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As the screams of pain continues to ring behind me, I decided not to look back, just in case I made eye-contact and found myself being chased by a swarm of amulets.

“So, Yuka. Where are we going?” I quietly asked.

“Be patient will you? I haven’t even looked at the damn paper yet.” Yuka snapped back.

“Oh… right… Well, shouldn’t we take a look before rushing off?” I added quietly once more.

Yuka growled, before slamming the piece of paper into my face, the paper itself wasn’t painful, but the fist Yuka lovingly placed behind it did. “You look at it.” She menacingly commented, as I swayed in the air for a moment.

At that point, I noticed another problem, my arm was broken, and my other arm was held by Yuka.

Complain again, and she’ll drop you again.

After flying with the paper stuck in my face for a few moments, I decided I had no choice but to try something, and to my surprise, my arm moved.

Wow, youkai healing really is quick.

I slowly moved my arm over to my face, as it moved, my arm hurt intensely, but that was to expected, considered it was broken what feels like half an hour ago. Grabbing the piece of paper, I let my arm drop down, making sure not to drop it unless I wanted to face the wrath of Yuka.

Gathering strength again, I pulled my arm back up, to look at the text on it, ‘Go and red a book.’

“What the hell…?” I spoke out loud, catching Yuka’s attention.

Yuka looked at me, “What’s wrong now?”

“Go and red a book. That’s what the clue says.” I answered.

“You mean, Go and read a book?” Yuka looked at me cynically.

I shook my head, “No, I mean, Go and red a book. That’s what it says.” I insisted.

“Pass that here!” Yuka snapped again, as she snatched the paper from my hand.

“Go and red a book…” Yuka thought out loud, “Well done Haru, you can read.”

Thanks for patronising me.

“Is it just a spelling mistake though?” I asked.

Yuka swung me slightly, “Don’t be stupid, she’s not going to do something as stupid as a spelling error.”

I thought for a moment, “I’ve only been to two places with a decent amount of books, your mansion, and Akyu’s house, but ther-”

“There’s nothing red about them though.” Yuka interrupted.

“Yes, thanks for letting me finish.” I mumbled.

“Did you say something?” Yuka glanced at me.

“What? No.” I answered, looking away.

Yuka went quiet for a moment, and just continued flying.

Just wait; it’ll be freefall time soon.

“The clue’s key point is obviously ‘Red’ and there’s only one thing in Gensokyo that can mean that.”

“Scarlet.” I said out loud.

“Well done, you might be of some use after all.” Yuka grinned evilly at me.

What’s made her decide to play bully today? Oh wait; it’s Yuka.

I thought back to the book I borrowed off Akyu, there was a library in the mansion, quite a big one apparently. A youkai named Patchouli Knowledge was known to practically live in there too, hopefully we wouldn’t have to stay in the library long enough to encounter her in a bad mood.

Looking around, I noticed that the crowd was dispersing in all sorts of directions, which didn’t make sense even if Reimu was chasing them.

“I guess everyone must have got different starting clues, at least that doesn’t make it a huge game of follow the leader.” I commented out loud.

The scenery soon changed as we glided across Gensokyo, from the dark, unwelcome forest, to the bright, cheerful field of which I was familiar, from that, we flew over a large, pleasantly blue lake, where I first met Cirno before finally approaching the mansion.

“So, this is the Scarlet Devil Mansion…” I said to myself.

The mansion itself was quite what you expect from a haunted house, old-fashioned, but just generally creepy looking, however, those thoughts were banished when you remembered the mansion was coloured entirely scarlet, which just made it odd.

Soon enough, we finished crossing the lake, and landed safely on the island, we were took the final, short walk to reach the mansion, a home to vampires, time-stopping maids and god knows what else.

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