"Has that Humanoid figure with bird wings in the sky been up there all along" I asked

Reimu looked up and noticed it was Aya Shameimaru.


lol, its Ayayayayaya I thought to amuse myself with another funny comment.

Reimu then launched up to ward off the persistent Tengu.

"Hey bird brain", she said "Go bother someone else!"

"Just doing my job." The Tengu Replied, then taking a few snapshots

"Stupid crows have to always come up in everyones' buisness."

Aya then swooped down to question me.

"So how did you get into gensokyo?"

I knew this was my chance to make a caustic, but insulting comment.

"Its always been my dream to be questioned by a Humanoid bird to no end just for it to be critcally altered to make me look like a pervert or mentally ill."

"We're called Tengu ya know."

"Yeah, but your equally just as low life as a regular bird, so shut up."

"I bet you couldn't hold your own against a youkai for 30 seconds." She said with a challanging look on her.

I quickly pulled out my pistol (The firearm) cocked it, clicked the safety off, and pressed it against her head.

"Would you like to test that theory?" I said with a countering grin on my face.

She backed off and asked "Whats that?" with the slightest bit of fear on her face.

"All you need to know is that if I fire it at you, It will most likely critically injure you, if not kill you."

There was grave silence.

Then Yukari finally asked "I never knew humans from the outside world possesed such technologically high weapons."

"Hell, we do."

"I may be greatly informed of the outside world, but I'm not quite the high on Military technology."

"Unfortunately, this military technology has never been tested, that I know of, on a Youkai."

"But I swear that I will only use this item in self-defense." I continued.

"And I have kept that a promise up to this point and don't plan to violate that promise anytime soon."

Reimu quickly butted in.

"I think we should get off this subject, and get explaining what really needs to be explained."

Everyone agreed and I decided to demolish the barrier I hastily errected between me and aya, while she quickly demolished hers and we both made it to apologize.

Then Reimu got to the point where I would be staying, since she wouldn't be able to support me living here 24/7, especially with the kind of donations she has.

"Oh yes, and before we vote on where Keita is going to stay, I must inform him that using that weapon he has would defeat the purpose of the spellcard rules unless it was used to defend his home or against anyone who attempts to use lethal force on him, though still, if the Youkai or Human decides to give up, they give up, no finishing off anyone." Reimu declared.

After that, everyone agreed on the SDM and I was to stay there for the time being until everything was settled and set into place and could be easily understood.

But next morning, before I was sent to the SDM to stay, Reimu gave me the spellcard "Duplex Barrier" and informed me that spellcards, once magic is inserted into it, recharge their magic after they are used but take approximately 1-4 hours to do so unless you have enough quantities of magic to repeatedly use the spellcard, to activate a spellcard, however, you must be holding the spellcard and then say "Spellcard: 'Type of sign' 'Spellcard name'" She then handed it and said "To activate this Spellcard, Say 'Spellcard: 'Dream Sign' 'Duplex Barrier' and the card will activate. Thats all, Understood?"

"Yes, I understand completely."

"Make sure you remember what I said about those spellcard rules, I don't want to hear that you accidentally killed someone when you weren't supposed to and have to come over there to teach you a lession. Remember, you reap what you sow, Understood?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Now go, and make it a point to remember those spellcard rules."

I eventually asked to have a job as Daytime guard at the SDM and my request was granted and my payday was given every week on Thursday at the end of my shift.

And here I am, end of my shift and heading to my room inside the mansion.

And there I thought WOW, thats a headful! then giving chuckle at the thought.

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