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Slowly, I began to take in the surroundings; it appeared to be a park of some kind. Children were playing some distance away, the source of the buzzing being some remote controlled plane that they were getting enjoyment out of.

I looked at my wrist for the time, but the visible lack of a watch hindered that, it was only then that I noticed a girl, Yuka, or Haruka, asleep next to me.

Ah, I don’t have to go hunting for her, at least. Nice of Yukari to do that much, I guess.

I quickly glanced down to see if I was wearing a watch on my arm, to no success, blocked by the sleeve of my jacket. Carefully, I tried to lift my arm up, trying to not wake the sleeping youkai-turned-human.

“You’ll wake her up if you’re not careful.” A voice spoke quietly, causing me to almost jump in fright.

I quickly turned to see who it was, to find an old lady sitting on the other edge of the park bench.

The old woman laughed slightly, “Did I make you jump? I’m sorry, although I did do the same earlier.”

“Wha-?” I managed to say, still slightly overwhelmed by everything.

I would have thought Yuka’d be awake by now.

“I never noticed you two sit down next to me, let alone remain unnoticed for you two to fall asleep. Almost like magic, wouldn’t you say?” The woman laughed again.

“Heh, yeah, very much so.” I mumbled.

“Cute little thing, isn’t she?” The woman said, looking at the brown haired girl resting beside me.

This’ll answer the question.

I grinned slightly, “She sure is.” Causing a slight twitch from the girl in question.

“Always nice to see children spending time with their parents and not getting into the horrible things kids do now-a-days.” The woman said, gazing forward into the distance.

Wait, what the hell? Was she aiming that at us? Is she blind or something? Surely I don’t look that old?!

The pensioner gazed at me for a while before talking again, “Thinking about it, have I seen you before? You look awfully familiar.”

Oh crap, she’s probably seen me in the news or something. Think of something!

“Do you go to the supermarket just down the road from here?” I quickly asked.

The woman grinned, “Yes, I do.”

“You probably saw me there then, I work there quite a lot.” I bluffed.

The woman closed her eyes, “Is that it? That would explain things.” Slowly, she looked down at her watch, “The time is just past noon, and that is time for me to go. Bye.” The woman said, as she climbed up and slowly wandered off.

I bid her farewell and took a sigh of relief at not being recognised, yet, and looked down again. “You can get up now, I know you’re awake.”

No response.

I grinned slightly, “Look at little Yuka, she looks so cute as a human, maybe we should stay here for a while.”

On cue, her eyes snapped open, “You had better be joking or I’ll rip your arm off.”

I tried to control my laughter and speak, “Of course, and you gave yourself away as being awake earlier.”

Yuka made an uncaring noise before I spoke again, “Also, you’re gonna have a little trouble ripping my arm off as you are, just thought I’d point that out, so don’t try to attack anyone.”

Yuka spoke grumpily, “Whatever.”

With a bit of peace and quiet, I sat silently, assessing the situation.

We have no idea where this orb is, theoretically it could be miles away, or even in another country, or hidden in a building or a vault.

Suddenly, I felt paper under my hand, naturally, I read what it said.

‘Your destination is within the city, and outdoors. Thought you might like to know!’

Wait, did she just read my mind or something?

For a second, I could have sworn the text on the paper changed, but by the time I looked again, it was normal again.

I sat back and closed my eyes for a moment.

No idea where to search, no hints, I guess we can only keep going until we see it, or until a lead come up.

“Hey! You had better not be falling asleep!” I heard Yuka shout.

“I’m not.” I sighed, and opened my eyes, the modern city filling my vision again, “Come on, let’s start looking, we’ve got quite a task ahead.”

Standing up, I quickly checked my pockets for anything useful. “Not much at all… Oh, my wallet!” I cheered silently at my discovery, and opened it to find I wasn’t completely bankrupt, and my debit card was there, which would be an advantage, if the bank hasn’t deactivated it due to my death.

That’s a point, gotta blend in somehow.

I quickly thought back to the encounter a moment ago.

Ha, this will be amusing.

Quickly, I stood up, and grabbed Yuka’s hand and pulled her up too.

“You’ll unhand me if you know what’s good for you.” She threatened sinisterly, still able to give a gaze that pierced the soul, despite her transformation.

“Sorry, but this is the only way I think we can blend in with the crowds.” I spoke quietly.

Yuka looked cynical, “What?”

“That old woman thought we were related, right? So if we just act that out, then we might not be so obvious.”

“What’s the big deal anyway?” She muttered under her breath.

I rolled my eyes, “You have to remember, this world isn’t as… light-hearted as Gensokyo, or used to strange stuff. If they see someone who is meant to be dead walking around with a girl that no-one has ever seen before, that someone is gonna be in hell of a lot of trouble, so I’d rather avoid that, and actually get back home.” I quickly added, “So don’t do anything to get us noticed, okay?”

Yuka grumbled something resembling ‘Whatever’

Hey look, you’re holding Yuka’s hand, shame it’s for completely the wrong reasons, and doesn’t count at all.

“So, where do you plan on going first?” Yuka asked quietly.

I paused for a moment; we could do with some high ground or something, “I’m sure we’d spot it a mile away considering how it glowed and stuff, but, that’s not exactly very easy, you can’t just walk into somewhere and go onto the top floor.”

Still clueless on what to do, I merely began to walk out of the park, trying to get a good idea on what we could possibly do to get out of this world.

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