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The walk to Akyu’s residence was short, and fairly quiet, I had a feeling that Keine wasn’t bothering to ask any questions at least until I got to Akyu’s, since she’d probably want to hear the same things anyway.

Soon enough, we stood in front of the large building that was the Hieda residence, which Keine walked up to and opened the front door, and waited for me to go in before following me in.

Without warning, Keine shouted out behind, “Akyu? Are you home?”

I should think so… The door was unlocked. Well, unless they leave the library section unlocked.

“Yes.” Akyu’s voice shouted, distinctly weaker then Keine’s. “I’ve got a surprise, Keine!”

Keine grinned at me, “Is that so? Well, as a matter of fact, I have a surprise too, and I bet mine is more surprising!”

Akyu shouted back, “Okay then, we’ll see! Come on in!”

Keine walked over to the doorway and stood in it, “Okay, you go first.”

I walked over to the doorway, so I could better hear Akyu. “I’ve finished writing this book! Everything we know about Mima since her first records which go all the way back to the start of Gensokyo.”

“That’s quite a long time.” Keine spoke out. “And it took you… four days to write all that?”

“I believe so, I started gathering the information when she was sighted again, and mainly started after her party, so it’s quite the record for me!” Akyu sounded quite overjoyed at her book wrote in record time. “So, anyway, what’s your surprise?”

Keine moved out of the doorway slightly and waved her arm to signal me over, to which I responded to and walked into the doorway and spoke out.

“Hello, Akyu.” I spoke with a grin.

Akyu looked at me with wide eyes, before looking at Keine, and then back at me. After a few seconds, her expression returned to normal. “I see… that is quite a surprise. Well, come in, come in.”

Following Akyu’s request, I entered the room, followed by Keine was sat down at the table she was at. “I take it; you’re not a human any more.” She asked as I sat down.

“That’s right.” I replied.

I noticed that Akyu instinctively pulled some paper and a pen towards her, obviously wanting to record some information.

“I must admit, I wasn’t expecting to see you again, at least in this lifetime. You must not have liked the human world much?” Akyu inquired, before beginning to chew the end of her pen.

I laughed slightly and nodded, “Exactly right, well, to put it extremely short, I stayed there for a few days, and then threw myself off a building, next thing I know, I’m awake back in the gardens of the Kazami Mansion.”

“And you were fortunate enough to come back here, you’re very lucky indeed.” Keine quietly added.

“So yes, I got here sometime yesterday and mostly slept and so here I am now.”

Akyu, who was already writing looked up, “Is the human world really that bad now? To make you voluntarily lose your life to escape it.”

“For a chance of coming back here it was, and I have no regrets.” I answered.

“Miss Kazami must have been really happy to see you as well.” Akyu smiled.

I shrugged slightly, “She seemed quite pleased, probably because she has someone to boss around again now.”

“Well, she was certainly gloomy after you… disappeared, I even got to speak with her when she dropped your book back here… and that doesn’t occur everyday.”

Akyu continued to write things down on the paper, mumbling as she wrote, “Powers, unknown, threat level low.”

Oh yes, I wonder what powers I’ll get? Hopefully something that isn’t useless.

“Oh, of course!” Akyu spoke out loud, “I forgot the most important thing!”

I spoke, slightly puzzled, “What?”

“Your name!” Akyu almost shouted.

“Oh, of course!” I said, feeling a little foolish.

I didn’t ever tell them my name, did I? I was only named after I met Akyu.

“It’s Haru.” I spoke out, thinking back to when I was received the name, and wasn’t too fond of it.

Keine interrupted, “That name isn’t what I really expected.”

“Well, it’s not my human name, that’s in the past, Yuka gave me this name when I was here before, and I think it’s better to use this one here.”

“Okay, I see.” Akyu mumbled, as she wrote the name down. “There, that’s as much as I can do for now, while you’ve still got to learn your powers and all that stuff, I can’t write much more for now.”

“Okay… But I didn’t come around to get an article wrote about me or anything, I just came to say hello, and say that I’m… not dead.” I said quietly.

Akyu laughed, “Yes, I know, it’s just routine that I do this.” Akyu laughed with a big grin. “Well, make yourself at home. Help yourself to a book, maybe read my newest one!” She smiled, pushing the book she showed to Keine forward.

“I’ll go and get some tea, I’m sure Yuka will know you’re here. You came here with her, yes?” Akyu turned around as she was walking away.

“Yeah, she’s around.” I said as I picked up the book.

I opened the book and began reading about the history of the new Deity of the Hakurei Shrine, Mima, who I’d met briefly on a few occasions, she actually had a really horrible life, no wonder she was evil at one point.

Akyu returned with tea for the three of us, and time passed as we read, and discussed about youkai and life in Gensokyo.

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