Okay, first of all, my newspaper is not full of lies. Okay so it has a few but come on! Everybody does it in the human world too. So I made one little fib, or two, or three or twenty-five, but it was all for the good of my newspaper. Have you seen the other ones that tell the truth? They get nothing, no rating or readers. Nada,zip,zero,none. My newspaper, The Bunbunmaru newspaper, is only popular because of the stories which some I make up and some that I...err...Well okay the entire paper is made up stories. Happy now?

"Aya Shameimaru, do you have any last words before I turn you into a roast and serve it to my mistress?" Sakuya asked coldly, knives in her hands.

"Miss Sakuya, please understand! I was just trying to make a living and I was only trying to get my newspaper to sell! I meant no harm! Honestly!"

About a dozen knives flew right at me and gazed me, landing right on the tree of where I was cornered.

"The next one are not going to miss, so prepare yourself."

"Why me..." I cried.

Why is this misfortune happening to me? Well, it all started a few hours back...So anyway, I needed a new topic for my newspaper. Something interesting,something amazing but I had nothing. Its one those times that every news report have to deal with now and then. It was about 6:00 PM and the sun was setting. I was flying around Gensokyo trying to look for something interesting that I could right about. After an hour, I almost gave up. But then I saw it. The moon, it was blood red. It was what you could say, a sign. At that moment my genius brain got to work and in no time I had it. The moon was blood red, or scarlet. Scarlet means Scarlet Devil Manor, leading to the owner Remilia Scarlet. Remilia Scarlet is a vampire and vampires are one of the most talked about things now a days in Gensokyo!

"That's it! I'll write a report about how a vampire defeated Reimu Hakurei! Genius! Pure genius!" I said to myself. Sometimes I'm so smart it even surprise me. But I knew that I can't just randomly take any vampires since there is not much vampires in Gensokyo and most of them never really won against the shrine maiden. I can't use Remilia cause everyone knew that she lost to Reimu so many times it not even funny anymore and Flandre is...Flandre never even go out of SDM at all so there's no story for her either. Then, a miracle happen. I was flying above a lake that was full of blood and I saw a girl. She had large purple bat-like wings also and look exactly like a vampire. I decided to interview her.


She jumped and turned around.

"Who...who are you? What are you doing here?"

"My name is Aya Shameimaru and I come to ask if I could interview you."

"Me? Well...I never got interviewed before but...I guess I could answer a few questions."

"Uh-huh, very interesting" I said while jotting down a few notes.

"First, are you a vampire?"

"Yes I am, but I prefer to be called a vampiress."

"Perfect. Whats your name?"

"My names Kurumi. I'm the guardian of this lake here."

"Hmmm...interesting...tell me, do you know who Reimu Hakurei is?"She became dead silence.

"Yes...Yes I do..." she said bitterly.

"What's wrong?" I asked

"She was...the girl that defeated me and almost made me lost my job. I couldn't stop her, twice."

"Yikes, that sounds horrible."

"She came out of nowhere and...and...I don't even wanna talk about it."

"I see. Thank you for your time Ms.Kurumi. I'll be off now, bye bye!"

"Oh, Bye!"

After that I got to work. This Kurumi was perfect. She was a vampire, nobody knows about her and she is a perfect subject. It took a few hours to make the story and print it but soon, it was done.

"My genius story is now ready to be sent all over Gensokyo. I'm such a genius, I should actually deserve a medal. Hahahahaha!"

"Ummm...miss Aya." My subordinate, Momizi Inubashiri said.

"What is it Momi?"

"I...I don't think it's a good idea of sell this. It...its just a bit extreme. We may...we may get in trouble..." she replied nervously.

"Oh posh. Don't worry about it! It's just a story. No one's going to get hurt and we get more popular then ever. We're also helping this Kurumi girl too so it's's like doing three great thing at once, or something like that."

"Yeah...but...but..." she reply.

"No buts. Besides, I'm the genius newspaper reporter here so what I say goes."

"If...if you say so miss Aya."

