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I snapped out of the daydream I seem to have drifted into, due to Yuka saying something about ‘her’ coming back.

The first thing I noticed as my eyes refocused was the fact that Yuka had apparently drawn fairly graphic pictures of her… slaughtering the poor waitress, amongst other humans. Quickly, I brushed the picture away from sight as I turned to see the waitress, who was fortunately carrying the pizza

She hastily placed it down on the table, and apologised for the wait and quickly left after telling us to enjoy our meal.

There was a strange silence for a moment, in which Yuka stared at the pizza. “That’s it?”

I quickly nodded, “That’s it, dig in.” I said, as I picked up a slice. “It smells great, better then the cheap ones I just nuked in a microwave.” I quickly took a bite, “Tastes better too!”

“It doesn’t look it.” Yuka commented.

“Looks can be deceiving, try a slice.” I sighed.

Hesitantly, she reached over and picked up a slice before mumbling something like “It’s as hot as hell…”

“What do you expect, it’s been cooking for god knows how long.”

Yuka looked at it for a few more seconds before taking a bite. Slowly, she began to chew it and eventually swallowed.

“Well?” I asked.

However, I got no reply, since Yuka had already taken another bite from the pizza.

Heh heh, I was right for once.

Minutes passed, in almost complete silence, since Yuka was happily munching away and I was struggling to catch up with her. Out of the blue, she spoke, “You know Haru, you should have put more then chicken on this.”

“Don’t blame me! You chose it.” I argued back.

“Didn’t stop you from having anything as well.” She calmly replied.

I just sighed to myself and continued with the meal.

Dinner is all fun and games, but that’s not getting us any closer to the way out of here.

Still, the idea of finding a high area is the only idea we have, it’s just a case of finding one we can actually get up now.

Refocusing again, I noticed that already there was only a single slice of pizza left, reaching for it, I looked up to see possibly the most evil gaze I had ever seen Yuka give, quickly I retracted my hand and allowed her to take the pizza and let her munch happily.

That was close, thought she was going to stick a knife in my chest.

A minute later, Yuka had finished her dinner, and looked fairly content, so I told her to follow me as I quickly paid for the meal and fortunately, she actually followed those orders.

As I was paying, there was a cheer from the other section of the building, which I noticed made Yuka wander away slightly to investigate. A few seconds later, the waitress finally finished and I thanked her for the meal and said goodbye before chasing after the runaway youkai.

As I approached the stationary Yuka, she said out loud, “What the hell is going on in here?” Obviously talking about the entertainment half of the building, a large room filled with computers and a stage in the far corner, and filled with a lot more people then the restaurant half of the building.

“This is where people come to play on computers with other people. You know what a computer is?” I began to lecture.

Yuka shook her head, “Well, a computer is…Well, Akyu described it as a shikigami for humans, it does all sorts of work for them.” All I got was a blank stare from Yuka, “Put it this way, as you know, killing humans is bad, and will probably end up with you being dead too. However, using a computer, you can kill other people, multiple times for fun.”

With that said, Yuka’s eyes lit up, “Let me try it.”

Once again, I let out a sigh; “We’re meant to be finding a way out of this place, not getting sidetracked all the time.

“It won’t hurt to spend a bit longer here.” She said, as she almost skipped over to the closest computer. “Now Haru, tell me how this works.”

Slowly, I walked over to her and pulled over a chair and tried to rush a computers 101 course with her to which she just scolded me and told me to just get to the bit where she gets to kill people. Reluctantly, I loaded the game that everyone else was playing and ran Yuka through what she was meant to be doing.

Although she seemed completely clueless at first, it only took her a few minutes to get the hang of things to the extent that she had started to rain rockets down upon the other, unlucky characters walking around below her, but she didn’t seem to quite grasp the meaning of teamwork, so she shot everyone regardless of what colour uniform they were wearing. Unfortunately for Yuka, she couldn’t kill her own side, causing growls of irritation from the youkai.

While Yuka enjoyed her daily dose of genocide-filled madness, I just sat back in a chair by her enjoying a cup of coffee I bought while she wasn’t paying attention. The only activity I did was falsely acknowledging Yuka when she asked if I saw her do such and such to someone.

Eventually, I was knocked out of my peaceful thoughts by the sounds of someone slaughtering an instrument. Looking up, I noticed a group of late-teens had set up their instruments on the stage, and were starting up for a session of jamming, whether the people in the room liked it or not.

Of course, it didn’t take the band long before their screeching guitars caused Yuka to scream out without me being able to stop her. “Learn to play the damn thing before you try to show off!”

Suddenly, the whole room fell silent.

Why do you do this Yuka? Always making things difficult.

A few seconds later, one of the band members, presumably the leader, spoke into his microphone, “Oh, what’s this? An unhappy listener?” The rest of his band laughed. “And I suppose you, little miss, could play better?” He laughed, causing his comrades to follow suit.

Yuka tried to hide her grin, “As a matter of fact, yes, I do think I could do better.”

The leader whispered into one of his fellow musician’s ear for a moment. “Well, then, please. Enlighten us on how to do so.” He said, with an arrogant grin.

