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“Haha, people are wrecking your grave, no-one likes you.” Yuka gloated.

“Oh, be quiet.” I grumbled.

Fairly annoyed at the article I read, I grabbed Yuka’s hand as usual and continued down the campus, when the youkai spoke out, “Don’t something about that memo strike you as odd?”

I looked down at read the note again, “Not really.”

Yuka rolled her eyes, “The name, idiot.”

“Yumemi Okazaki…” My voice drifted, “That name does sound sorta familiar.”

I quickly tried to think of where I had heard it before.

The same place you’ve heard of almost everything lately.

Akyu’s house

“That’s right… It was in a book at Akyu’s… Not the chronicle…” I struggled to remember, “Ah, it was that book about Mima, it was…” Suddenly, it all came to me, “Yumemi was a human who apparently warped into and out of Gensokyo!”

Yuka groaned, “Took you long enough.” She waited for a moment, “Well, what do you think?”

“To be honest, it’s probably more of a coincidence, why would she be here? It makes no sense.” I tried to come up with some ideas, “The most we can do is try and look her up in the staff book or something, if she’s under physics or at least science, the chances of it being her is much higher.”

Yuka brushed the answer away with a “Whatever.” And as usual, I guided her to the destination, in this case, the library, which seemed like the best place to find a book.

“You know, after seeing the Scarlet Mansion’s library, this place is pretty awful.” I spoke out, before heading over to a small section near the entrance to the library, which contained books all about the university itself, it’s history, courses and pretty much anything you needed to know about it was found here, including the yearbook, which helpfully contained the staff.

I quickly ran through the books that were there until I found the most recent book and retrieved it from the shelf, and placed it on a table so that Yuka could see as well.

Immediately, to my irritation I noticed that the staff weren’t listed in any particular order, their names changed erratically as the list continued, which started the incredibly slow process at reading every single name beneath each photo.

Minutes passed, and I broke out of my concentration at the sound of Yuka kicking the table progressively louder. “Will you stop that, it might get unwanted attention… and it’s annoying.” I mumbled.

“Well, do something helpful then.” Yuka snapped at me.

“What do you think I’m doing!? I’m looking as fast as I can!” I snapped back.

Yuka sighed audibly with an agitated tone, “Look below their names, administration. Over there, it’s archaeology. They’re listed by that, not by their name.”

Hastily, I double-checked her claim, “What do you know, you’re right, good observation.”

“Of course.”

“So, I guess we can skip all the way to Physics and check for her there.” I wondered out loud.

A minute or so later we’d finally made some progress in the search.

“Physical biology, which means that Physics can’t be-… It’s her.” I spoke, a little shocked. Staring at the photo and information of a woman named Yumemi Okazaki, the head of the Physics department, next to her photo was that of another woman noticeable due to her pigtails with the name Chiyuri Kitashirakawa beneath her, another name that I recalled from the book. “No doubt about it Yuka, it’s definitely them, if anyone can help us, they can.”

“If you can convince them.” Yuka added.

She had a point, even though Yumemi had been to Gensokyo, it still wasn’t going to be easy to make her believe us.

“There’s no harm in trying.” I replied, trying to sound hopeful.

“Of course.” The girl replied.

Fortunately, the university continued to be empty, allowing Yuka and I to travel around easily, probably due to the fact all classes had ended by this time, and the nightlife had yet to emerge.

“I hope Yumemi is still around, it’s gonna be really awkward if she’s already gone off somewhere.”

Without another thought, I pulled Yuka along as I quickly headed over to the Physics building, or at least what I always thought it was.

After another quick journey, which required a brief moment of hiding to prevent a group of former friends from seeing me, we eventually got to the Physics building, which fortunately had a sign upon entry listing all the areas, including that the head’s office was located on the top floor, much to my dismay, even if I had expected it.

“Let’s take the lift.” I casually spoke.

“A lift?” The youkai asked, hearing yet another unknown human term.

