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Enigmatic Chains of Malaise (ECoM)

This is Curtain Fire Shooting Game.

Girls do their best and are preparing. Please watch warmly until it is ready.

Gensokyo’s health has been stolen! Germs and viruses are invading.


The typical shrine maiden of Gensokyo, Reimu Hakurei is spending her relaxing time outside the shrine, sitting and having her afternoon tea as well. Suddenly, a sneeze came to her, as her nose begins to feel funny. Rubbing her nose a little, she started to feel more and more uncomfortable. “Maybe I’m having flu. Darn it, it ruins my perfect tea time.”

The shrine maiden sneezes once more, and looks up to the sky. “Or maybe someone is thrashing me…”

Just then, comes a visitor, known as the black and white magician called Marisa Kirisame. “Hey, Reimu, I think I’m having flu, ze~” Reimu turns up to the usual customer, and points to the donation box. “I’ll exorcise the flu for you if you donate.”

“As if I believe that.” Marisa said, sitting down beside Reimu, just like she owns the place. “Or are you actually thrashing me, Reimu?” Marisa said, blowing out the mucus in her nose to a handkerchief. “Yeah, right, of not donating to the shrine.”

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