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Reisen wins Reimu

Reisen 貴方の波長は非常に長い時と非常に短い時が
There are times where your wavelengths are alternately unusually long or unusually short.
Reisen たまにいるのよね。

Sometimes there are people with wavelengths like that.

A voice like that matches with no one's and reacts against no one's. It's mysterious.

Reisen wins Marisa

Reisen 貴方の波長は比較的普通かしら?
Your wavelengths seem are relatively normal.
When I see you like this they're stabilized.

Reisen wins Sakuya

Reisen 貴方の波長は少し長いのね。
Your wavelengths are a little long.
Actually, they seem to be getting relaxed.

Reisen wins Youmu

Reisen 貴方の波長は比較的長めね。
Your wavelengths are comparitively longish.
Well, that's what I'm seeing.

Reisen wins herself

Reisen あら?
Maybe my eyes are a little red today...

Reisen wins Cirno

Reisen 貴方の波長は短いわね。
Your wavelengths are short.
I wonder if that's because you have a tempestuous disposition.

Reisen wins Lyrica

Reisen 貴方は音に合わせて波長が変わっているわ?
Do your wavelengths change along with the music?
Or does the sound come out according to your wavelengths?

Reisen wins Merlin

Reisen 貴方の波長はかなり長いのね。
Your wavelengths are pretty long.
Those fluctuations are ones that feel good.

Reisen wins Lunasa

Reisen 貴方の波長はかなり短いのね。
Your wavelengths are pretty short.
Those fluctuations are ones that make people uneasy.

Reisen wins Mystia

Reisen 貴方の波長はかなり短いわね。
Your wavelengths are pretty short.
Is it hard for you to convey what you're thinking?

Reisen wins Tewi

Reisen こら、何処をほっつき歩いていたのよ。 Hey, where were you wandering off to?
Reisen てゐの波長は兎の中でも飛び抜けて短いから、
Your wavelengths are outstandingly short even for a rabbit, I can tell as soon as I get close to you.

Reisen wins Aya

Reisen 貴方の波長は安定しているわね。
Your wavelengths are stabilized.
It seems like they could synchronize with anyone's wavelengths.

Reisen wins Medicine

Reisen 貴方の波長は桁違いに短いわね。
Your wavelengths are incomparably short.
Does this mean your voice doesn't reach normal people?

Reisen wins Yuka

Reisen 貴方の波長は桁違いに長いわね。
Your wavelengths are incomparably long.
The wavelengths of flowers are like that, too.

Reisen wins Komachi

Reisen 貴方の波長はかなり短いのね。

Your wavelengths are fairly short.

Although since you always miss work I thought they were long.

(Note.1: ZUN's erratum? Correct word is "長い"? )

Reisen wins Sikieiki

Reisen 貴方は波長の前に位相がずれているのね……

Topology bends before your wavelengths...

They're waves that don't disturb epigeal lifeforms at all.
So you can judge people.

Reisen wins someone

Reisen 何故、馬が合う合わないがあるかというと、
The reason some get along and some don't is because all individual living things have their own wavelengths.
Reisen 波長を見れば人の性格が大体判るわね。
You can generally understand the personalities of those whose wavelengths you see.
Those with short ones are rough, and those with long ones are carefree.

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