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This page will be mostly empty for a while, until I actually get around to linking and putting desriptions for all of my scores. For now though, I'm just going to use this as a safegaurd so that my unlinked replays won't disappear.

Perfect Cherry Blossom

Easy PCB: SakuyaB-This is my "No Focus" run of Perfect Cherry Blossom Easy with SakuyaB. My final score was 900,329,860. I consider it a fairly good run, although I want to get it down to a "No Miss, No Bomb" run as well. Some deaths and bombs in key areas kept my score down by a bit. But I'll worry about that some other time. For now, enjoy.

Lunatic PCB: SakuyaB-The run was just supposed to be my attempt at a 1cc of Lunatic, without too much practice put into the scoring side of things. Pretty much the only scoring I went after were at the same points as they were on my easy run, which is also in need of more practice. But regardless, I made it through, and am slightly traumatized. I'm sure you'll be able to see tons of places where I mess up (and almost get game over), but as far as I'm concerned, this is my best lunatic run ever. YIPPEE and such.

Hard PCB: SakuyaB-this is probably one of my best runs of any touhou game, ever. I still messed up plenty of times, used way too many times, lost a lot of scoring opportunities, etc., but in terms of the things I did right and the number of impossible situations I was in, this was a great success for me. I also managed to pull off a slight variation of GIL's infamous "upper-right corner" trick on Reflowering. Final score: 1,394,399,480

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