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Walking back into the office I followed Yuka’s actions and took off my lab-coat, only difference being that I hung mine back up, rather then Yuka’s careless discarding of the item on the floor.

The sound of Yumemi’s voice caused me to turn my head in the direction of Chiyuri’s desk, which was now empty, but Yumemi was stood in a doorway behind it, “In here, please.”

With a quick nod, I followed her instruction, after making sure the young youkai was following me.

In the office, it was a lot neater then the previous office; clearly that office was the less reliable Chiyuri’s. Yumemi was already seated behind her desk, and mentioned to some chairs in front of it, “Take a seat, if you please.”

With a lack of a better alternative, I did as she told, followed by Yuka and simply sat down. A few seconds later, Chiyuri walked into the room and placed on the desk, oddly enough, what looked like a bowl of strawberries and another, smaller bowl filled with cream, to which immediately, Yumemi picked up a strawberry and ate it, “Mm, help yourself.” She said, as Chiyuri sat down beside her.

I continued to sit back, but Yuka dug into them, and started to happily chomp on the strawberries, suddenly during the silence, Yumemi cleared her throat and began to speak, “Well, I think you had best start from the beginning.”

Chiyuri interrupted, “Eh, what are you talking about? I thought this was about, you know, physics and stuff.”

“No, Chiyuri, these two here, they’re from Gensokyo.” Yumemi announced.

Chiyuri shouted cheerfully, “What! Really?! That’s great!” But was immediately stopped by Yumemi striking her on the back of her head. “Hey! Hey! Hey! What was that for?!”

“You idiot, we’ve been studying science for how long now? Have you forgot all about proof? You should always see sufficient proof before you believe in something!” The red scientist lectured.

Chiyuri nursed the back of her head, “That’s no excuse to hit me…” Suddenly, she became composed again, and looked at Yuka and I, “So then, prove that you’re from Gensokyo!”

She was interrupted by another strike to the head, “You idiot, it’s too late now! But if someone is claiming they’re from Gensokyo of all places, the chances are… The chances are more likely of a pig flying!”

Chiyuri pondered out loud, “Well, if we combined the DNA with something that could fly and somehow triggered an evolutio-“ The same interruption occurred again.

“It’s a figure of speech you idiot!” Yumemi said, as she pulled her hand back and turned to look at us, “Sorry about that you two, Chiyuri can be quite… insensible at times, especially considering her job. Please, explain.”

I slowly went over my story first, considering I knew it more then Yuka’s, starting from that fateful car crash, my adventures in Gensokyo, my short-lived ‘resurrection’ and finally my return to Gensokyo and then how’d we get into this mess in the first place, filling in what I knew about Yuka at times, since she didn’t seem to be in a particular hurry to talk about her past, as usual.

“That is quite the amazing story.” Yumemi honestly says. “I’d never have thought that you could access Gensokyo like that, several times. I must admit, I am quite jealous, Chiyuri and I have been trying to get back there since we appeared back here.”

“Yup.” Chiyuri replied, simply.

“I presume you liked it there then.” I laughed.

“Of course, what’s not to like about it? And of course, I still desire data on youkai, or rather magic, which I failed to gather last time, and became a laughing stock as a result…” Yumemi answered, filling with sorrow as the sentence continued.

The was an uneasy silence fill the room for a few seconds, before Yumemi straightened her bowtie slightly, cleared her throat and began to talk again, “One question, why did you come here?”

I stopped for a moment, “Well, we were wondering if you could help us in any way.”

Yumemi brushed some hair away from the front of her face, “Like I said, we’ve been trying to get back there for years, and we wouldn’t be here if we did.”

“What about finding our powers? They’re in this world, and we can supposedly get back to Gensokyo when we find them.” I quickly replied, not wanting to lose this discussion.

Yumemi held her head in thought and spun around in her chair even after a few seconds, saying nothing, generating an uneasy silence.

The silence was getting deadly with anticipation until, still facing away, Yumemi spoke, almost at a whisper. “Chiyuri, what do you think? Should we try it?” I noticed she emphasized the word ‘it’.

Chiyuri thought for a moment, sounding oddly serious, “I think we should, it’s the best opportunity we’ll ever get for it. Final decision is yours though, boss.”

A few more seconds passed before Yumemi cleared her throat again, “Very well, Chiyuri, please, go and get the book.” I noticed she had emphasised a word again.

Chiyuri nodded, and walked over to a nearby shelf, automatically picking up a book without even needing to look for it, it was quite an old looking, brown covered book, decorated by images of magical seals and generally something that looked out of place in a room of science.

Chiyuri handed the book to Yumemi who flicked through the book before closing it again, and placing it in front of her. “Do you have a knife on you?” She asked her assistant.

I shook my head, while Yuka was too busy seemingly not caring about the situation, causing Chiyuri to speak again, “I’ll go get one.”

Ancient looking book, knife, if she asks for a goat next, I’m going to worry about what secret pagan sect I’ve discovered.

Yumemi idly munched on a few more strawberries until Chiyuri burst into the room again, wielding a knife, and if we didn’t know better from the fashion she entered the room, I’d be scared for my life.

