space.”

“…” There was little to no reply from Yumemi, I couldn’t quite tell if she said something under her breath or whether it was something to do with the car starting up.

Once again to my amusement, I noticed Yuka remained highly alert while the car began to move, and it wasn’t until a minute or so of travelling that she began to calm down slightly and relax at which point she noticed me watching.

“Flying is much better, isn’t it?” I laughed.

Yuka closed her eyes, “Most certainly.”

“I third that notion!” Chiyuri shouted cheerfully.

I closed my eyes for a moment, thinking about it, we’d been awake for a long time now, most of the day in Gensokyo and then being sent to a different time zone of which even more hours had passed.

“You know, I think I agree with you.” Yumemi spoke, as thought she was in the middle of thinking something.

“Of course! Flying was great!” Chiyuri shouted again.

“No, what was said before that. Humans being corrupt.” Yumemi sighed, “We’ve been backstabbed for what we spent our whole lives doing, and after some thought, even when we complete this data, it’s not going anywhere.”

“What do ya mean?” Chiyuri quickly asked.

“I worked on this to help mankind, if we found a way to artificially create magic, provide unlimited energy, flight, all those sort of things, the world would be a better place.” Yumemi looked up in thought. “That wouldn’t happen though, instead, the damn idiots in charge would just use it as another weapon to squabble amongst each other for land and resources, it’d just become an even easier way to kill people then what there is now, and I don’t want to be the one responsible for that.”

An awkward silence filled the car for a few minutes. “We’ll just keep it to ourselves, right?” Chiyuri said cheerfully, yet carefully.

“Yes, we’ll find a way.” Yumemi nodded, before suddenly snapping out of her sadness, “Turn left here Chiyuri.”

“We can’t.” Chiyuri answered, before being hit by Yumemi.

“Why not!?” Yumemi demanded.

“Because it’s a one way street, from the other way!” Chiyuri argued back, returning the hit.

“There was no-one coming! We could have got through!” Yumemi shouted, volleying another hit.

Chiyuri groaned, “It doesn’t work that way! This is why I’m the only one of the two of us who has a licence now!”

“It’s not my fault they make such ridiculous rules!” Yumemi argued back.

I looked at Yuka, and she looked at myself, and just from her expression, I knew that for once we shared the same thoughts on the situation, and almost at the same time, we sighed and just let Chiyuri and Yumemi handle the rest of the journey as they were.

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