So after the news was out, it was almost sold out. Wow! I could not believe it myself. I was about to go home after and celebrate by going to Mystia's stand for some eel and sake with Momi since she did help me with printing the news when suddenly I ran into Sakuya Izayoi.

"Hello Aya Shameimaru." She said.She looked a bit beat up as if she were in a fight.

"He...hello miss Sakuya. Is there something wrong?"

"Ah yes, there is. You see, my mistress has read your newspaper and she was, you could say, shocked. Some vampire by the name of Kurumi seems to have became the top vampire in Gensokyo."

"I...I see" I said, a bit nervous.

"So because of that, I was forced to come out here during my break and take care of her."

"Ummm...sounds great. Is there anyway I could help." I bloated out. This was one of the sentence I regret saying.

"Yes, in fact, I was looking for you."

"Rea...really?! I...ahh...I'm sure you were." Sweat rolled down my head from a combination of fear and nervousness.

"You said that you saw the fight between Kurumi and Reimu Hakurei. I want to ask you for the details about the fight. This is so I could be prepare when I fight her. Please tell me everything."

I had to think of something fast.

"Well...err...during the fight, Reimu...err...threw amulets and tags at Kurumi see but what happen was that...aaahh...Kurumi was able to dodge the and she was able to counter attack know, it's been such a long time. I seem to have forgot what happen. I'm sorry." I said.

"Really?" She said in a cold voice, "Well...I think you're lying."

"Glup! Wha...What makes you say that?" I asked.A knife few right past me, gazing my face.

"Why don't you be a good girl, and tell me the truth. Or...we could do this the hard way." She said in a voice that chilled the back of my spin and pulled out some more knives.

"Sa...Ms. Sakuya, lets not get violent, please?"She put a knife right on my neck.

"Violent? I haven't even begin to start yet..."

After that, the rest was a painful history and here is where we are now. I'm cornered at a tree and is being use for target practice.

"Making me go all the way out here."She threw a knife that barely missed my chest,

"Making my mistress angry" she threw another that landed right next to my arm, grazing it,

"And stopping me from getting a rest." She threw two more knives.

One landed right next to head, cutting some of my hair and one landing between my legs.

"Give me a reason why I should not rip you apart limb by limb and give your parts to Flandre as a new toy. You have ten seconds."

"Well, I..."


"I can..."


"Give me..."


"Wait, you skip some..."

"Nine""No, no..."

"Ten!"She threw a knife that was going straight to my face.

"WAIT! I'LL DO ANYTHING YOU SAY!!" I screamed with my eyes closed.I waited for the painful piercing of the knife going right to my face, but nothing happen. I peeked and saw the knife, frozen in mid-air, right in between my eyes. I nearly fainted.

"Anything right?" She asked

"Yes, anything. Just more knives." I said weakly.

"Good then. You shall right a new story, putting my mistress back on top."

"Yes,yes. Will do ma'am."She took the knife away.

I gave a breath of relief. She then held it at me once again and whispered,"If I ever catch you writing story that makes my mistress angry again,next time, I will serve you on a dish. Understood me, Aya Shameimaru?"

"'am...I...I won't do it again. I promise." I said, terrified.

Now I know who a bird fells like when it barely escaped a cat.

"Now, come. You are to make a new story, and you're going to be working at SDM for a month."

"Eeeehh!? Wha...what? Wh...why?" I said in shock.In response, a knife flew and landed right above my head."Community service ri...Right? I got it ma'am..." I said, nearly wetting myself.After that, I had to go back to rewrite a new story and published it. I then had to go to SDM(and so did Momi. At first she protested but...well, Sakuya had a way to stop her from asking questions and I had to send out all the newspaper. It was one of the worse night of my life.I think tonight, I learned a lesson. Never get your idea from a moon that is the color of blood. It will only get you in trouble. I think Momi was right from the start, maybe I should have listen to her.

"I...I told you this would happen Aya. I to...told you." She said, almost crying.

"Shut up Momi. You think I wanted this to happen."

I blamed the blood red moon for this. Curse you evil red moon...

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