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Author: シノ (Shino)

Gensou Liar Game I (2009-12-30)

Translated by 53RG10, edited by Nameless Fairy.

Download: Gensou Liar Game I zip
Gallery: [ Gensou Liar Game I]

Mistress Home Epic Battle (2009-06-21)

Translated by Danbooru fairies, ffure21, edited by Excalibur, Nameless Fairy.

Download: Mistress Home Epic Battle zip
Gallery: [ Mistress Home Epic Battle]

Mizard Wurder - The Magicians Murder Incident (2009-03-08)

Translated by Soljashy, edited by RayXDGreatX.

Download: Mizard Wurder - The Magicians Murder Incident zip
Gallery: [ Mizard Wurder - The Magicians Murder Incident]

My Reimu Won't Smile! (2009-08-15)

Translated by Danbooru Users, edited by ColoredPencil.

Download: My Reimu Won't Smile! zip
Gallery: [ My Reimu Won't Smile!]

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