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Reimu's Scenario

Stage 1

Scarlet Devil Mansion

Wandering deeper into the mansion, the size of the red building amazes one.

Reimu sneezes once more, cursing the flu she’s having. “Great… And now I have to find the person who made this flu happens.” Before she enters the Scarlet Devil Mansion, the gate guard was lying on the ground, somehow, crying and calling out for her mother. “What’s her name again? China? Or is it Hong Mei something… Oh whatever.”

“Is she sleeping again?” enters a person who is wearing a French maid suit, carrying knives on both hands. “Who?”

“The gate guard, of course.” Sakuya spoke in a serious way, ready to punish the gate guard once more. But before that…

“More importantly, what business does a shrine maiden have here now? Mistress isn’t really in the condition to meet someone currently.” Sakuya lays down the knives, staring straight towards Reimu.

Reimu sneezes again, before she can answer. “What? Even the ‘Scarlet Devil’ is sick?” Sakuya blinks for some time, and nods her head. “What? Mistress isn’t a god or a ghost. Of course she can be sick. So please leave now, before you disturb her.”

“Oh, I was thinking that Remilia did something again. Then the librarian is sick too? The sister then?” Reimu asks in a hurry, since she could tell that a sneeze is coming its way. “You remind me of the reporter, being such a busybody and ask so many useless questions. In fact, yes, they are. Your point is?”

Reimu turns and was about to leave. “Then, I have no business here.”

“Hold it! You think you can get out of here after taking such information away?” Sakuya expands the distance from Reimu’s position to the main door of the mansion, before she sneezes too.

“Oh, the maid got it too.” Sakuya quickly gets back to her position and shows her knives straight at Reimu. “Yeah, whatever. Even if I have it or not, you’ll have to fight me.”

~Danmaku begins~

~Player wins~

“Like I said, the maid who is sick can’t do house chores, nor can she play danmaku well.” Reimu keeps her scrolls and talismans as she spoke to Sakuya who lost badly. “Then a shrine maiden becomes better?”

“Nope. The shrine maiden wasn’t affected.”

Stage 2


Wandering deeper into the forest, the bamboo will confuse one’s sense of direction.

“Where am I now…?” Reimu looks around, with a tired expression written on her face. Her flu is getting worse now, compared to before.

“What? The shrine maiden lost her way in the thick woods?” A voice of a girl could be heard, not too young and not too old. “Oh, I see. The shrine maiden’s sick, that’s why.” Eirin walks towards Reimu, with her bow and arrows.

“What? Isn’t everyone?” Reimu tries her best to focus on Eirin, although it’s getting harder for her to breath by nose. “Not me. I’m a doctor. If I’m sick, then the princess’s health will get severe.”

Reimu rubs her nose, and opens one eye to look at Eirin. “Will she die then?” “I highly doubt it, since she consumed the Hourai Elixir.” Reimu showed a look of a relief expression, obviously faking it. “Then the inabas? Are they sick too? Can’t see one anywhere in the woods.”

“Yeah, sorta.”

“So, you’re alone? Are you making weird drugs that are used to make everyone in Gensokyo sick except yourself and plans on taking the world with the drug you made?” Reimu came out with a guess, but as soon as she finishes, more sneezes came to her.

“Nope. But now that you mentioned it, the idea’s not half bad.”

“As if I’d let you do something like that…” Reimu muttered, trying not to be too loud, since her throat is getting itchy. “Oh, are you? But in your condition, are you sure you can beat me?”

Eirin smirks slightly at Reimu’s condition, seeing as she sneezes so helplessly. “Only one way to find out…”

~Danmaku begins~

~Player wins~

“Told you so. Just because I’m sick, I can stop you from ruling the world.” Reimu said, slightly proud of her achievements. “Wait… I feel something coming…” Eirin sneezes as soon as she finishes.

“Oh, the doctor got it too now. How contagious…” Reimu said in an ignorant way, ready to find her way out of the forest. “Great… Now I’ll have to take some medicine myself.”

