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Th09youmu spellattack

Spell Card Charge

Th09youmu charge No. Charge: 「断迷剣」

"Stopping/deciding wandering sword"

Owner: Youmu Konpaku
— —
Comment: Youmu slashes out in front of her. The slice itself travels forward slightly before it disperses.

This slash is capable of destroying any projectile it makes contact with. This includes any sort of normal bullet (dot or otherwise), spirit, or projectile-based EX (eg. Reimu's yin-yang, Youmu's souls, Sakuya's knives, etc.)

It CANNOT dispel non-projectile attacks. Namely, Marisa's lasers, Medicine's "gravity fields", or Sikieiki's fields. It also does not instantly destroy any boss or regular enemy (the latter happens anyway, but due to damage, not as a property of the sword).

In the case of Reisen's EX, the slash will not dispel the explosion area, but it is not known if it is possible to slash the bullet before it explodes.

Spell Card EX

Th09youmu ex No. EX: 「未断の魂」

"Hesitant soul"

Owner: Youmu Konpaku
— —
Comment: Youmu places what can be best described as a "weird black blob" on the opponent's field, with practically no variations in size. Though it is stationary, it still does damage if a player comes in contact with it. It disappears on its own after roughly five seconds.

Spell Card Lv2

Th09youmu lvl2 No. Lv2: 迷符「纏縛剣」

Hesitant Sign "Sword of Earthly Desires"

Owner: Youmu Konpaku
— —
Comment: Lines of bullets descend from up top. Each line is composed of alternating triangular bullets and dot bullets. However, each individual bullet does not descend straight down - all have random (but slight) variances in angle. Hence, though the entire line itself moves down, the bullets themselves can be thought of as moving within the line. The lines themselves also may not fall at the exact same speed, as well as each individual projectile having a variation in downward speed.

Higher Spell Card levels increases the speed at which the lines fall, as well as the number of lines generated. Note that it does NOT decrease the amount of distance between each line significantly, but rather creates more lines and extends the time of the Spell Card.

Spell Card Lv3

Th09youmu lvl3 No. Lv3: 迷符「纏縛剣」

Hesitant Sign "Sword of Earthly Desires"

Owner: Youmu Konpaku
— —
Comment: Similar to level 2, except now the dot bullets are knives. Furthermore, each line is actually staggered into two lines; the triangle bullets come out before the knife bullets, with the knife bullets roughly dividing the free space between any line in level 2 in half.

Similar notes apply.

Spell Card Boss

Th09youmu boss No. Boss: 迷符「半身大悟」

Hesitant Sign "Disillusion of Half-ghost"

Owner: Youmu Konpaku
— —
Comment: Boss attack

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