Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

Media:Th6_udKA6.rpy - MarisaB, Easy, 99 030 560, C, default. 19 X 2007.
Highest easy score.

Media:Th6_udKA9.rpy - MarisaA, Normal, 145 487 830, C, default. 28 X 2007.
At first I tried to beat previous score with MarisaB by sparking some part of the stages (esp. 5 and final) above the poc, but still with MarisaA I've got muuch higher spellcapture ratio (without marionette, curse of vlad tepes, scarlet shot and red magic in this run). Some silly deaths (stage two when trying to get point items above the poc or final just before sakuya). But all-in-all, I'm quite proud of this replay, finally I can see some progress ^^.

Media:Th6_udKA1.rpy - MarisaA, Normal, 119 403 150, C, default. 07 IV 2007.
First EoSD normal default 1cc. If you want to see two really lame deaths in a row in stage 3 (not even on a boss:/) watch this :P.

Media:Th6_udKA7.rpy - MarisaA, Normal, 82 003 130, C, 5 lives. 08 II 2007.
My first ever EoSD good ending, but with 5 lives starting.

Media:Th6_udKA10.rpy - MarisaA, Hard, 153 396 360, stage 6, default. 10 XI 2007.
Highest hard score.

Media:Th6_udKAEx.rpy - MarisaA, Extra, 184 816 820, C, default. 8 XI 2007.
At last! Flandre beaten. On-stage score could be better (75 mln only) and without that dumb death on books after Patchu while trying to PoC some points. But, on Flandre six spellcards captured in a row, careless death on Catadioptric (7th), 0 deaths on Counter Clock (8th) through 2 bombs and sheer luck, 1 death on ATWTBN, and typical QED with one death near the end :).

Perfect Cherry Blossom

Media:Th7_udKA4.rpy - MarisaA, Easy, 798 516 700, C, default. 13 VI 2008.
Bleh, got bored at work and improved score a bit. 4 misses - dumb death on 4th stage before lily, two times in a row on youmu boss welcoming and as always on yuyuko's PCBoS Seal. No bombs (i noticed that wathing replay later :P). Ressurection Butterfly captured o_O.

Media:Th7_udKA2.rpy - MarisaA, Easy, 667 630 230, C, default. 28 X 2007.
Finally decent score.. Captured all but False Soul and Resurrection Butterfly (which was pretty much screwed up - 2 deaths and one deathbomb).

Media:Th7_udKA3.rpy - MarisaB, Easy, 384 069 320, C, default. 11 III 2007.

Media:Th7_udKA1.rpy - SakuyaB, Easy, 358 975 240, C, default. 21 II 2007.

Media:Th7_udKA5.rpy - MarisaB, Normal, 467 260 100, C, default. 08 XII 2007.
My first PCB normal. Until Prismrivers it was nearly perfect (0 deaths 0 bombs). After.. :/. But still I got to Resurrection Butterly on 0lives 0bombs and survived it. A lot of room for improvement.

Imperishable Night

Media:Th8_udKA2.rpy - Marisa, Easy, 1 779 534 320, Cb, default. 21 III 2007.
My highest IN easy score, no deaths, 3/5 Kaguya's last spells captured.

Media:Th8_udKA1.rpy - Youmu, Easy, 1 349 973 890, Cb, default. 21 II 2007.
My highest IN easy score before I tried Marisa ;).

Phantasmagoria of Flower View

Media:Th9_udKA8.rpy - Aya, Easy, 51 033 080, C, default. 28 XII 2006.
Highest easy score so far, all duels won on first try, most of the points gained after final stage. I don't quite understand PoFV scoring, becouse i died a lot in this run, and Shikieki gave up pretty quickly compared to other tries. Probably I just had a lot of luck.

Media:Th9_udKA4r.rpy - Reimu, Normal, 50 926 180, C, default. 8 XII 2007.

Marisa - Got eaten by replay bug, but i'll redo it soon.

Sakuya - Her focused speed does not differ that much from unfocused, and her activation sphere is utterly useles -_-. Maybe later..

Media:Th9_udKA2y.rpy - Youmu, Normal, 53 451 660, C, default. 9 I 2008.
I sucked at Shiki but otherwise nice run :)

Media:Th9_udKA6r.rpy - Reisen, Normal, 60 641 650, C, default. 5 I 2008.
Right now my second-fav character.

Cirno - Got eaten by replay bug, but i'll redo it soon.

Media:Th9_udKA3l.rpy - Lyrica, Normal, 45 504 010, C, default. 27 XII 2007.

Media:Th9_udKA3m.rpy - Mystia, Normal, 67 260 790, C, default. 10 I 2008.

Media:Th9_udKA8t.rpy - Tewi, Normal, 67 305 170, C, default. 5 I 2008.
If not for her auto-death-bomb ability, which allowed me to save 2 lives (half hp, got hit, deathmbomb, enemy got hit, winner), this would not be possible.

Media:Th9_udKA9.rpy - Aya, Normal, 37 742 690, C, default. 21 III 2007.
My first normal 1cc, although I think it was much harder to do this compared to that easy run, score is crappy :/

Media:Th9_udKA7m.rpy - Medicine, Normal, 63 672 880, C, default. 5 I 2008.
On second try (first got eaten by replay bug, also was C). She realy owns AI.

Media:Th9_udKA5y.rpy - Yuka, Normal, 61 754 500, C, default. 19 XII 2007.
My favorite character, her charged lv 1 clears everything, lily included (if released just below her). Only thing is that activation sphere could be a bit larger.

Media:Th9_udKA2k.rpy - Komachi, Normal, 62 521 260, C, default. 29 XII 2007.
At first i thought her activation sphere was a nightmare, but after getting used to it and applying different strategy it rocks :].

Media:Th9_udKA1.rpy - Shikieiki, Normal, 81 700 930, C, default. 9 XII 2007.
When playing characters 1-14 I just couldn't get more than ~50mln points on normal. And after unlocking Komachi and Shikieiki for story mode - on first normal try I get 81 mln 0_0. First six battles on first try, Aya, Komachi and Reimu on second.

Media:Th9_udKAYH.rpy - Yuka, Hard, 60 654 080, C, default. 13 VI 2008.
I didn't see that coming, but i kinda accidently 1cc'd PoFV Hard :D.

Mountain of Faith

Media:Th10_udKA2.rpy - ReimuB, Normal, 221,948,920, C, default. 5 XI 2007.
First normal 1cc.

Subterranean Animism

Media:Th11_KNT2.rpy - Marisa & Patchouli, Easy, 47,112,050, C (trial), default. 7 VI 2008.
Highest easy score, one spellcard missed (last Yugi's).

Media:Th11_KNT1.rpy - Marisa & Patchouli, Normal, 55,691,360, C (trial), default. 26 V 2008.
Demo, Normal, 0 deaths, 1 spellcard missed (3rd stage midboss's last) clear.

( remember to rename those files into smth like th11_10.rpy )

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