“Well then, be careful not to eat the wrong one to poison yourself.”

Stage 3

Hakugyokurou, Netherworld.

Wandering deeper into the ghostly world, the amount of ghosts would definitely terrify one.

“Let’s see… Maybe the ghost princess isn’t sick at all. Well, she can’t be, can she?” Reimu was feeling so weak, suspecting that she might be having a fever. “Of course not! But, the gardener seems to be half sick.” Yuyuko flies towards Reimu, with a greeting face, obviously not a good thing.

“You’re not sick too?” Reimu looks up to Yuyuko, in an unsatisfied look. “How can I? Besides, these germs won’t affect me even if they got me.”

“Why? You set them up?”

“No, I hate them. How can I set something I hate?”

“To rule the world?”

“Such foolish motive is only up to those simple-minded people.” Yuyuko said with an elegant look, proud that she doesn’t have such ideas. Reimu remembered of the events of Perfect Cherry Blossom, but stayed quiet. “Well, if you have nothing to do with this, I’m leaving.”

Yuyuko quickly flew to Reimu’s front and stop her. “Wait, everyone’s sick and down, so it’s boring here.” Yuyuko said with a smile, yet she seems to release uncomfortable vibes towards Reimu.

Reimu sneezes again, which her mucus flies through Yuyuko. “I’m sick too, you know. What do you want? A danmaku?” “Oh, what a great idea! Even when you’re sick, you can get up with those great ideas too. Let’s start then.” Yuyuko smiles happily, getting ready for a battle, while Reimu grumbled a lot about her sneezes and those things she just had to say it out.

“Can we do it next time?”

“Nope, we have to do it now.”

~Danmaku begins~

~If player has continued, player gets a Bad Ending No. 3~

~If player wins~

“Oh darn… I lose even to a sick human… Ah well.” Yuyuko was turning backwards, going back to her ‘house’ to get something to eat. “Oh great… The fever’s getting worse.” Reimu mumbled, feeling so helpless.

“You want some medicine Youmu made? I’m not sure if it will help, though.” Yuyuko turns back, looking at Reimu. “No thanks. I won’t bet my health on something like that.”

Stage 4

The Depths of Hell

Wandering deeper into hell, the weight of sin one carries will definitely open one’s eyes.

Reimu started to fly very unstable, as her fever is taking over her body. “I’m so exhausted…” Reimu muttered the words in a weak voice. “Oh dear… Someone is sick. So, why are you here? Dead already? Then let me judge your sins.”

“If I’m dead, I’d be in Netherworld, or heaven.” Reimu said, turning to Sikieiki, the Yama of the Underworld. “Series of diseases are beginning to invade Gensokyo, I see. Visitors to River Styx have really grown. But few have got a happy ending.” Sikieiki said, looking at Reimu, expecting her to know something about this.

Reimu turns downwards, as she could feel the fever slowly tormenting her. “I’ve never got sick this badly. Sikieiki, do you know anything about this incident?”

“Can’t say I know something. But, maybe it’s because some of the people in Gensokyo who did something and got their ‘repays’. It’s just a small punishment for you to be aware of your sins.”

“I’ve been a good girl all the time.”

“Yeah, right. Let’s see, Reimu’s sin level…”

“Alright alright. If you know nothing, I’m really leaving this time. No more danmaku fight.” Reimu quickly turns and really wants to leave as soon as possible.

“Well, actually I do have some bits of information…” Sikieiki said suddenly, seeing as Reimu is going to leave. “Well, what is it?”

“Of course, to give it to someone who is sinful would be inappropriate.”


“Yes, you are.” Sikieiki said, closing her eyes and nodding her head. “Alright, as I said before, I will cleanse my sins by defeating you and get that information out of you!”

Reimu turns back and is ready to fight. She will not let her illness gets over her; at least she thinks she can do so.

