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After leaving the library, I quickly headed for the front door and avoided looking around, just in case another inhabitant, such as Flandre was lurking around. I quickly opened the front door, exited and slammed it behind me and then hastily walked down the small pathway to the gate.

I noticed at this point that there wasn’t much… movement going on outside the gate, I was expecting to see flowers flying in all directions and screams of pain, but instead it was eerily quiet.

Walking up to the gate, I took a look through the bars, and still saw, and heard no sign of anyone.

Where the hell could they be?

Opening the gate, and carefully shutting it behind me, I was greeted by Yuka’s voice.

“Ah hello, Haru. Did everything go alright?” She spoke cheerfully.

I nodded cautiously, “Yeah, there’s another piece of paper now.” I spoke as I reached into my pocket and pulled out the piece of paper.

Yuka quickly swiped the paper from my hand and looked at it, “Simple enough.” She spoke, sounding uninterested.

“W-What?” I spoke confused, realizing that I hadn’t actually looked at the paper yet. “You mean you figured the answer already?”

“Yes.” She replied, simply.

Since the conversation seemed to have ended by her decision, I decided to ask about the other pressing matter at hand.

“So, Yuka… What did you do with Meiling?” I asked cautiously.

Yuka raised an eyebrow, “You mean her?” She spoke as she stepped to the side, revealing a Meiling who looked fairly beaten and almost whimpering against the wall.

“Ah, well… At least you didn’t kill her or anything.” I began to speak, saying things as they entered my head.

“It can be arranged,” Yuka grinned.

I shook my head, “No, no need to do that. Let’s just move on, time’s a wasting.”

Yuka grinned, grabbed my arm and then took off, and began to head back across the lake, towards the flower field.

In the air, I suddenly realized something, “Hey, uh, what does the clue actually say? I, erm, never thought to look.”

Yuka looked down on me, with a look saying ‘You’re useless’ before handing me the paper. ‘Head to the site of a double disaster failure.’

“Sounds like a history question. That rules me out.” I mumbled.

“It’s an easy question for me, considering I was… involved in one of them.” Yuka added cheerfully.

“Really? What about the other one?” I asked.

“Unfortunately not, but I know who was the cause of the other. In fact, you do too.”

I paired Yuka’s hint with one of the incidents I read about in Akyu’s works, “Mima.”

“You got something right for once.” Yuka grinned.

“All I can remember is that Mima was on a mountain during her incident, is that it?” I quietly questioned.

“That’s what I believe, the other incident that occurred there was the Makai incident, when Mima and I ventured into Makai to stop a flow of demons entering Gensokyo, the portal which leads there is in a cave at the base of that mountain.” Yuka explained, proud and bragging. “Of course, we fixed the problem, beating up Shinki.”

“Yeah, I’ve already heard.” I commented.

Yuka gave a bitter stare, “Well, it won’t hurt to hear about it again. It’s a vital part of Gensokyo’s history.”

If you say so.

Yuka continued chatting about her adventures into Makai, briefly and lightly giving Mima credit, but mostly keeping it all for herself.

Soon enough, we approached a mountain close to the Hakurei Shrine, which seemed to have an airspace clear of amulets and yin-yang orbs by now. “So, is this it?”

“This is it.” Yuka simply answered.

“Where do you think the machine will be? Inside the mountain or on it?”

“What… machine?” Yuka asked, looking quite confused.

“Oh right, in the library there was this weird metal box, and you put the paper in a slot, and then it gives you the next clue.”

Yuka nodded, “Whatever it is, it’ll be on the mountain, Makai itself doesn’t count as the mountain.”

“What?” I said, confused slightly, “Forget it, let’s just get this done with.”

As we ascended all the way up the mountain, it started to remind me of why I’d never been a huge fan of heights, but it’s something I’d have to get over if I ever planned on flying myself.

At the top of the mountain, there were a few things scattered around, a table, some books, a thing that looked strangely like an altar with a bookstand facing it. By the looks of it, we were on the historical site where Mima once tried to resurrect herself. Regarding the scenery, I noticed that a table and some stacked books were hiding what we had come for, another strange, purple-tinted metal box.

“It’s there Yuka, that machine I mentioned.” I called as I pointed at it.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Get the next clue.” Yuka ordered.

I began to make my way over to the box, when a voice caused me to stop dead.

“Well, well, what do we have here? A flower and a weed!” Followed by laughing, and giggling.

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Return to Fiction by Mima

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