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Perfect Cherry Blossom - キャラ設定.txt

Three Poltergeist Sisters

Eldest Sister: Lunasa Prismriver
Middle Sister: Merlin Prismriver
Youngest Sister: Lyrica Prismriver

Stage 4 boss, the Phantom Ensemble. Noisiness times 3. They mainly have the ability to handle musical instruments and give musical performances without using their hands and feet—times 3.

The Saigyouji family enlisted the Prismriver sisters to provide music at a convention, promising them a flower-viewing in return. The three of them are always summoned to banquets and such; their music stirs things up. They're like ghostly versions of publicity-generating cultural icons.

This time, the Saigyouji family is holding an extravagant flower-viewing festival, so they would naturally be invited.

Lunasa is an honour student type who excels at everything she does. She hates cheating, and confronts all challenges with fairness and great strength.

Her dark personality makes her somewhat pessimistic. After all, her honesty makes her easy to deceive.

She is most skilled with stringed instruments, especially violins. She usually prefers solo performances.

Merlin is an erratic type. Her magical power is the strongest but she often slips up when using it.

Her personality is overflowing with good cheer. When she picks up an interest in something, she obsesses over it like a maniac.

She is most skilled with wind instruments. Trumpets in particular.

Lyrica has a sly personality. She usually spurs her older sisters into battle because she doesn't like to do her own fighting. Using minimal effort for maximum gain is the only thing she thinks about.

She knows herself well and is smart. She doesn't act without first thinking 3 moves ahead.

She is very skilled with all kinds of instruments, but usually works with either keyboards or percussion.

The three of them were born long ago. At that time, there was a human noble, Count Prismriver. The Count had four daughters, whom he cherished.

However, due to an unfortunate accident, the four daughters were orphaned. Without any other relatives, each daughter went her own separate way. The fourth daughter, Layla, was unable to leave the mansion that held so many of her memories. Using her strongest power, she conjured poltergeists with the appearance of her older sisters, then vanished along with the mansion and the poltergeists.

Time moved on, and the death of the four people from those old days came to pass; the mansion, now called the Poltergeist Mansion, remained in Gensokyo. The three poltergeist sisters continue their noisy lives in that mansion to this day.

The musical performances given by those three, at various places of announcement, a fusion of casual rhythm and classical instruments, are loved by the inhabitants of the cheerful Netherworld. Yet, the performance itself provides no additional effect, and does not heal.

Phantasmagoria of Flower View - キャラ設定.txt

Th09Lyrica portrait
Ghostly Keyboardist

Lyrica Prismriver

Species: Poltergeist
Abilities: To put on an illusionary musical performance

The third daughter of the Prismriver Sisters, who are always
busy going to and fro to perform in concerts.
Specializing in keyboards, she uses illusionary sounds lost from this world.

She didn't think much of the "flower incident"; all she saw was Gensokyo
in a hubbub, so she went out to collect sound material without telling her sisters.

Th09Marlin portrait
The Ghostly Trumpeter

Marlin Prismriver

Species: Poltergeist
Abilities: To put on a manic musical performance

The second daughter of the Prismriver Sisters, who are always
busy going to and fro to perform in concerts.
Specializing in brass instruments, she uses sounds that can uplift the soul.

She has absolutely no interest in the flower incident.

Th09Lunasa portrait
The Ghostly Violinist

Lunasa Prismriver

Species: Poltergeist
Abilities: To put on a melancholy musical performance

The oldest daughter of the Prismriver Sisters, who are always
busy going to and fro to perform in concerts.
Specializing in stringed instruments, she uses sounds that depress the spirit.

She has nothing to do whatsoever with the "flower incident".

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