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“This is stupid.” Yuka mumbled.

“You know, for once, I agree.” I replied. “Let’s sit over there a minute.”

We walked over to another bench and sat down, “Well, that was a waste of an hour, really.” I muttered.

The last hour or so had been passed by checking around the main street of the city, and the streets nearby, to no success.

“How dare those humans push me out of the way, as if I was just… just… nothing to them.” Yuka growled.

I sighed, “Believe me, that’s exactly what you are to them. Here, people care for no-one but themselves.”

Yuka just mumbled something about killing someone under her breath, while I sat back and thought about things.

“You know, I’m pretty hungry.” I mused, “If it was evening in Gensokyo when we left, and it’s in the afternoon now, it must have been a good 12 hours or so at least since I ate, longer for you?”

Yuka nodded as a reply.

“Well, I know a good little place near here.” I started, dragging Yuka with me. “You like pizza, right?”

“What?” Yuka asked, looking at me cynically.

I nodded slightly, “Should have guessed you wouldn’t have known about it.” I paused for a moment, “You like cheese, tomato and bread right?”

Yuka paused too, “Yes, and that’s what I call a sandwich.”

“No, no, it’s not like that, it’s not really like bread, it’s just the first thing I think of, it’s a lot different. You’ll have to try it, I guess.” I said as I went along.

Yuka just looked confused as we continued walking, cutting through the streets to leave the centre of the city.

“Right, we’re at a road now, so don’t run into it or you might get hit by-“ I was cut short by a car, speeding past at a ridiculous speed, engine roaring as it passed, causing Yuka to jump back.

“What, the hell was that.” Yuka questioned, slightly unnerved.

I chuckled slightly, “That was a car, remember when I told you I’d show you one, well, there it went… and here comes a load more.” I ended, as another lot of cars flew by.

“Isn’t there any peace and quiet here either?” Yuka complained.

“No, not in the city.” I quickly replied. “Anyway, thankfully, we haven’t got to cross this road, the place we’re heading for is on this side, but believe me, you don’t want to get hit by one of them. Like I said, it’s because of one of those that I first arrived in Gensokyo.”

The girl just nodded slightly as we continued walking down the street, it was quite amusing how Yuka growled when she had to move slightly for other passer-bys.

Fortunately, the sheer mass of people in the city today helps us to blend in even more, the fact I hasn’t looked at anyone else simply because I couldn’t assured me that they couldn’t do the same.

“Well, here we are.” I spoke, in a rather unenthusiastic tone. “I spent many the afternoon in here, burning time.”

Yuka just sneered and looked down on me, or attempted to, since she was only half the height of me.

“Well, let’s go I guess.” I said, opening the door to let Yuka in, and following her in.

The restaurant section of the building was relatively empty, and I couldn’t see if anyone was in the other half of the building, and due to the lack of anyone working, I just took Yuka over to a quiet table, where less people would spot us, or more particularly, me.

Minutes passed, without anything happening at all, the only sound other then Yuka examining various items of the building was another group of people, sat in the other side of the building, until a woman, wearing the red and yellow worker uniform of the restaurant entered and talked to the other crowd. As she finished and began to walk away, I loudly cleared my throat, causing her to notice me, and quickly walk over.

As she approached, she began apologising for not noticing us and asking us if we knew what we wanted, to which I replied that it’d help if we had a menu or something of the sort, causing the girl to quickly run off to retrieve some.

Soon enough the woman was back with the menus, she placed them carefully on the table before explaining she’d be back in a few minutes once we’d decided.

Yuka immediately made a noise of disgust, “Is that a pizza?” She said, as she pointed to the one on the front of the menu. “It looks hideous.”

“That’s it.” I sat back, “They taste better then they look, believe me.”

Yuka looked unhappy with the answer, and just stared back.

“I’m serious, now come on, choose something to have on the pizza.” I asked, pointing at a list of toppings.

Slowly, she read down the list and suddenly said, “Chicken.”

“Just chicken?”


Suddenly, an image of Mystia entered my mind, but I quickly brushed it away.

She’s a sparrow, not a chicken.

“Decided yet?” The girl asked, having suddenly appeared beside me again.

“Yeah, just a medium plain pizza, with chicken.” I answered.

The girl nodded, “Drinks with that?”

“I’ll have a… lemonade and a…” I looked at Yuka, and took a random guess, “A cola.”

The girl nodded again and wondered off.

“What the hell is a cola?” Yuka questioned.

“A drink, you can try it soon enough.”

Yuka sighed, “I’d have preferred a cup of tea.”

“Relax, try something new, pretend you’re on holiday or something.” I laughed, “Besides, the tea here is ridiculously expensive.”

“After today you’re not going to need that money again.” Yuka countered.

I stopped a moment, “Touché… You hope, anyway.”

“Here are your drinks.” The waitress said, seemingly appearing out of nowhere again. She quickly placed them down and wandered off again.

I sighed slightly, and picked up my glass to take a drink, “You expect me to drink this stuff?” Yuka suddenly spoke up.

I sighed again, for a different reason, “What now?

“This stuff looks even worse then the pizza, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was deadly.”

I looked at her bemused, “Just drink it, it’s fine.”


Reluctantly, I placed my drink on the table, “What about this then?”

Yuka hummed for a moment, “It looks reasonably more safe to drink.” She said, snatching the glass away.

“You’re sorta behaving like a child, you know?” I mumbled.

“I am a child.” She smirked.

Since she didn’t complain for the next few minutes, I presumed she didn’t mind it much.

More minutes of silence passed by… until Yuka crashed her fists onto the table and shouted, “How long does it take to cook something?! I have fairies that cook faster then this!”

A few seconds later, the waitress stumbled into the room, and saw Yuka as the source of the outburst.

“Good job keeping a low profile.” I whispered.

The woman started heading over to us in quite a hurry, “Oh great, she’s going to ask us to leave or something.”

As the woman approached, I prepared to apologise for the former youkai’s outburst when she dropped something on the table, and said that she was sorry, and it should be ready soon, before she ran off again.

Looking down, I saw she’d dropped a kid’s colouring book in front of Yuka, causing me to laugh uncontrollably, despite the confused and unhappy looks from Yuka.

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