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Youmu wins Reimu

Youmu 貴方がのんびりしているから、異変が
Since you're so carefree, I wonder if the disaster is worsening?

Youmu wins Marisa

Youmu 浮かれてばっか居ないで、少しは異変の
Please don't just make merry, won't you investigate the disaster a little?

Youmu wins Sakuya

Youmu そう、貴方のご主人様も何も言わないのですね
That's right, your master has said nothing of this disaster.

Youmu wins herself

Youmu 幽霊道とは死ぬことと見つけたり。 I have come across death on the path of a ghost.

Youmu wins Reisen

Youmu 貴方の家の人は何にも言わないの?
Have the people of your house said nothing of this disaster?

Youmu wins Cirno

Youmu 貴方の冷気と、幽霊の凍れる温度。
Your chill and the freezing temperature of ghosts.
Shall I test which one is colder?

Youmu wins Lyrica

Youmu あら、また宴会の時はお願いしますよ?
Ah, will we be having you at the banquet?
If you don't come, the mistress will be angry.

Youmu wins Merlin

Youmu 今度の宴会の時を楽しみにしています。
I'm looking forward to the banquet. You'll be coming, right?

Youmu wins Lunasa

Youmu 今度は何処でライブを行うのでしょうか?
Where are you going for a concert this time?
The sunflower fields?

Youmu wins Mystia

Youmu 今晩のおかずは……
The side dish for tonight is....
Hey, why did I suddenly think of dinner?

Youmu wins Tewi

Youmu 貴方は、何で髪の毛が黒いのですか? Why is your hair black?

Youmu wins Aya

Youmu みんな新聞なんか読む暇が無いくらい忙しいの
Everyone is much too busy to have free time to read the newspaper, surely.

Youmu wins Medicine

Youmu 幽霊は余り毒が効かないかと思いきや……

Ghosts are not really susceptible to poisons... or so we thought, but we're actually quite weak to them.

I wonder, where do we absorb it from?

Youmu wins Yuka

Youmu 貴方を見ていると、誰かを思い出すのです。
When I look at you, it reminds me of someone.
That carefree spirit and those red and white clothes.

Youmu wins Komachi

Youmu お疲れ様です。
どうですか? 最近の霊は。

Much appreciated.
How are the souls, recently?

Are there any humans who can go to heaven right from the start?

Youmu wins Sikieiki

Youmu あ、お疲れの所申し訳ございません。

Ah, I'm sorry for all the troubles I've caused.

Thanks to you, I've come to understand the White Tower Sword's reason for being.
Youmu あ、そうだ。

Oh, that's right.
My mistress is a ghost....
Why can't she enter Nirvana...?

Youmu wins someone

Youmu こんな所で遊んでいても、
Playing around here
is a waste of time.
Youmu 幽々子様はなんか知っていそうな感じだったん
Feels like Miss Yuyuko might know something....

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