Return of Touhou Mother is a sequel to the game Touhou Mother. It takes place six months after the events of Touhou Mother and 1 year after the events of EarthBound. You start off not in Gensokyo, but at Ness's house in Onett. Ness then has Paula visit, and as it's the end of summer, they go to visit Summers. But they run across Iku Nagae and Tenshi Hinanawi. Iku, sensing that they are heroes of the outside world, challenges them to a battle. After that, she leaves Tenshi, who's apparently having her strength sapped by Yukari, in their hands. Then, you get a summary of all 3 Mother games, as well as Touhou Mother. Quick note: Suwako is not the save point this time. Instead, S is doing a self insert for that. Because several parts of the game will take place outside of Gensokyo. Also, there are multiple parties again in this game, but to a far greater degree than the occasional inturruptions of Sanae. So far, i've seen 3. EarthBound Crew: Ness & Paula Touhou Mother Crew: Reimu, Marisa, Mima, and Yuka Random Crew: Koishi & Satori (With that in mind, this game is in beta, and only goes up to Chapter 5. I've only seen up to Chapter 3.)--CybeastFalzar 16:45, August 5, 2012 (UTC)

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