Official Profiles

Double Dealing Character

She's a Tsukumogami

Created from a Japanese taiko drum. She lived for a while, feeling joy when struck by people. However, she began to feel a strong, new magical power within her. At the same time, ferocity flared up in her mind. "Now is the time for the tools to take revenge," she thought. She was wise, though, and quickly realized that this power was that of an oni (i.e. that of the Lucky Mallet). She felt that at this rate, she'd be completely taken over by it. She took a big gamble. She threw away the taiko drums that made up her body, and the drummer that held the magic power, and sought a new magic power of her own. This was in the forbidden outside world, as well. Thus, she obtained a new drum kit, and a new drummer as well. Thanks to the outside world's magic power, obviously. None of the oni's power is left in her body any more. Even if the Lucky Mallet enters its re- absorption period, she won't turn back into a regular tool. She taught this method to the other tsukumogami around her. Even if we're tools, we want to have fun of our own will! Now, shall we go build a paradise for tools?

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