In the land of Gensokyo, deep in the forest, lay a(n almost) forgotten mansion, within which dwelled a genius, an immortal princess, and many rabbits. The mansion was peaceful(at least, as peaceful as things get in this particular setting), except for one specific person's... habit. It often boggled the genius as to why the princess would always kill(or be killed by) that person, most normal(both, however, being far from normal) people would have shrugged off the slight after the thousand or so years that had passed. It was quite a frequent disruption, and quite frankly, Eirin was getting quite sick of it. So, the genius did what the genius does and pulled together some resources and concocted a plan. A plan which, today, would come to sweet fruition.

“Princess,” Eirin peeked into Kaguya's room. “I have something to tell you.”

Kaguya stared dully into the monitor, tapping buttons on the control in her hands rapidly, with a popsicle stick hanging loosely from her lips(the popsicle itself had long since been eaten, but she couldn't be bothered to pause long enough to take it out of her mouth). “Yeah?” She muttered in a low tone of voice, pausing the game and turning towards the Brain of the Moon. “What is it?”

“Well~” Eirin started in an unusually singsong voice, “we're going to be doing some remodeling this week, on top of other things... so I figured it would be best if you stayed somewhere else for a little bit, alright?” She smiled broadly.

“Well, alright.” Kaguya shrugged. “I wouldn't really wanna stay here while all that's going on anyway. Too noisy.”

“Oh, I'm glad you agree.” Eirin nodded. “I've already pulled a few favors to get you a place to stay, and she should be arriving shortly, so could you please get ready?”

Kaguya shrugged again, not thinking to ask the most obvious question there was. The clock hadn't ticked a half-hour before she regretted it, staring at her most hated enemy in the foyer.

“HER?!” She shrieked. “You want me to stay with HER?!” Kaguya was outraged. And, to her credit, Mokou didn't seem at all pleased with this plan either, but she was going along with it for one reason or another.

“Yep!” Eirin chimed. She leaned in close to Kaguya and whispered, “and if she tells me that you've run off on her, or caused her trouble, a few 'accidents' are going to happen around your computer and TV, understand~?”

An utter look of horror passed over Kaguya's face. She turned towards Mokou and bowed stiffly, “please take care of me.”

“Uh...” Mokou was somewhat taken aback. “Yeah... sure... can we get goin'?” She picked up one of Kaguya's bags with one hand, and kept her other in her pants pocket. Kaguya picked up her remaining items and followed Mokou out the door.

“Have fun, you too~!” Eirin called after them, waving. “Be good!”

“Master...” a voice from behind Eirin said, “do you really think this will work?”

“We can only try, Udongein. Now, let's get to work, shall we?”

- - -

The sun had begun to fall in the sky when the two arrived at Mokou's house. The trip hadn't been long, so Kaguya had obviously lost track of time while playing games again. She had been under the impression that it was still the AM, but the painted sky clearly proved that theory to be incorrect. It was a rather small house, with a small push stand parked in the front.

“It's a yakitori stand.” Mokou stated flatly, spotting the bemusement on Kaguya's face. The fiery girl strode past her stand and straight into the house, and Kaguya followed. Mokou dropped what bags she had on the floor, turned with one hand firmly on her hip and the other still in her pocket, and said, “Do your best to say out of my way,” the irritation in her voice matched the look on Kaguya's face. “Oh, and make yourself at home,” Mokou added in an offhand manner.

While fully intending to stay as far from Mokou as possible during her stay, Kaguya found it was quite difficult to accomplish this task considering that Mokou's house consisted of a combo kitchen and living room, a bedroom, and a bathroom. After some fussing around, and a bit of yelling, the two eventually settled under opposite ends of Mokou's kotatsu, with their chins on the table, each facing firmly to their right.

It wasn't long until Kaguya got frustrated. “You have me at a disadvantage. Why don't you just kill me and spare us both the trouble.”

“I would have the second you got here if I could.” Mokou huffed. “Eirin said that if she caught wind of any fighting, that I'd regret it for the next thousand years. I owe her quite a few favors, anyway.”

The two went silent again, and near an hour had passed before Kaguya's stomach let out a great roar. The princess attempted to ignore it by burying her head in her arms, but she didn't realize that it only made her hunger look worse to her rival. Mokou silently stood and stepped into the kitchen half of the room. Kaguya vaguely listened to the sounds from the other side of the room. Clattering pots, running water, the burners of the stove kicking on. Hardly a half-hour had passed when a plate was set down in front of Kaguya.

The princess picked her head up from the dark recess created by the combined efforts of the table and her arms. In front of her was a plate of cooked rice, a few nuts, and some assorted vegetables. Kaguya gazed upon it with a blank(and somewhat spoiled) look on her face.

“What?” Mokou said through her own food. “It's not poisoned or anything.”

“It's not that.” Kaguya replied, picking up her chopsticks. She picked a few bits of food, placed it in her mouth, chewed, swallowed. “It's as plain as it looks...”

“You got a problem with that?” Mokou growled.

Kaguya furrowed her brow. “Tastes like crap. Don't you have anything else?”

“Take it or leave it,” Mokou hissed in return. “Or make your own damn dinner.”

“Hmph.” Kaguya stood, glaring. “Fine, I'll do just that, then.”

