Ash 東方 Touhou Unplugged/Classic 119

Hmm... I think i'm going to discard that heroic sacrifice thing for another idea.

The beginning depicts Mokou sitting alone at a campfire. Her chin was on her knees and her arms wrapped around her legs. She was completely quiet and motionless. She simply stared into the fire mindlessly. Keine was supposed to be sitting next to her, but she wasn't... It seemed so strange to have it that way. Mokou closed her eyes, remembering Keine. She imagined Keine sitting right next to her...the way it was supposed to be. They would be talking about how beautiful the sky looked. Keine would point at a series of stars and say that it was a constellation and that it represented a great, big, powerful lion. Mokou would say it looked more like Keine when the full moon was out...and they would both laugh. Mokou would comment on how terrifying Keine was when she transformed.1:11; Keine would laugh and look at Mokou asking "am I really like that?" Her smile would be so big and happy... It was so heart-warming.

1:20;Mokou opened her eyes and turned to look but Keine was wasn't there. " really are like that Keine..." 1:30; Mokou would close her eyes again, this time tears would be coming from behind her eyelids... Mokou knew that Keine wouldn't be with her forever...but why? Why did it have to be like this?...Immortiality...was it really a blessing? Keine was Mokou's only friend, the only one that she could talk to, now she was gone...2:00; Mokou sat there crying in silence until she eventually fell asleep.

2:10;She woke up to find herself floating in the sky, she could see the beautiful stars above her. "Mokou!" Mokou turned around to see Keine smiling and running through the air. Mokou's eyes widened and she ran to her but suddenly met resistance... (video picture) A white wall had formed between her and Keine. Keine put her hands up to the wall smiling. Her smile was so great and grand, so lovely... Mokou stared back. "Keine..."

2:51 Mokou opened her eyes quickly, her heart pulsing. She turned she head around looking for Keine. But it was only a dream... only a dream... Mokou closed her eyes again tears streaming down her face. She cried in silence because there wasn't anyone to listen... 3:30+The fire continued to flicker in the dark as the scene fades away

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