As I stand outside on duty at the Scarlet Devil Mansion during my shift, as I look at the clock on top of the mansion, seeing that it will soon be time for china's night shift, I recall the day I came to Gensokyo and how that came to be.

I was sitting in the chair at my desk and was using my computer.

"Yes! I finally beat Perfect Cherry Blossom on Normal with no continues and beat that damned Extra Boss, Yukari!"

It was 6:03 Evening at my house in the suburbs of southern Osaka. I decided to go get some fresh air outside and think about the menial things that make life great.

After I got dressed to go outside, when I tripped over the small bump connecting my room to a hallway in my house.


I closed my eyes and the next thing I saw was trees surrounding me, not regular greenary, but cherry blossoms.

Am I in Hakugyokurou? - I thought to simply entertain myself with a pleasing joke.

I got up and brushed aside the flora and saw what appeared to be a shrine.

The expression on my face turned from "Happily Care-free" to "WTF" instantly.

I then saw what seemed to be regular shrine maiden come out of the shrine with a broom. But as soon as I saw her face, I realized that's no regular shrine maiden.

OMG, its Reimu Hakurei!

With my jaw droped as far as it would go, I watched the Reimu clean the porch of the shrine and quickly put my jaw back into its proper position.

But a few seconds later, her sight turned in my direction and I saw a subtle expression of surprise as turned away to make a run for it.

As I began to run blindly through the cherry blossom trees, I heard a clacking sound given by the sound of wood, meaning she was giving chase.

"Who is it! Reveal yourself!!"

The only choices were to find deep underbrush to deter my presence or face the Maiden directly, in which the latter could end up making me do work for the maiden and make my presence here much larger than it should be.

I quickly chose the former and found some thick underbrush.

She stopped around my area and searched continuously for roughly 15 seconds and gave up quickly.

I was relieved at her departure and began to wonder where I was so I looked for the path connecting the Human Village and the Hakurei Shrine and quickly found it since it was near the location I stopped.

But as soon as I walked onto the path and turned to head toward Human Village...


It was the same voice that asked who I was and to reveal myself.


"I see you're from the outer world." She noted aloud.

"Yes I am, what do you need?" I said turning around to face the miko.

"I was wondering if you would tell me a little about the outer world?"

"What do you want to know about it."

"What the current state of it is."

"A mess, Recently, Governments in the outer world have been trying to deal with Global warming in their own way, the Kyoto Protocal was introduced to help reduce Greenhouse gas emmissions, currently over 5 world superpowers have ratified it and-"

"Er, I think thats enough. I wanted to know how advanced humans are in the outer world."

"Oh, compared to Gensokyo we are extremely advanced."


"Yes, quite advanced, we are so advanced that we can even reach another world if we wished to."

"Like Makai?"

"Um, whats Makai, is that a planet?" I said as began to play dumb, since I thought it would be wise to keep the knowledge of Gensokyo to myself.

"Nevermind, my name's Reimu Hakurei, I'm keeper of the shrine leading to the outside world, where you came from."

"Ok, then"

"Lets head back to my shrine, its beginning to get dark, I'll let you sleep there for the night."

"Oka-, wait one moment, I'm gonna have to do work for the rest of tommarow to repay my so called debt won't I?" I said, making myself look highly suspicious of her.

"Don't make presumtions, though its either that or you get to sleep with the youkai."

I noticed a firearm near the tree I was standing next to and picked it up and made sure the safety was on.

"Whats that?"

"You don't want to know."

"Something tells me its relating to something perverted."

"Quoting you, 'Don't make presumptions' It's used for more gory situations."

"You mean its used for killing!?"


"Well then don't use it on me."

"Of course not."

She looked at the sky

"I don't think we have much time left in the day"

She turned her head back towards me again.

"So are you coming or not."

"Will I have to do work."


"Is there a place that sells items from the outside world?" I asked, continuing to play dumb.

"Yes, but he is located in the other direction, past my shrine, and is located near forest of magic."

"Well I guess I can stay at the shrine for the night for the night."

"Great, you clean the porch next morning while I wash the dishes since I wasn't able to due to you intruding."

I sighed "Fine"

Then we headed back to the shrine during the last several minutes of sunlight.

As we walked I found that my wallet was in my pocket.

"So hows the Donations coming."


"You live at your shrine, right? And you need the Donations to buy food, right?"

"Oh yeah, but the Donations aren't coming in at all."

"I feel like its hopeless now." Reimu continued.

I then took out a 4,500 yen note and and held it in front of my face.

She turned her head toward me and said...

"Hey is that for me?"

"Yep." I replied and handed it to her.

"Thanks for the yen note."

"No problem."

"Hey Reimu."


"Is it possible you could give me a crash course on magic (or at least on how to use spellbooks?)"

"It'll be a while till you can use magic without a spellbook since your ability to use magic has never been used or honed, and since spellbooks can help amplify your magic abilities to use the spell encrypted on that particular page, I can teach you how to use spellbooks that have spells that require a very small ammount of magic to activate to help keep yourself from getting eaten by a hungry wandering youkai, but don't you have that weapon you found on the ground to fight with?"

"That weapon only has a small ammount of uses in it before it requires to be reloaded with another cartridge of bullets to be used again and since I'm not an outside world modern soldier, I don't exactly have 10 pounds worth of ammunition on me."

"Bullets... where exactly did I hear that word before."

I smiled gently to myself.

Reisen Udonge Inaba, hehe

"Well all I remember is that I heard that word before." Reimu continued.

Next thing I knew was a purple gap in the dining table.

"Ufufufufu, its an outsider..." A voice said.

I then saw a head pop out of the purple gap, the head came out facing me.

Hmph, its Yukari Yakumo

"Congratulations, you've met your first youkai!!" Reimu said with caustic enthusiasm as she shoved the head back into the purple gap forcefully.

"Ow!! No need to be forceful, i'll leave eventually!" Yukari responded

"One of the most annoying creatures on the face of Gensokyo!!!" Reimu continued with even louder enthusiastic sarcasm while shoving the head even farther back into the "hole".

"Please stop this already, Reimu."

"YOU WEREN'T INVITED, YUKARI, GO BACK TO SLEEP!!!!!!" Reimu began to shout.

"Well he's related to my activities, so don't I reserve the right to stay, don't I- OW, MY EYE!!!

I began to laugh accordingly.

Reimu then stopped and thought "Well now to think of it... His arrival could have been your fault so..."

"Great then I'll grab a chair."


By the time Reimu began to speak, Yukari was already sitting in a chair at the table.

"This is what happens when you agree with her." Reimu mumbled, annoyed.

Apparently, Yukari seems to be manipulating Reimu's border of vexation, lol!

I laughed at my thought even though it seemed like I was laughing at Reimu's previous comment.

"So, is this outsider here due to your actions or not, Yukari?"

"My first name is Keita, you know." I noted aloud to the two of them.

They glanced at me and then continued to speak to each other.

"So is he or not?" Reimu continued.

"Well... It started like this, I-"

"Good Evening, Reimu, Yukari, and, oh, It seems there's an outsider with you, I haven't seen one in a quite a while."

We looked out the window near us to see the one and only Remilia Scarlet standing outside the Shrine.

"That's cause' you don't go out as much as you used to during the daytime." Reimu Replied

Reimu opened the sliding door and she, Yukari, and I walked out side onto the porch.

I looked up into the sky and noticed something.

"Hey, I just noticed something."

"What is it?" They asked.

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