Mokou really hated Kaguya. She wanted to kill her. She wanted to kill her so badly, but she couldn't. So, instead, she accidentally took out her frustration on the poor innocent plate in front of her, shattering it and spreading the contents across the table. Kaguya sneered at her before taking off into the kitchen, fluttering about the fridge and cabinets. Mokou busied herself with cleaning up the shards of porcelain and bits of rice and vegetables.

Mokou deposited what she had gathered in the garbage, and returned to her spot at the kotatsu, burying her head in her arms. She had calmed down a bit, and she realized now that she seriously overreacted to nothing at all. If it had been anyone else, she would have just shrugged and ate her meal. But it wasn't just anyone else. It was that damn Kaguya. The mere sight of her set Mokou off. She wanted to kill her so badly, but... well, Mokou liked having a house. That, added with all of the other threats Eirin had piled on while asking for this “favor” made it worth it to house even Kaguya. She would just have to bear with it and try to control herself.

Kaguya worked silently in the kitchen. Mokou tried to ignore her rumbling stomach while the smell of cooking food wafted from the other side of the room. It seemed like ages passed when the sound of a plate being placed on the table in front of her roused her from her daze. Mokou peeked up to see a large rice ball and some fried vegetables in front of her, and another plate in front of Kaguya.

“...isn't this exactly what I made?” Mokou grumbled.

“Not at all.” Kaguya stated matter-of-factly. “You didn't use any herbs or spices, and you didn't fry the vegetables. They taste better that way. Also, the rice has something special in it. ...don't give me that look,” Kaguya retorted to Mokou's automatic, distrusting glare, “it's not poison.”

Mokou wanted to reject the meal in front of her, but honestly, she was too hungry to care anymore. She grabbed her chopsticks and grabbed for some vegetables. They tasted good. It was annoying, but they tasted good. Next was the rice ball. Mokou was surprised when she plucked off a bit and a string of warm cheese melted out from the interior of the ball. “What's this?”

“Recipe from the outside world. That gap youkai gave it to me a while ago.” Kaguya paused. “ it good?”

Mokou swallowed. “You cooked it, so it pains me to admit it, but yes. It's very good.” The two continued to eat in silence, but something had been bugging Mokou. It wasn't until after they finished that she asked, “why did you make me anything?”

Kaguya shrugged. “There are certain formalities to be followed in someone else's home. Even if I hate you.”

“I had no idea you were so polite,” Mokou mused in a voice coming off more sarcastically than she intended. “Nor that you were a good cook.”

“It's a hobby. You need to go to the village tomorrow to get some more ingredients. I'd rather cook every night this week than eat your crap.”

“Fine by me.” Mokou shot back. “But you have to come with me.” Kaguya gave a quite predictable irritated look. “If you're so set on staying here,” Mokou continued before Kaguya could retort, “you can just eat my cooking.”

Kaguya glared fiercely before huffing a “fine”. Mokou gave a satisfied smile. It was much more fulfilling this way, instead of telling her that Eirin specifically requested that she didn't leave Kaguya by herself. Pleased with her small victory, Mokou gathered the dishes, took them to the kitchen, and washed them while Kaguya dozed on the table. Mokou set the plates in a rack to dry, and turned to find the Lunarian princess alseep.

“Hey.” She called. “Wake up. You'll catch a cold that way.”

Kaguya groaned. “What's it to you?”

“There's a futon for you in my bedroom.”

“We're sleeping in the same room...?”

“Unless you want to sleep on the kitchen floor, there's no room anywhere else.”

“Fine...” Kaguya yawned, and stood, waiting for Mokou to show the way. Mokou couldn't help but be slightly annoyed at this, because the bedroom door had been wide open the entire time and it was quite obvious where it was, but she just surmised that this must have been some sort of polite formality or something.

“Just go in already. I'll get your stuff.” Kaguya nodded and shuffled off into the bedroom, and Mokou went to grab the bags from in front of the door. With some effort—just what the hell did Kaguya bring?--she brought the bags into her bedroom, only to find Kaguya standing in front of the two futons looking confused. It then dawned on Mokou that Kaguya had no way of knowing which futon was hers. Setting the bags down, Mokou strode over to her own futon and sat down upon it. Kaguya seemed to understand, and when to sift through her bags.

Shrugging, Mokou pulled her overall straps from her shoulders and began to unbutton her shirt. “W-W-What are you doing?!” Kaguya's frantic voice screeched.

“Huh?” Mokou slid her arms out of her shirt and threw it off in a corner. “Getting ready for bed.”

“But I'm standing right here!”

“What does it matter?” Mokou asked, pulling her overalls off. “We're both women.”

“Y-Yeah, but...”

“Wear whatever you want to bed, I don't care.” Mokou unclipped her bra, and slipped if off. “Just hurry up so I can turn out the light.”

Kaguya nodded, red faced, and began changing into some pajamas she had brought. “What are you doing?” She yelled again. “Stop staring!”

Mokou chuckled slightly. “Just wondering what the fabled beauty from the moon looks like underneath all of those clothes she wears.”

“Jeez,” Kaguya hissed, trying to change as quickly as possible. When she had finished, she dove into her futon and turned away from Mokou. “Good night,” she said in a firmly embarrassed voice.

“G'night.” Mokou chimed back, climbing into her own futon and turning out the light. All in all, it hadn't been as bad as she had expected, but it was only the first night, after all. She sighed slightly, wondering what was going to take place in the next week...

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