~Danmaku begins~

~If player continued, player gets a Bad Ending No. 5~

~If player wins~

“You know I have mercy on you, so that wasn’t really my fullest. It would be sinful to fight someone who is sick.” Sikieiki said, going to turn back and guard the hell. “Yeah, thanks a lot.”

“Oh and, all I can say is that, these germs and viruses are under two people’s control. Just find those two, and you can get rid of every disease in Gensokyo.”

“Where are they?” Reimu asks, after hearing that ‘important’ information from Sikieiki.

“That’s the problem.”

Stage 5

Somewhere in Gensokyo

“I’m lost again, great.” Reimu said, landing and rests herself under a tree. “I’m so tired.” She mumbled, closing her eyes, feeling her mucus in her nose.

“Wow, I never thought the shrine maiden would get so sick.” Yukari came out from an opened border on top of Reimu. “Hey, Yukari.” Reimu didn’t even care to open her eyes, she’s just so tired. “You’re going to get beat by those monsters if you just lay here, you know.”

“At least I know you’re going to help keep an eye out for me.” Reimu opens her left eye to see Yukari who is so close to her. “What? Why aren’t you sick?”

Yukari stands up straight again and smiles. “Of course. Who do you think I am?”

“Still, I don’t get it.”

“Then don’t ask anymore.”

Reimu nods her head and closes her eye again. “What? You’re here to get a danmaku battle?”

“Unfortunately, no. But if you wish for one, I can anytime.”

“No thanks.” Reimu quickly said before Yukari could get any weird ideas. “Yukari, you can travel to different dimensions easily, so you should know something about this incident, right?”

Yukari turns back down to Reimu, saying to her, “What if I don’t?”

“You should.” Reimu opens both of her eyes this time, knowing that Yukari has useful information; just that she didn’t want to share.

“All I know is, the source of this incident existed somewhere in Gensokyo where no one can go easily.”

“Oh, good. You know the location right? Bring me there.” Reimu tries her best to stand up, wanting to get all this over with.


Wandering deeper into the valley of moss, one would surely catch a cold or something.

Yukari steps out of the opened border, and looks forward with a smile. “We’re here.” Reimu walks out of the border, holding the size of the border as she needs some assistance. “You seemed to be really sick, aren’t you?”

“Can you tell?”

“Somehow, yeah.” Yukari said, opening her umbrella again, shading herself from the sunlight.

“Aren’t you going to return to where you were?” Reimu turns to Yukari, raising an eyebrow. “Do you think you can win the two in your condition?”

“Well, yeah, I guess.”

“I wanted a danmaku fight anyways. The two shikigamis are sick too so I have nothing to do.” Yukari said, closing her eyes. “Aren’t you going to sleep?” Reimu looks at Yukari in a sarcastic way, knowing that that’s what Yukari does every time.

“Not this time. If I sleep, germs will be sure to invade me. So, do you need my help or not?” Yukari opens her eyes now, seeing as another person had come to join in their conversation.

“Who are the both of you? Wait, isn’t that the youkai that controls border or something? And that’s the lazy shrine maiden, right?” The girl said, pointing towards Yukari and Reimu. “I’m not lazy, just relaxing my free time.”

Reimu takes out her weapons, ready for another danmaku fight. “Are you the source of this constant disease? It’s been invading the whole Gensokyo, you know?”

“Oh this? Yeah, and as you can see, I’m busy making Gensokyo back to how it is. So please leave now.” The girl said, in a mannered way. “You’re saying it’s your plan, and yet you want to foil your own plan?” Yukari said, raising her eyebrows as well.

“Plan? I never planned anything! Just that, these germs and viruses is accidentally released to the outer world. So please… Leave…”

“Who are you anyways?” Reimu asks, frowning as she tries to observe the girl. “Akari Yaku. Leader of every germs and viruses of Gensokyo. And now, please…” Akari said, pleading for their leavings.