“Here ya go boss!” She said cheerfully, passing the knife to her friend.

“Thank you, Chiyuri.” The red scientist said, as she took the knife and immediately began to run the knife along the inside of the cover.

Hidden something inside the cover of a book? How cliché.

As she peeled the cover away though, I was fairly surprised to see that there was nothing there, leaving Yuka and I with confused expressions, but Yumemi remained looking calm, confusingly.

She poked the cover with the knife and the lifted the knife as if she was prying something out and then seemed to grab this invisible object and held it in front of her.

Has her insanity gone kaboom?

“Tell me, what do you see here?” Yumemi looked up at us, with a grin.

I looked at Yuka, who was equally clueless. “Nothing.”

“Exactly! But this, this is the hidden truth.” Yumemi presented.

I remained silent, in a way explaining Yuka to say something impatiently, but she didn’t.

“What I told you earlier, about our work, including the data we recorded, being taken by the government… It was a lie, a well crafted, well hidden lie.” Yumemi begins to lecture again. “When we got back from Gensokyo, I was ecstatic, even if it was incomplete, I had data regarding magic, enough to prove my theory at least, I couldn’t wait to present it to the other scientists and finally be recognised, but as you know I was betrayed…”

Yumemi spoke again quickly, “However, even unknowing to I, the data I presented to them wasn’t the original, because she’d predicted it and copied the data onto a replica.” Yumemi giggled slightly, “You see, she isn’t quite the ditz you think she is.”

“Hey…” Chiyuri weakly objected.

“Anyway, after the betrayal, we’d been told to pack our belongings and leave, but since they’d already taken everything even related to the work, it was quite obvious they’d want to check it, so, we ended up using one of our… lesser known inventions.” At that instance, Yumemi pulled her hands apart, suddenly making two black sheets of some material appear in her hands. “When these two sheets are placed together, they practically wipe each other from existence, it can’t be seen or easily detected, x-rays, metal detectors, you name it and it probably can’t do anything, and even more, smaller objects can be sandwiched in it and retain that effect, for instance… A CD?” She said, as she pulled one from the back of one of the sheets.

“You know, it woulda been really awkward if it wasn’t ther-“ Chiyuri said, before being greeted with another slap around the back of her head.

“Quiet. Anyway, what you see here is in fact the original recording of data, which has been hidden for ten long years, and now, we finally have a use for it.”

“What?” I asked, naturally intrigued.

Yumemi coughed, “We’re going to use sensors to see if we can detect anything that matches the data on this CD.”

Chiyuri cut in, “When we first tried it, all those years ago, there was nothing picked up at all, so if we get even one hit then we know we’re on to something!”

“Chiyuri is correct. You know what to do Chiyuri, upload it into the three government sensors in the city, we’ll start from there.” Yumemi ordered.

“Gotcha, boss.” Chiyuri walked out of the room, and a few seconds later burst into the room dramatically again with a laptop under her arm.

Chiyuri grabbed the CD and placed it in the laptop and then typed for a while before looking up, “It’s just scanning now, but you know Yumemi, if they’re keeping an eye on us, they’re gonna know about this just from the signals.”

“What are they going to do? Take it off us? Too late for it.” Yumemi laughed, almost villainously.

Yumemi and Chiyuri just stared at the screen leaving the two of us in suspense until Yuka sighed and stood up and looked at the laptop too, “Boring.” And with that, she walked back and sat down again.

Only because there’s no violence, Yuka.

More uneventful minutes passed.

Looks like we’re out of lu-

“Whoa! We got something!” Chiyuri practically screamed.

Yumemi’s attention suddenly snapped back to the computer, “What? Where?”

“Lemme triangulate it.” Chiyuri spoke, already typing.

“Well, where is it?” Yumemi asked, as impatient as the two of us.

“It’s…” Chiyuri spoke slowly. “It’s, the signal is coming strongest from…”


“From… the hospital!” Chiyuri cheered.

I gave out a large sigh, causing strange looks from the others, until the penny finally dropped for Yumemi.

“Ah, that’s…”

“Yeah, that’s where I jumped, I should have thought to look there from the first place, and Yukari’s the kind of person whose sense of humour is to put things at places like that.” I mumbled.

Surprisingly, Yumemi was the first to stand up. “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go and find your powers. Chiyuri, meet us downstairs, bring the laptop, batteries, sensor equipment and anything else you can thing of.”

“Sure thing.” She cheerfully said, scooping up the laptop and taking it out of the room.

Yumemi walked over to the door too, “Come on, we’ll go by car, it’s much quicker.” At that moment, I noticed Yuka’s face lost a little colour.

Yuka doesn’t like cars? This’ll be fun.

“Alright, thanks for the help, by the way.” I said to Yumemi as we walked by her.

“No problem, you’re doing me a favour as well, since I will be taking some readings for my own use.” She laughed.

Yuka sneered, but I simply replied, “I sort of guessed you would, since you asked Chiyuri for that sensor stuff.”

Yumemi only replied with laughter as she guided us out of her office and into the lift for another ride, much to Yuka’s disapproval.

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