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Main article: Article and Interview: Reimu

Taking place a year after the events of Perfect Cherry Blossom, the interview is about the Flower Viewing at the Hakurei Shrine. In the interview, Reimu complains about the work she has to do after the banquet, so Aya promptly appeases her with sake, exploiting her weakness. Aya then proceeds to try and worm information regarding the incident from Reimu, who is getting drunk.

The rest of the article consist of Aya and Reimu bickering when Reimu herself is obviously drunk.

  • Reimu makes constant remarks, similar to the rest of the Touhou cast's, that the Bunbunmaru Newspaper is full of lies.
  • Aya makes no effort at all to recognize Reimu's deeds.
  • From the article, it seems that Reimu, not Marisa, is responsible for stopping those incidents.

Perfect Memento in Strict Sense

PMiSS reimu
Reimu The Magic
Main article: Perfect Memento: Reimu Hakurei
  • Reimu lives in the Hakurei Shrine and is supposedly tasked with the maintenance of the Great Boundary.
  • Apparently Reimu has great luck, intuition and talent, and does not train.
  • Her personality never changes, and she treats everyone equally.
  • However, her view on youkai is that one should hunt them without complaint.
  • Her real ability is the ability to fly, and with the power of the Hakurei Shrine maiden, she is unrivaled.
  • No youkai dares oppose her, for if she is defeated, the Great Boundary might collapse.
  • Reimu thus has Gensokyo in the palm of hand, so to speak.
  • Reimu invented the Spell Card rules, which are intended to allow youkai and humans to settle conflicts without the use of lethal force.
  • She is often seen going to shop in the human village. Where does she get the money? Donations?
  • Of course, since she teaches youkai lessons on her way there, she might get paid for that...
  • Her job is to resolve incidents, and she does it without complaint, despite having people contending for the job.

The Grimoire of Marisa

"Main article: The Grimoire of Marisa: Reimu Hakurei's Spell Cards"
  • Insert Summary Here

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