Still, the shrine maiden and the boundary youkai stayed in their position, which irritates the leader of germs and viruses of Gensokyo. “You caused me this illness…” Reimu muttered in a low tone. “I guess the only way to get rid of you guys is by a danmaku battle!” Akari finally lost her patience, as she sends a huge army of germs and viruses now.

~Danmaku begins~

~If player continues, player gets a Bad Ending No. 7~

~If player wins~

“Why aren’t my illnesses gone yet?” Reimu said, sneezing out loudly, causing Yukari to back off a few steps. “Because… The one who controls one’s health isn’t me. I just control the germs and viruses.” Akari said, rubbing her wounds. “Is it her?” Yukari asks, bringing down her umbrella and closing it.

“Yeah, it’s her mistress. She’s deeper into Sentaiya. She’s a busy person, so please leave…” Akari said, begging for them.

“Even if you beg, I still want to get rid of these illnesses.”

Stage 6


“A visitor? How nice.” A new voice can be heard too now, as Reimu and Yukari turns around to find the source. “Of course, I’m a little too busy to greet you guys now, so please make it fast.” A girl who looks slightly elder and mature than Akari showed herself.

“Are you the one who caused these illnesses?” Reimu asks the girl, quite forgetting about her sick. “Oh, the shrine maiden. You’re Reimu Hakurei, right? Yes, your health needs treatment.” The girl’s smile never did fade ever since she showed herself till now.

Reimu is still waiting for her answer, but it seems that the girl will not be answering. Yukari takes a closer look at the girl, and said, “Oh, it’s you. Eisei Itawari, right?”

“Yes. Eisei Itawari, manipulator of Gensokyo’s health. Nice to finally meet you, Yukari Yakumo, manipulator of boundaries.”

“You haven’t answered my question, you know?” Reimu sweat dropped, feeling as if she’s being ignored by those two. “Your question is?”

“Never mind! Restore Gensokyo to its perfect health, now!” Reimu said in a serious tone, desperate to get rid of the illnesses she’s having.

“Why? Everyone should get sick once in a while, if not, their immune system would be useless in the future. I’m just merely trying to improve Gensokyo’s immunity towards diseases.” Eisei spoke in a mannered tone, always carrying a smile with her always.

Reimu didn’t like the idea; she never did like to be sick. “Before our immune system can be improved, we’ll be dead before that even happens!” Yukari somehow laughs at Reimu’s statement.

Eisei closes her eyes, shaking her head. “That’s why I’m trying to improve the immune system. Just a small disease and one dies. How will one face other new disease in the future then? Really, no one understands my effort. Oh well, the only way to let you truly understand this, is to defeat you.”

“In the valley of moss shall I punish you with illnesses to have you aware of the dangers of the world of disease!”

~Danmaku begins~

~If player continued, player gets a Bad Ending No. 9~

~If player wins, player gets a Good Ending No. 1~

Epilogue [Good Ending No. 1]

Reimu Hakurei spends her free time, drinking tea like she did everyday. The same old visitor returned, with a healthy smile. “Hey, Reimu. How was your flu?”

“Fine.” She said, taking another sip of tea. “Now that you’re here, why don’t you donate something to the shrine?” Reimu pointed towards the donation box.

“No way.” answered the black and white witch.

Reimu continued to own an empty donation box for a few months… Until some fairy threw some rubbish into it.

Things in Scarlet Devil Mansion are normal as usual now that the series of illnesses are gone. Eirin managed to get a rest from making all those drugs every single minute, causing her alone to be sick of overwork now. Yuyuko finally had someone to bully again. Sikieiki finally gets to free herself from those constant judging of the dead, and Komachi can finally rests her hands from rowing the boat in River Styx. Yukari is able to go back to bed again, sleeping eternally…

Akari Yaku spends all of her time teaching the germs and viruses a lesson, so that they would not repeat the same thing again. Eisei can finally relax as well, seeing as everyone in Gensokyo now has a more improved immune system.

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