Youmu was hot. Really hot. Really, really, really hot. Not only that, but her head was throbbing. Pounding. Badum-badum-badum, and it was driving her mad. At least, it would normally, but she really didn't have the energy to move. Or care, really. Except that it hurt. It really hurt. And it was really hot. Her normally neat hair was a tangled mess, matted down by sweat. Maybe she should move? It took her much too long to notice, but there was a rather thick blanket on top of her. She pushed the covers from her eyes and immediately regretted her action. The sun was blinding and her head suddenly felt like it decided that evicting the brain from her skull via the eye sockets was a brilliant idea. She squinted her eyes against the light, sat up, and the blanket fell from her torso.

Youmu was cold. Really cold. Really, really, really cold. Not only that, but her stomach was churning. Twisting. Chrrg-chrrg-chrrg, and it was driving her mad. At least, it would normally, but the fact that her body couldn't decide whether to feel hot or cold was more annoying. She turned as far away from any source of light she could and waited for her throbbing head to stop throbbing and her churning stomach to stop churning. And for her blurry vision to stop... blurry-ing. She somehow knew the first two weren't going to happen any time soon, but at least her eyes began to clear up. She was... well, she honestly didn't know where she was. The building was wooden, but then again, most buildings are wooden. So, gradually, she tried to piece together the night before.

Well, that was her intent, at least. Her head started stampeding again, and she instinctively moved to rest her head in her hands. That's when she noticed that her clothes were missing. At first, she was shocked that her clothes were absent from her person, then she was worried as to where they might be, then she was annoyed for not noticing it earlier, and then she was just generally irritated. Her head concurred with her decision with a nice, mighty thump-thump-thump. She blearily took another look around the room. Her swords were haphazardly strewn on the floor, but as to her clothes, they weren't really anywhere in the room. It was then that she really became worried as to what had happened last night.

All she could really remember was something about a huge party at Reimu's. Was that where she was now? She wanted to investigate, but her head, stomach, and legs violently protested to this proposition. At the very least, she had a better idea of why she felt like she did. ...urk. Her spine shivered. ...urp. Her stomach grumbled. It was an unpleasant, yet not unfamiliar, sensation. She would have sighed, but opening her mouth didn't seem like an exactly pleasing prospect. She spotted a wooden pail. Better than the floor, but why was it across the room from her? Begrudgingly, she pulled the rest of her body out from underneath the blanket, shakily stood, and stumbled across the room to the pail, at which point she collapsed on to it and violently(and quite loudly) gave whatever the current contents of her stomach were the boot.

Her body continued to revolt against her as her stomach emptied into the pail. Virtually every part of her body now ached for one reason or another, it felt like the two halves of her brain were facing each other in danmaku, but at least her stomach was beginning to feel better. Even in her current state. Her stomach breaked for a moment, and she spat the vile tasting fluids from her mouth into the pail. Though, she could feel that it wasn't over yet. Uuuuurk.

It was sudden, but not unwelcome, when a soft hand began to rub her back during her stomach's second mutiny. Urk, hrrrk, but the hand kept gently rubbing until Youmu's stomach was nice and empty. "You done?" The hand asked. Youmu spat into the pail and nodded. "Good, good."

Youmu turned, curious as to who the hand's owner was. She was quite surprised to see Sayuka behind her, looking as horrible(and naked) as she felt. Sakuya tried to smile, but it was obvious from her paler-than-usual face(and body) that it was quite possibly beyond her realm of ability at the moment. "You look horrible." She said. "You should probably go back to be--...urp." Urp? Sakuya's face suddenly grew even paler. Perhaps even paler than Youmu's own ghost-half. Sakuya's brow furrowed, and her eyes watered, and Youmu, full of understanding, moved aside to allow Sakuya use of the pail. All she found herself able to do was rub the back of her rival as Sakuya's stomach rebelled against the rest of her body.

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