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“You’re not having anything to eat?” I quickly asked.

“No, I have already, now come on.” Yuka ordered as she began to walk away.

Didn’t take her long to take charge again.

I quickly ran up beside Yuka as she grabbed her parasol from beside the front door, and left. “Any reason you’re coming along with me?” I asked.

“Not particularly.” Yuka said, as she opened her parasol, before she paced down the road, which appeared to be quite short today. “It’s been a while since I’ve been out, and some exercise is always good.”

There was a silence for a moment, before Yuka spoke again, “So, what made you come back?”

“Didn’t I say already?” I answered quickly. “Because I’d rather have risked death to come here, then to linger in that world any longer.”

Yuka laughed slightly, “And I bet you never considered it until I told you that before, maybe I did influence you after all.”

“Also, the news of the state of the world didn’t help; it was just greed, murder and crime.” I added.

“Humans have always been like that, even back… when I was one.” Yuka spoke, with a recognizable trace of hatred.

Whoa, she just mentioned her past.

I took a chance at asking Yuka a question, “Your life, as a human, what happened? What were things like?”

Yuka just grinned slightly, “Now, now, there’s plenty of time in the future to talk about that.”

Damn it, she sidestepped the question.

At that point, I noticed we were walking by Elly’s house, which seems inactive, as it usually was. “Looks like she’s asleep again.” I thought out loud.

“She usually is.” Yuka answered, without any trace of negativity in it.

Doesn’t she even care?

Eventually, without many more words spoken, we arrived at the shimmering portal, showing a distorted view of the world outside, as usual, the flower field.

As usual, I waited for Yuka to step through first, before entering myself, and as my eyes readjusted, I was greeted by the familiar site of an ocean of sunflowers.

“Ah, back in the real Gensokyo.” I quietly mumbled to myself.

I quickly looked around, to make sure everything was the same, not that I had expected it to change at all.

As usual, Yuka had already marched away, towards the village, so after a final check to see if I could spot anything, I once again caught up to her and walked beside her.

I swear she must speed up when I’m not looking.

“So, Yuka, how long have you been a youkai?” I asked out of the blue, as we approached the village.

Yuka looked at me for a few seconds, “I told you, there’s plenty of time for you to find out.”

As I groaned in disappointment, I noticed a few of the villagers had noticed us, or rather Yuka, and were behaving apprehensively. They probably weren’t too bothered about me, since as far as they knew, I was still a human. Yuka didn’t seem to react to it, she just continued on with her usual smile.

It wasn’t much longer after we entered the village, that I noticed the distinguishable hat of Keine Kamashirasawa, who was stood beside a building, waving to children who were leaving it.

So, that must be where she teaches History.

Turning around, I saw Yuka has taken an interest in one of the shops near her, much to the owner’s dismay. “I’m going to go and talk to Keine.”

Browsing through various items, Yuka replied, “Okay, I’ll come find you.”

With a grin, and hastily crept up the road as Keine was facing the other way and once I was a few metres away, I spoke out casually, “Good morning Keine.”

Keine spoke cheerfully as she turned around, “Oh, hello! I’ve not seen you for a few-“ Suddenly her expression changed to something priceless. “Wha-what? But how, didn’t you? I saw you… die…”

“I did die, and then I spent a few days in the human world before I… decided I’d rather live in Gensokyo.” I explained quickly.

Keine looked at me cynically, “You mean you killed yourself?”

“Well, it was a case of either jumping off the building voluntarily or being locked up for being mentally insane, I’d say.” I laughed, not mentioning the fact I got into the situation with full intention for suicide.

Without warning, Keine hit me on the top of my head. “You shouldn’t be so stupid with your life! What if you didn’t come back here, it would have been a complete waste!” Keine looked at me, with a look that actually gave the impression of an annoyed teacher, before the expression settled back to its usual, gentle look, “Still, it’s good to see you again, and I’m sure Akyu will be pleased to see you.”

“I’ll have to give her a visit; I don’t want people thinking I’m a ghost or anything.” I noted to myself out loud.

Keine spoke out, interrupting my thoughts, “We can go now if you wish, I’ve not got anything else to do today.”

“Oh, alright then. Let’s go now.”

“Will she care if you’re going away somewhere?” Keine asked quietly, slightly motioning towards Yuka.

I grinned and shook my head, “I doubt it, the fact I’m back here is enough to please her at the moment.

“I see, well, come on then. Let’s go.” Keine said, as she held her arm out to signal I should start walking.

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