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“DON’T YOU EVER USE THAT NAME AGAIN!” Yuka shrieked, in a horrible high-pitched mess.

Mima frowned, “However much you have run away from the past, it has now caught up, it is time for you to face it.”

Yuka remained silent, but she was visibly shaking, whether it was from anger, or sorrow, I wasn’t sure, but I couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for her.

Quietly, I talked to Mima, “Is she the girl I read about in the book about your past? The girl who was… killed by her father?”

“Yes… That one. The one killed to ignite a witch-hunt.” She replied with a whisper.

Mima spoke up slightly, “Of course, it makes sense a little now.”

“What?” Marisa questioned.

“Your affinity with spark spells.” Mima closed her eyes, “Spark spells require intense magical power, and drain life energy from the user. Enough to kill a human outright, and for youkai to struggle casting it. Yet of course, Marisa happily casts away, and Yuka can cast multiple sparks simultaneously… Obviously something in their blood-line.”

“Silence! I am not related to that… lowlife!” The small, brown-haired girl screamed.

Marisa giggled, “Sure you are, you’re my great, great, great, great, great…” The witch paused for a moment, “Let’s just stick with Aunt, eh Auntie Yuka?”

I quickly had to hide my grin at the embarrassment Yuka wore on her face.

“Oh, isn’t this sweet? A family reunion.” A voice called out, horribly recognisable.

As expected, Yukari dropped out of a gap, in the centre of our little meeting, immediately trigger outrage.

“You! Turn me back now! I will annihilate you off the face of Gensokyo!” Yuka shrieked again, and taking an aggressive stance on front of Yukari.

Yukari giggled, “Aren’t you just adorable? I’d take you home if we didn’t already have a cat that doesn’t get on well with humans.” She spoke airily.

“Shut up!” Yuka growled, and she lunged forward to strike her.

Yukari quietly chuckled as Yuka struck an invisible wall of some kind, propelling her backwards several metres.

“Turn them back Yukari, this has gone on for long enough.” Mima complained.

“The fun hasn’t started yet!” Yukari shouted enthusiastically.

“Why, you… YOU!” Yuka cried again, and leapt forward, only to hit another wall, quickly she felt around her, and appeared to be completely closed in.

“And now for you.” The gap youkai laughed again before turning to me.

I quickly objected, “I haven’t even done anythi-“ And suddenly the scenery changed in a flash, and beside me was Yuka.

“What the hell?” I mumbled.

“She gapped you.” Yuka spoke under her breath.

Yukari marched proudly in front of us, laughing again, “Oh yes, this will be quite fun.”

Yuka began hitting the wall, “Let me out, damn it! Let me out!”

“Oh, I will let you out, I have to for my little game.” Yukari clicked her fingers, and a strange large white orb appeared, levitating slightly above her hand. “This contains your powers, both of you. If you touch it, you get your powers back, and also a route to here. So basically, find this orb, and you win!”

Something’s not right.

“Of course, there’s that mysterious question, where will you be starting from? Well…” Again the youkai giggled sinisterly, “I’ll let you witness it first hand.”

Mima’s objections continued to be ignored by Yukari, whose grin just continued to grow.

“Be warned, it might be a bumpy ride, and… try to keep out of trouble, and keep alive. Bye! Have fun!”

Yuka cried in panic, as she grabbed my sleeve and pointed down, the floor below us was turning into one big gap.

I noticed Mima fire several bolts at Yukari, but it was too late, and I felt myself fall down and immediately blacked out.

Where am I?

Was that a dream?

How much of it was a dream?

All of it? None of it?

Slowly, my senses started to function, I could hear people talking, or shouting. Having fun?

Other noises began to make themselves know, footsteps, the crunching of stones under someone’s feet and a strange buzzing sound.

Then, there was one final noise, which forced me out of my apparent slumber, the noise of an engine, moving from one side of me, to my other.

As my eyes opened, my fears were confirmed, Yukari hadn’t gapped us to somewhere in Gensokyo, she’d gapped us back to the outside world, the world of humans.

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