“Show them up.” I mumbled under my breath as Yuka stood up. There was no point even attempting to stop her, I’d already learnt she wasn’t one to back down from a challenge.

Yuka marched onto the stage, despite the laughing and snickering of despite everyone in the room and stood before, and stared at the guy with the guitar.

“Have fun, little miss.” The leader said, still unable to control his arrogance while passing the guitar to the girl half his height.

Yuka fiddled with the guitar a moment, before strumming it, causing a quite horrible sound. “First, we need to fix this, which one of your smart little friends just changed.” Yuka spoke as she walked over to what looked like the amplifier and changed something on it.

Another strum caused a better sounding noise to come from the speakers, “Better, better. Can’t say the equipment is very good.” Yuka grinned to herself, causing shocked looks from the band.

A few seconds later, Yuka began to play with the guitar, playing only a little more then a complete mess, causing painful stares from everyone.

The leader stepped forward, “Okay, little miss, that’s enough, you’re goi-“ But he didn’t get very far before Yuka played an extremely loud note, leading straight into the track she played for me earlier, Inanimate Dream.

As Yuka thrashed the guitar as the song began to speed up, I took a little delight in the shock and embarrassment of the band members, having been shown up by someone appearing half their age.

A few minutes later, the song slowed down and eventually stopped, as soon as there was complete silence, the band stepped forward, with one speaking, “Okay ki-“ But was cut off right away, as Yuka started played again, except this time, it was a track I’d never heard before, it was slower then the previous track she played, but was still more then good enough to listen to.

The music finally came to an end, again, and this time, Yuka ended it with throwing the guitar at the head singer who had gloated to her so much, as he struggled to catch it, Yuka merely walked off the stage with a satisfied smile and walked back over to me.

“Come on Haru, let’s go.” She proudly spoke as she walked by, causing me to quickly finish my drink and chase after her, despite the protests of the band on the stage calling for her to come back.

When I finally caught up with Yuka, she was already out on of the building, just standing in the street, which having reached the late afternoon had fortunately calmed down quite a lot.

“Worked out where to go yet Haru?” Yuka questioned right away.

“I have a small idea of where we can go, especially for a lookout.” I grinned.

Yuka tapped her foot, “Where?”

“Like you’d know anyway, we’ll go to my university.” I reached into my pocket and flashed a card at her, “This should get me in without a problem, and there’s some of the tallest buildings in the city there, so what’s not to like?” I said, quite pleased with my plan.

“Whatever.” Yuka spoke, immediately killing the mood. “Let’s go.” She said as she started to walk away.

“Other way.” I quietly mentioned, causing her to spin around and walk beside me, I grabbed her wrist to keep up the disguise, since I noticed yet another noisy old woman was giving strange looks.

As we walked, I brought up the event that just occurred, “You sure showed those guys up on that stage.”

“I know.” Yuka said, emotionless.

“What was the second song? I hadn’t heard that one before.” I asked, trying to keep the conversation alive.

“Sleeping Terror.” She said, simply.

I paused for a moment, “That’s an odd name for a song.”

“I named it after myself.” Yuka answered immediately.

“First time I’ve ever heard you be called that.” I told her, slightly puzzled.

Yuka took a breath, “Back when I was a very young youkai, what, 50 years after I was killed. Keep in mind I wasn’t ‘born’ as a youkai until about 30 years after my death.” Yuka began to teach me on her history. “It was only when I had met other dead humans and heard of crimes they had suffered and I was told that I was going to be reborn as a human again that I lost control and became reborn as a youkai.”

I nodded, quite surprised that Yuka was telling me about her past, “When I was first a youkai, I had little control, nothing more then a feral beast. Since a youkai develops when it sleeps, that’s all I did for almost all of the time, the only other thing I did was kill those that interrupted me, earning me the name Sleeping Terror from the humans.” Yuka hummed for a minute, “I wonder if all that sleep was what created Mugenken, I don’t know. I have little recollection of those days.”

“I see.” Was all I could reply with.

The rest of the reasonably short walk was in complete silence, I wasn’t exactly sure what I should say to Yuka, so I simply came up with something less serious, “I’d tell you my past, but you wouldn’t like it, no-one died and there was no violence.” Yuka merely sneered slightly.

“Well, here we are. We’re officially on the campus now.” I claimed quite loud.

“So what? Let’s just find what we have to.” Yuka complained.

As we walked down the street towards the older, taller buildings, I saw a pile of paper ahead, and as we passed by, I took one.

“What’s that?” Yuka immediately questioned.

I quickly looked at it, “By the looks of it, it’s the newsletter.” I spoke with a grin, “I wonder if I’m in here.”

“Oh, I see. You just want to see if people miss you. How sad.” Yuka gloated.

“Be quiet.” I laughed, as I scanned through the few pages there were. “Timetables… cancelled classes… fire drill… food fight?” I continued to run through the pages. “Ah! Here we are, let’s see…”

Memo regarding student memorial site.

All students currently vandalising the memorial site of the recently deceased student, please refrain immediately or they will be reported to the police and forced to help with university jobs.

Yumemi Okazaki

Suddenly, I had my own urge to lurk amongst a flower filled area and spark those that came to cause trouble there.[i

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