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“Where?” Another unknown voice spoke out.

“Right in front of you, you dumb lummox.” The first voice shouted back.

I turned around slowly, to avoid attention, and my eyes were drawn to a large black orb, floating stationary in the sky.

“Perhaps if you didn’t sit in that stupid darkness all day, you might be able to do something!” The first person continued shouted, who I soon recognised as Wriggle Nightbug.

“But the sun is too bright, and scary” The orb replied, in a long stretched out sentence, sounding almost musical.

Wriggle spoke again, “Well, what’s the point, the sun’s already gone in, it’s night time.”

It is? Could have fooled me.

“Why didn’t you say so?” The orb suddenly dispersed with a poof, revealing Rumia, who immediately flinched from the sunlight, and re-summoned her orb of darkness.

“Ahhhhh, that was mean.” She spoke sadly.

Wriggle was only laughing, unable to talk or make any addition attacks. Both of them stopped dead, when Yuka cleared her throat.

“Well, what do we have here? A worm, it would appear.” She spoke mockingly.

Wriggle stepped forward, “I’m a firefly! Not a worm!”

Yuka merely pushed some hair away from her eyes, “Worms, fireflies… They’re all meaningless bugs.”

“That was mean!” The voice of Rumia suddenly interrupted.

The flower youkai grinned, “And what do we have here? Why, it looks like an insignificant ball of darkness.”

I quickly took over from Yuka, “So, what do you two want?”

“What do you think? The same as you, the next clue.” Wriggle replied, with her arms folded. “I told everyone that Mystia and I were the smartest, winning this contest will just prove it to them!”

I glanced sideways at Yuka, who was doing the same, “Why are you with Rumia then?”

Wriggle looked up, “She decided that she’d rather open a refreshments stall for the contest, so I got stuck with her.” She replied, pointing back at Rumia.

Yuka merely laughed, “Yeah, right, your game ends now.”

Wriggle looked at Yuka, and then turned her gaze to me for a few seconds before looking back at Yuka, “Let’s play another game then. Two versus two, when one of the two hits the ground, they both lose.”

I quietly mumbled to Yuka, “That puts me out of this then, with the lack of flying for starters, not to mention that I-“

“Deal.” Yuka spoke out loud.

“Haha, big mistake!” Wriggle burst out laughing. “Rumia, go for the human!”

I guess the news hasn’t got to them yet.

“Okay!” Rumia sung, stretching the word out for seconds again.

Yuka chuckled sinisterly, mostly to herself before speaking, “Ready, Haru?”

“There’s no other choice is there?” I mumbled.

“No.” Yuka smirked, as she grabbed me and lifted me into the air.

Wriggle rose up, so she had a height advantage, before shouting to Rumia to follow her, who did, slowly.

“Moonlight Ray!” The darkness youkai spontaneously shouted, causing two lasers to fire from her darkness, trapping us between them, and soon after small waves of lightly scattered bullets approached us.

Yuka’s first reaction was to laugh, and then dodge at the last moment, seemingly taking pleasure in swinging me at the approaching bullets but changing at the last moment. Her moment of fun was interrupted by a cry from Wriggle.

“Nightbug Tornado!”

The light scattering of bullets between the lasers were now joined by disorientating waves of what looks like insects.

Yuka, unsurprisingly continued to grin, as she seemingly created several incredibly large sunflowers in front of her, and launched them forward, towards the two attackers, catching any insects on the way there.

The sunflowers themselves were quite slow, and their size also made them quite obvious, allowing Wriggle plenty of time to assess the situation and dodge with plenty of time, on the other hand, Rumia who was as good as blind had no idea, and as the sunflowers began to enter her pitch black surrounding, there were only shrieks of pain.

Wriggle shouted, “Argh, you idiot! Try being useful for once!”

There were only whimpers from Rumia in reply.

Wriggle began to talk to Rumia, who didn’t respond at all, the trouble was, it was impossible to see what she was doing.

Until the massive array of bullets emerged from her hideout, followed by her charging at us.

“That’s right, Rumia!” Wriggle shouted, as she re-entered the fray.

Yuka continued to dodge, with a grin, until she was taken off-guard slightly, allowing Rumia to strike me hard enough to lose Yuka’s grip.

Free-fall time.

As I fell, I noticed that the fight had shifted us over the side of the mountain, which meant a much longer drop to the ground, and as a result, much more pain was to be expected.

Not to mention, Yuka’s not gonna be happy.

The scenery flew by at a ridiculous rate, and when I looked down, the floor was fast approaching. “Final stop, the ground.” I muttered to myself.

Waiting for the worst to happen, I closed my eyes, better not to see what spikes or god knows what I might land on.

“Any minute now.”

For some reason, after what felt like a minute, the moment never came.

I slowly opened my eyes to find that, to my amazement, I was above the ground by a couple of metres.

Am… Am I flying?

I quickly tried to move around, or upwards, but to little prevail, I could only seem to keep the position I was already in.

“Hey, Rumia, he hasn't touched the ground! Let’s end this!” Wriggle commanded.

Oh great, something good happens, and now this.

Wriggle and Rumia both dive-bombed towards me, obviously one strike away from grounding me. When all of a sudden, a small yellow star appeared in front of me, and spiralled upwards revealing Yuka.

“Wait, you can teleport now?” I mumbled to myself, before I noticed something.

Yuka was floating between the two charging youkai and myself, but I then saw that Yuka was also up near the top of the mountain, behind the two.

Wait, that means…

Wriggles face seemed to notice what was happening as well, and as both Yukas rose their parasol towards the youkai, she tried to dodge, but was caught in the crossfire between the two enormous lasers that was the result.

The higher Yuka moved her laser’s aim away from the mountain, while the Yuka stood next to me aimed at the mountain, slamming the two youkai into the side of the mountain and leaving them to fall down it, which looked extremely painful, even compared to the thoughts of having nearly plummeted of the side of the mountain myself.

Just like she appeared, the Yuka next to me vanished with another spiral of the small golden star, and the other, real Yuka flew down to greet me.

“See, no trouble at all.” She bragged.

I shrugged, “Whatever, it was close though, if I hadn’t have flew like I am, we’d have lost.”

“Well, I told you that dropping you would make you fly.” She chirped happily.

I sighed quietly, “Whatever you say.”

“Now, let us get the next clue!” She announced, before turning around and flying up.

I shouted after her, “You’re forgetting something! Or someone! I can’t seem to really fly yet, just… hover.” I explained, trying to rock back and forth to move, to no success.

Following the routine, Yuka flew down, snatched my wrist and towed me through the air up to the top of the mountain.

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