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Artist: 静流 (Shizuru)

Akatsuki Episode 1

1-6 translated by Sushi-Y, edited by Akuun.
7-19 translated by Cardcaptor, edited by Rukaroa.

Download: Akatsuki Episode 1 zip
Gallery: [ Akatsuki Episode 1]

Akatsuki Episode 2

Translated by Cardcaptor, edited by Rukaroa.

Download: Akatsuki Episode 2 zip
Gallery: [ Akatsuki Episode 2]

Akatsuki Episode 3

1-10 translated by Tetrominon, edited by Rukaroa.
Others untranslated.

Download: [DEFUNCT DEFUNCT Akatsuki Episode 3 zip]
Gallery: Akatsuki Episode 3}

Akatsuki Summer Vacation

36 and 40 translated by Solamarle and edited by Aortic.
The rest translated by Cardcaptor and edited by Rukaroa.

Download: Akatsuki Summer Vacation zip
Gallery: [ Akatsuki Summer Vacation]

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