I nodded, “Yeah, that.” I pointed at the metal door, before walking over and pressing the button to call it. “It’ll save us from walking up 20 or so flights of stairs, which isn’t good.”

Suddenly, there was a ping, and the door opened. “Come on, get in.” Yuka slowly followed in, followed by myself, and I pressed the top button, causing the doors to slowly shut.

“Now what-“ Yuka quickly jumped as the lift started to move. “This thing is horrible, it’s so cramped.” Frowning and giving the impression that she was clearly not enjoying the lift.

Yuka began to look around, “This is taking too long. Make it hurry up.”

“It’s probably going as fast as it can, better then it breaking up, and dropping us 20 stories, trapping us inside and causing our deaths.” I grinned, noticing some colour leave Yuka’s face, which made me chuckle slightly, “Relax, nothing will go wrong, don’t you like the small space or something?”

Yuka merely made an unknown noise, and a few seconds later the lift stopped, followed by a ping, and the doors opening.

“See? No problem at all.” I claimed encouragingly as I walked out, “And look, the office is right here… So what do we say?”

Yuka shrugged, “Like I know. Just go along with it, they’re not going to listen to some little kid like me anyway, like those fools ignored me earlier.”

“Well, let’s go. No time like the present.” I said, as I knocked politely on the door.

For a few seconds there was no reply, until suddenly a voice shouted, “Door’s open!”

I quietly opened the door to find what looked like an empty office, full of paperwork scattered across a table, while a fridge and a few other kitchen utensils sat in a corner, and on the opposite side of the room was a desk with a computer and monitor on, from which I noticed a head appear from behind.

“Heya!” The girl shouted cheerfully, whom I immediately recognised as Chiyuri, due to her rather bright blonde hair tied into pigtails.

I slowly paced over, trailed by Yuka until I reached the table, “Ya just caught me doing some work!” She spoke, but when she looked back at the screen, the concentration in her face, followed by her hand’s position on the keyboard and mouse and the vicious movement and clicking of them suggested she was doing something less productive. “So, what can I help ya with?”

I noticed at this point that she seemed to be wearing a white uniform complete with a blue scarf-like object around her neck, certainly not something from this country, but rather most likely Japan of which I’d seen it used before, it was quite odd considering she was a teacher.

“I was hoping that I could talk to Yumemi.” I quietly asked.

She nodded, “You got problems with ya work?”

I hesitated for a moment, “Yeah, and since you’re a bit busy, it’ll probably be best to ask her.”

She laughed, “That’s good of ya, kid. She’s in her lab at the mo.” and tilted her head to the side slightly, point to a door on the side of the room. “Go ahead.”

I nodded my head slightly, “Thanks a lot. See you.”

I quickly made sure Yuka was following, and tried to keep her out of sight as I walked to the door, just as I was about to open it, I was interrupted. “Hey! Wait a second!” Chiyuri shouted.

Crap, has she seen Yuka? Is she gonna cause all hell to break loose now?

“You’re forgetting to wear a lab coat! You know how much she flips out if ya forget to wear one!” She shouted.

I badly acted like I had forgot, “Oh… yeah… She nearly ripped my head off last time.” I laughed weakly, as I picked a lab coat off the wall and passed it to Yuka before wearing one myself. “Well, here goes.” I commented again.

I let Yuka into the room before me, and entered behind her and shut the door. This room was a lot different to the last room, instead of it absolutely spotless, all the equipment of the lab was sorted and positioned perfectly, and straight away it allowed me to see where work was being done, by a single person wearing an oddly red lab coat.

I tried to sound extremely polite, to try and get a good starting impression, “Excuse me, Professor Okazaki?”

Without turning around to see us, the shoulder-length red haired woman spoke out, in a pleasant tone, “Yes? What is it?”

I gulped slightly, “I was wondering if you could… answer a few questions for us?” I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Yuka had walked over to a case of what looked like chemicals, causing me to start hoping that Yuka doesn’t get any smart ideas.

“Questions about what?” Yumemi asked, while pouring some chemicals into a concoction.

I paused for a moment, hesitating again, causing Yumemi to prompt me for an answer.

“About… Gensokyo.”

At that exact moment, Yumemi stopped her work and just stood still, “Gensokyo doesn’t exist, didn’t you read up on the Japanese Government’s statement? All work to do with Gensokyo was ceased permanently. Does that answer your question?” At this moment, Yumemi’s mood has switched to something so filled with hatred it almost felt like she was insane. “Who sent you anyway? The government? Or are you just some nameless chump from the press, sent to annoy me even now?”

I froze again, unable to think of something.

“Speak!” She demanded, almost shrieking.

“We’re from… we’re from Gensokyo.” I accidentally let the answer slip out of my mouth

May as well say the whole truth.

“Youkai, to be exact.” I sighed, causing Yumemi to burst into laughter?

“You’re from Gensokyo? That’s great, that’s hilarious! You’re youkai as well?” She laughed again, “That makes my claims of just going there seem sane!”

What felt like half a minute later, she managed to stop laughing so much, “Go on then, fly, blow something up! It was never a problem for youkai to do that!”

“Well, we can’t at the minute, we got turned into humans, had our power taken away… and sent here.” I spoke with sorrow, knowing she wasn’t going to buy it.

I was right, due to the following laughter from her, “This is hilarious! Listen, you’re an adult, it’s time to stop pretending you’re a monster and all that, that’s for kids.”

Eventually, the laughter turned to silence, and Yumemi sighed, “Now leave, you’re wasting my time and distracting me, and if I make a mistake with this chemical, it will probably blow this whole floor up.”

I looked at Yuka, who had lost interest in the chemicals, thankfully, and had instead moved over to various other machines but was looking at Yumemi’s performance, upon catching my eye contact she just shrugged.

There’s gotta be a way to prove we’re from there.

“What about you, Yumemi? I know you went there, to Gensokyo.” I shouted to her.

“Leave it alone and go.” She ordered.

I grinned slightly, “In fact, I bet you want to go back!”

There was a bang, followed by her lifting her fist from the table, “Leave now, if I’ll get you removed by force.”

Last chance.

“Hell, I bet you just want to meet up with everyone you met there… Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Mima…” I drifted off, not knowing anyone else who was in that incident.

I sighed and stopped, before noticing the room had gone silent.

“Where… where did you get those names from?” Yumemi asked, a lot more timidly then before.

“I’ve met them, obviously.”

“We never told anyone about who we met, at least by name, and it should be… impossible to find out who they are.” Yumemi pondered out loud in a daze.

I took the offensive in the conversation, “Are you saying you believe us now?”

“I… I think I do, I shouldn’t but, there isn’t any other explanation, we saw to that…” Yumemi continued to sound dazed and confused.

I chuckled slightly. “Well, if you want your final piece of proof, look at my face.” I confidently spoke, causing her to turn around showing her brown, almost red eyes, which straight away showed that she was trying to remember my face from somewhere, to which I instantly answered, “Let’s just say I’m a student who took a fall recently.”

It took a few moments for the words to sink in, but eventually her face lit up as she remembered, “You… you died!”

I know I did, “A one way ticket to Gensokyo… or so I thought.”

Yumemi still had a quite confused look, but at least it looked a bit more understanding then a moment ago, “I think we should talk, not here though, let us go to my office.” With that, she walked over to the wall where there seemed to be a speaker or something, she pressed a button and spoke out, “Chiyuri, we have a meeting with some visitors in my office, the usual please.”

“Righto!” The playful voice of Chiyuri chirped back through the speaker.

“Please, follow me.” Yumemi calmed said, as she walked over to the door, unbuttoning her lab coat and placing it on a hook next to the door as she opened it and left.

With a sigh of relief I looked at Yuka, and quickly jumped and grabbed her hand, which was approaching the chemicals that Yumemi had just described, “Let’s not kill us all, shall we?” I sarcastically spoke, before I dragged her over to the exit and hastily pushed her out.[

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